Mar 15 2020



Ruswai | ARY, Tuesdays 8.00pm

Naila Ansari’s story, sensitively directed by Rubina Ashraf, is gaining momentum. Hamza (Osama Tahir) sends Wardah (Minnah Tariq) to her parents’ home, blaming her for his father Mehmood’s (Mohammed Ahmed) death. Hamza believes that if she hadn’t broken her in-laws’ trust, Mehmood would not have driven rashly and gotten into a fatal car crash. Adding to Wardah’s woes is not just Hamza threatening divorce, but her new bhabhi Pinky (Shermeen Ali) who categorically declares that she can just about stand living with Salman’s parents but cannot have sister-in-law Wardah living in the same house too. Pinky amps up the serial up with her vampishness, while her mother-in-law Salma, who previously thought the world of her daughter-in-law Pinky and hated her ex-daughter-in-law Samira, is only beginning to realise just how selfish and rude Pinky really is.

Ye Dil Mera | Hum TV, Sundays 8.00pm

What’s wrong with Aman (Ahad Raza Mir)? Instead of his wife Anna (Sajal Aly) going to the psychiatrist, he should have been the one getting therapy. Why does he take Anna for the torturous honeymoon in the mountains, where his parents were murdered by Anna’s father Mir Farooq (Adnan Siddiqui), if he was going to keep the murder a secret from Anna and forbid her to say anything about the honeymoon to her dad? After discovering her lost jewellery from Aman’s study, Anna realises that although Aman is making her feel deluded, the delusions are a reality and, finally, Anna knows that something is terribly wrong in her marriage with Aman.

What To Watch Out For

Hamari Kahani | Urdu1, Mon-Wed 9.00pm

Episodes of Hamari Kahani can be emotional roller coasters! As if discovering that not only her father Fakhri (Reha Özcan), her fiancé Basit (Burak Deniz) and her brothers Rehmat (Yağız Can Konyalı) and Hikmat (Nejat Uygur) were conveniently feeding her lies from time to time was not heartbreaking enough, the biggest and most unprecedented but perfectly dramatic emotional upheaval for Fiza (Hazal Kaya) was when Basit kidnaps her on her wedding, leaving her husband Jamil writhing in agony for he knows that the kidnapper is his love rival Basit. The best part is that her siblings are content that she is with Basit whom she really loves, and was only getting married to Jamil (Mehmetcan Minciozlu) to fulfil the social services’ requirement to get her siblings’ custody. Although Fiza wants Basit to take her back as she is married to Jamil, Basit doesn’t give two hoots and tells her that she will remain in captivity until she divorces Jamil. And if that isn’t exciting enough for you, Fakhri’s ex-wife Shukraan (Esra Bezen Bilgin) is back!

Published in Dawn, ICON, March 15th, 2020