Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer

Summer is at its peak; don’t forget to cover your head when you go out in the scorching heat. Wear a hat, scarf or dupatta if you want to stay safe from the heat.

But if you are home and don’t want to go out, never mind, you can still enjoy a hat, I mean you don’t have to wear it, you can make one for various purposes. For instance, if you are a girl and have a doll, you can make one for it or you can make a hat hair clip for yourself. And if not that, you can simply make a decoration piece of it, let us see how.

Things you need:

  1. Jute string (thin)

  2. One paper cup

  3. A scissor

  4. Hot glue

  5. Bottle cap

Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer


  1. Mark the cup one inch from the bottom, and cut slits from the top throughout the brim leaving one centimetre among the slits, pictures 2 and 3.

  2. Put the paper cup upside down and press a little, so that the slits spread out straight in a circular shape, then make a coil from jute string and paste it in the centre of the bottom of the cup, picture 4.

  3. Keep rolling in the string, picture 5.

  4. Keep rolling and pasting the string around the slits with hot glue. Stop when you reach your desired width of the hat. In my case, it was just one centimetre from the edge of the cup, then trim the remaining paper slits, picture 6.

  5. The jute string around the cup will make a perfect classic hat; put it aside, picture 7.

  6. Let’s make one from a bottle cap. Take the bottle cap and a piece of paper cut in a circle triple the size of a bottle cap, picture 8.

  7. Glue the bottle cap in the middle of the paper circle, picture 9.

  8. Just like the previous one, make a coil of jute string on top of the bottle cap and paste it with the hot glue, picture 10; (you can use coloured yarn string instead of jute).

  9. Keep pasting the jute string around the cap and then on the circular paper, turning it into a classic hat, see picture 11.

  10. You can make beautiful handmade hair clips out of these hats; all you have to do is paste the tic tac (or snap clip) in the bottom of these hats and use them as your very own hair clips. Picture 12.

Decorate the hats in a classic way by pasting flowers or a ribbon!

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 26th, 2021


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