LOURENCO MARQUES: The fear that establishment of an Indian Central Government might be impracticable was expressed by the Aga Khan on his arrival at Lourenco Marques en route to the South African Union.

“It must be remembered that the territories of British India were brought together by British conquest within the last 150 years, and there are wide historical language and racial differences,” he said. “It will be easy to unite them as a Commonwealth but, on the other hand, I have great fear that a Central Government for them may not be practical politics.”

Asked if he thought that world peace would be maintained, the Aga Khan said that if it is possible to bring about in Europe, Asia and later Africa, confederation of vast economic units with equal facilities for movement of population, goods and wealth such as existed in the United States of America, he believed, a permanent world peace was possible. If [not], sooner or later, difficulties in obtaining the necessities for bare living would lead to friction, enmity and hostilities. The Aga Khan thanked the Portuguese Government and people for kindness always shown to the Indians especially his own followers, the Ismailis.

Published in Dawn, August 7th, 2020