Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

The long war

States certainly play cynical games. Published Sep 06, 2019 07:00am

Economic illusion

The debate on informality is reduced to polemic. Published Aug 23, 2019 07:14am

Hegemony unhinged

Hyper-nationalists were demanding a response, and in the revocation of Article 370, they got what they wanted. Updated Aug 09, 2019 07:33am

The new normal

The new normal has been pushed even further to the right. Updated Jul 26, 2019 11:28am

Fatima’s election

Back in 1965, Ms Jinnah was hardly a darling of the establishment. Published Jul 12, 2019 06:35am

World Cup healing?

The imperative of truth and reconciliation cannot be denied. Published Jun 28, 2019 07:22am

Of debt and war

The commission’s ToR only extend to probing the last decade. Updated Jun 14, 2019 10:05am

Decolonise now

In recent days, Pakistan’s reputation of being a country at war with itself has been reinforced. Updated May 31, 2019 07:57am

‘Bech de!’

We put public services on the chopping block. Updated May 17, 2019 07:32am

Class politics 2.0

These ‘working people’ have taken on other concerns. Published May 03, 2019 06:57am

Who is sovereign?

Everything, it seems, is a ‘foreign conspiracy’. Published Apr 19, 2019 07:01am

Economy of fools

Every political regime here has spewed the same rhetoric. Updated Apr 05, 2019 09:50am

Nation reboot

It is unlikely that this wave of nationalism will last forever. Updated Mar 23, 2019 12:34pm

Men must march

Men do not own feminist struggles as their own. Published Mar 08, 2019 06:41am

Killing history

They write and rewrite history to create pliant populations. Published Feb 22, 2019 07:33am

Beyond the bubble

Progressives in Pakistan tend to veer between two extremes. Published Feb 08, 2019 06:56am

Elite vs people

The voice of the system’s real losers has been muted. Published Jan 25, 2019 06:56am

Darkness descends

The fallout is now increasingly centred in countries like ours. Published Jan 11, 2019 06:58am

Terrorism bogey

Does the contemporary state really want to rid the world of terrorism? Updated Dec 31, 2018 09:44am

Orwell’s vengeance

The trope of security will become even more powerful. Published Dec 14, 2018 06:56am