GHALANAI, June 10: Tension mounted along the Pakistan-Afghan border after Nato-backed Afghan National Army entered the Pakistani area in Mohmand agency on Tuesday.

The Afghan troops wanted to set up a checkpoint in

Speena Soka and Sargai Gandove area.

ISPR director-general Maj-Gen Athar Abbas said the dispute between the two sides over the Afghan move was resolved through negotiations.

“They were setting up the post opposite the Pakistani post on the hilltop of Gora Payo, but were not allowed to do so,” he said.Sources said that Nato and Afghan troops clashed with Taliban militants near the Upper Mohmand region.

Nato planes and helicopters bombed the militants’ positions.

The sources said that several bombs landed in the Pakistani territory.

The fighting was continuing till late evening.

Pakistani security forces sent reinforcement to Souran and Shiekh Baba Galoona checkposts.

Local people said Nato planes were supporting the ground troops on the Afghan side of the border.

There were rumours about clashes between Nato and Pakistani troops in the area. The ISPR spokesman, however, denied the rumours.