More desecration

Attacks on the Islamic faith are not motivated by an attachment to free speech but by raw hatred.

Worrying remarks

THESE are ominous words from Gwadar. Maulana Hidayatur Rehman, chairman of the Gwadar Haq Do Tehreek, has warned ...

Justice or vendetta?

ONE wonders whether all pretence of the state as a democracy has been whittled down to a point where it has simply...

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Cartoon: 27 September, 2023
Cartoon: 26 September, 2023
Cartoon: 25 September, 2023


The conundrum

SAUDI Arabia seems keen on signing a security pact with the United States, and normalisation of ties with Israel may...

Expensive, inefficient

I was seriously disappointed by the government’s handling of the recent Haj pilgrimage. The most distressing ...

A scholar’s ordeal

I WONDER who should be held responsible for the loss of intellect in Pakistan. My own story could well be the sorry...


PEAK HOURS: The increased tariff during peak hours is primarily meant to dissuade consumers from using heavy...

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