It is hard to imagine the Dabangg franchise starring Salman Khan without a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song — Tere mast mast do


Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas are an intriguing lead pair but the intrigue ends right here in this soppy story of cousins


With November 19 being World Toilet Day, a book from Indian Gujarat charts the challenges and success of a programme to


The ban on import of books from India is having a disastrous effect, not only on the business of bookshops, but also on

Nawaz Sharif’s release

EDUCATED Pakistani expats had high hopes for Pakistan with a new, incorruptible leader in Imran Khan. Everyone ...

Armistice Day

DOES anyone remember Remembrance Day which used to be commemorated in our pre-Partition educational institutions,...


I WOULD like to draw attention to an article in EOS ‘The new ball challenge’ (Nov 10) by S. M. Hussain. The article

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali

CHAUDHRY Rehmat Ali, the man who coined our country’s name, was born on November 16, 1895 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. ...

‘Babari mosque verdict’

APROPOS Dawn’s editorial on the ‘Babari mosque verdict’ (Nov 10). The last mask from secular India’s face ...

Traffic & WhatsApp

APROPOS the letter ‘Traffic & WhatsApp’ (Nov 5). The Karachi traffic police are cognizant of the challenges...

Family resilience

STRESS, anxiety and depression among Pakistanis are at a peak. One out of every three Pakistanis is experiencing...

Safety at Careem

I HAVE worked for Careem and am a consistent user of their service. Its management is conscious of its ...

Dharna politics

The latest episode of dharna politics this country has witnessed may or may not have a sting in its tail.

Privatisation debate

FOR a political party that did not highlight privatisation as a priority in its detailed election manifesto, and...

Gaza violence

IN the Palestinian territory of Gaza — as indeed in other parts of the occupied Arab land — Israel is free to...

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