Spirit of ’74

FOR three days in 1974, starting Feb 22, Lahore witnessed an epochal meeting of 38 Muslim nations as it hosted the...

Silence strategy

Attempts at internet censorship only serve to tarnish Pakistan’s image globally and betray the democratic principles the country purports to uphold.

Nepra’s reluctance

WHAT is the point in having a regulator that does not punish the entities it oversees for misconduct and...

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Cartoon: 26 February, 2024
Cartoon: 25 February, 2024
Cartoon: 24 February, 2024


MDA scheme

I HAD secured two flats in the ‘economy flat scheme’ in a project (N-95) under the Malir Development Authority...

An unholy nexus

AFTER United States President Joe Biden declined to preside over India’s Republic Day celebration recently, India...

Lawyers’ strikes

THERE are some inherent problems in the judicial system of the country that need to be addressed at the earliest. ...


PROPAGANDA: I recently watched a video of an Indian YouTuber having almost two million subscribers trying to portray...

50 Years Ago

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