Asif Ali

Wonder Craft: Felt photo frame

Photo frames never go out of fashion and are always enticing, whether you buy it from a shop or make one for... Published Jan 11, 2020 07:13am

Website review: Diving into space

Our universe is so vast that we can’t even guess its size. It is full of mesmerising stars, planets and galaxies,... Published Jan 04, 2020 07:17am

Website review: The world of music

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Wonder Craft: Surprise cake

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Wonder Craft: Self-watering planter

You may have heard of the term ‘self-watering’ planter, but do you have any idea how it work? Well kids,... Published Oct 19, 2019 06:59am

Website review: Earth overview

Seeing our beloved earth from outer space must be a breathtaking experience. And since we are not astronauts, we can... Published Sep 28, 2019 07:05am

Website review: Tap a beat!

Listening to music works as food for soul, as it relaxes mind and rejuvenates life into you. Ask yourself, don’t... Published Sep 14, 2019 07:09am

Wonder Craft: Arrow bookmarks

Hey kids! Want to show your creativity to your classmates in the new academic year without wasting a single penny? Published Sep 07, 2019 07:10am