Delay in the offing?

Govt must realise that political stability in the country cannot be achieved by extra-constitutional actions.

Divisions in PML-N

DISCORD and drama in PML-N ranks escalated this week when Shahid Khaqan Abbasi revealed he no longer holds a party...

Wikipedia ‘downgrade’

ATTEMPTS to police the internet by states, often by giving opaque justifications for the action, are never a good...

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Cartoon: 3 February, 2023
Cartoon: 2 February, 2023
Cartoon: 1 February, 2023


Strange, rigid rules

SOCIAL injustice and strange set of rules for employment in public-sector entities have been plaguing our country ...

Sugary drinks

SOFT drinks have a high content of sugar and calories, and drinking too much of them can make you gain weight and...

Gutka and civic sense

PEOPLE are recognised by their moral values, like, for instance, the way they talk and behave. I recently happened ...


SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION: While it is important to have compassion for those who need food and money, it is also...

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