List of civil award winners

Published August 16, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Aug 15 The president on the occasion of Independence Day on Friday conferred the following civil awards on Pakistani citizens and foreign nationals for excellence in various fields.

The investiture ceremony will take place on the Pakistan Day next year.

Hilal-i-Pakistan Gen Liang Guanglie (China), services to Pakistan; Prof Dr Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu (Turkey), services to Pakistan; and Senator John F. Kerry (USA), services to Pakistan.

Hilal-i-Imtiaz Prof Dr M. Qasim Jan (NWFP), science (academic teaching/scientific research); Prof Azhar Masood Ahmed Faruqui (Sindh), medicine; Bano Quddsia (Punjab), literature; Asma Jahangir (Punjab), human rights; and Sardar Mohammad Yasin Malik (Sindh), public service.

Hilal-i-Quaid-i-Azam Prof Qin Dahe (China), services to Pakistan.

Sitara-i-Pakistan An Qiguang (China), services to Pakistan.

Sitara-i-Shujaat Karim Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Khurshid Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Malik Mohammad Afzal Shaheed (Mohmand Agency), gallantry; Faisal Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Mohammad Iqbal Shaheed (Punjab), gallantry; and Aamir Waseem (Punjab), gallantry.

Sitara-i-Imtiaz Prof Dr Masoom Yasinzai (Balochistan), science (bio-chemistry); Dr Shahid Mansoor (Sindh), science (bio-technology/genetic engineering); Saeed Ahmad (NWFP), engineering (mechanical); Mian Mohammad Aqeel Majid (Punjab), engineering (nuclear chemical); Aslam Hayat (Punjab), engineering (nuclear); Mohammad Shahid Raza (Islamabad), mechanical engineering; Philip Goddard Ransley (UK), medicine; Prof Hiroji Kataoka (Japan), education; Prof Ayesha Jalal (Sindh), education; Prof Hasan Askari (Punjab), education; F.E. Chaudhry (Punjab), art (photography); Late Syed Musa Raza (Santosh Kumar) (Punjab), art (film acting); Late Syed Salim Gillani (Punjab), art (broadcasting); Late Hanif Ramay (Punjab), art (creative calligraphy); Jamil Naqsh (Sindh), art (painting); Abdullah Jan Jamaldini (Balochistan), literature; Dr Shahzad Qaiser (Punjab), literature; Rahimullah Khan Yusufzai (NWFP), journalism; Late Nirmala Deshpande (India), services to Pakistan; Dzanko Damir (Bosnia & Herzegovina), services to Pakistan; Dr Harald Hauptmann (Germany), services to Pakistan; Folker Flasse (Germany), services to Pakistan; Javed Masud (Punjab), public service; Adil Salahuddin (Sindh), public service; Asad Umar (Sindh), public service; Pedio Massimo (Italy), services to Pakistan; Late Prof Mohammad Ali Khan (Balochistan), public service (education); Prof Adil Najam (Islamabad), public service (environment); Bani Amin Khan (Sindh), public service; Syed Qamar Zaman Shah (Sindh), public service (agriculture); Late Dr Abdul Ghani (NWFP), public service; Alam Zeb Khan Shaheed (NWFP), public service; Dr Mohammad Amjad Saqib (Punjab), social service; A.K. Khan (Sindh), public service; Dr Javed Ahmed Ghamidi (Punjab), public service (religious scholar); Prof Rasul Bakhsh Rais (Punjab), public service (scholar); Allama Talib Johri (Sindh), public service (scholar); Dr Zaheeruddin Babar Awan (Punjab), public service (scholar); Sohail Mansoor (Sindh), public service (highest taxpayer); and Islahuddin Siddiqui (Sindh), sports (hockey).

President's Award for Pride of Performance Dr Mohammad Javed Akhtar (NWFP), science (chemistry); Dr S.M. Javed Akhtar (Sindh), science (laser optics); Mehmooda Kazmi (Punjab), science (biology); Safdar Habib (Sindh), engineering; Syed Khalid Hussain (Punjab), engineering (nuclear); Mohammad Masood Mirza (Punjab), engineering (mining); Zahid Shakeel (Punjab), engineering (mechanical); Dr Raja Ali Raza Anwer (Punjab), engineering (nuclear); Kaleem Shaukat (Punjab), engineering (mechanical); Syed Tahir Hassan Hashmi (Islamabad), engineering (chemical); Ayaz Ayub (Punjab), electrical engineering; Faizul Hassan (Punjab), electronics; Riaz Alam Khan (Sindh), engineering (aerospace); Late Anwar Solangi (Sindh), art (actor/drama writer); Rabia Zuberi (Sindh), art (education & sculpture); Zulfiqar Ali (Punjab), art & culture; Masarrat Misbah (Sindh), art (restructuring of faces); Hameed Akhtar (Punjab), literature; Afzal Tauseef (Punjab), literature; Masood Ashar (Punjab), literature; Sobho Gian Chandani (Sindh), literature; Mohammad Ibrahim Joyo (Sindh), literature; Fehmida Riaz (Sindh), literature; Masud Mufti (Punjab), literature; Prof Dr Mohammad Azam Azam (NWFP), literature; Mohammad Saleem Khan (Saleem Raz) (NWFP), literature (poetry); Prof Dr Inamul Haq Javeid (Punjab), literature (poetry); Shahid Mahmood Nadeem (Punjab), literature (playwright); Mahmood Shaam (Sindh), literature (journalism); Sultan Ahmed (Sindh), journalism; Younus Khan (NWFP), sports (cricket); Shahid Khan Afridi (NWFP), sports (cricket); Zakauddin (Punjab), sports (hockey); Lal Saeed (NWFP), sports (boxing); Atta Mohammad Kakar (Balochistan), sports; Dr Med. Ursula H. Schmitz (Germany), services to Pakistan; and Dr Rebecca D. Eiwen (UK), services to Pakistan.

Sitara-i-Quaid-i-Azam Prof Li Xiguang (China), journalism & communication; Tariq Abdul Hamid Hamed Mishkhas (Saudi Arabia), journalism; and Prof Dr Bernd Michael Rode (Austria), services to Pakistan.

Tamgha-i-Shujaat Rahim Dil Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Mohammad Ashraf Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Naimatullah Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Imran Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Noor Dali Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Aslim Nawaz Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Asad Ali Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Mir Abdullah Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Fazal Wahid Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Mohammad Fayaz Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Noor Tali Jan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Mohammad Subhan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Aftab Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Mir Alam Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Gohar Ali Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Ajmir Shah Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Mohammad Islam Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Alamzeb Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Mohammad Mehdi Hasnain Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Subedar Shair Abbas Khan Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Yar Zameen Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Lance Naik Mohammad Raiz Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Lance Naik Malik Dad Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Rizwanul Haq Shaheed (Punjab), gallantry; Abid Ali Shaheed (NWFP), gallantry; Fazli Rabi Shaheed (Bajaur Agency), gallantry; Mohammad Ismail Shaheed (Bajaur Agency), gallantry; Farmanullah Shaheed (Bajaur Agency), gallantry; Hussainur Rahman Shaheed (Bajaur Agency), gallantry; Javedullah Khan Mehsud (South Waziristan Agency), gallantry; Ghalib Khan Shaheed (Khyber Agency), gallantry; Sabir Jamal Shaheed (Khyber Agency), gallantry; Wali Khan (Khyber Agency), gallantry; Zarmat Khan (Khyber Agency), gallantry; Haji Sultan Khan Shaheed (South Waziristan Agency), gallantry; Malik Mehr Dil Khan Shaheed (South Waziristan Agency), gallantry; Mohammad Hamayun Khan Marwat (NWFP), gallantry; and Alam Zeb Khan (NWFP), gallantry.

Tamgha-i-Imtiaz Dr M.S. Kausar (USA), services to Pakistan; Prof Dr Nilofer Shaikh (Sindh), archaeology; Maqsood Ahmad (Punjab), science (physics); Dr Mohammad Sajid (Punjab), science (maths/fluid mechanics); Dr Mohammad Iqbal (Punjab), science; Syed Shabbir Hussain Tirmazi (Punjab), technology (mechanical); Abdul Wahab (Punjab), technology (surface finishing); Dr Farhat Abbas (Sindh), medicine; Dr Javed Suleman (Pakistani living in USA), medicine; Dr Masood Sadiq (Punjab), medicine; Shaheena Puri (Sindh), art (singing); Mariam Khatoon alias Durdana Baloch (Balochistan), art (drama acting); Sajjad Haider Kishwar (Punjab), art (drama acting); Akbar Khameesu Khan (NWFP), art (alghoza nawaz); Ustad Abdul Latif Khan (Punjab), art (sitar nawaz); Ustad Nazir Khan (Sindh), art (tabla player); Shazia Batool (Balochistan), art (painting); Najmi Sura (Sindh); art (painting); Dr Kanwal Feroze (Punjab), literature; Dr Hafeezur Rehman Tahir (Dr Tahir Taunsvi) (Punjab), literature; Abdul Hakim Baloch (Balochistan), literature; Dr Mohammad Qasim Bughio (Sindh), literature; Shamshad Neelam alias Neelam Momal (Balochistan), literature; Mir Mohammad Ulfat (Balochistan), literature; Sabir Zafar (Muzaffar Ahmed) (Sindh), literature (poetry); Dil Nawaz Dil (Punjab), literature (poetry); Ashiq Buzdar (Punjab), literature (poetry); Mohammad Idrees alias Mohsin Changezi (Balochistan), literature (poetry); Noorul Bashar Naveed (NWFP), literature (drama writer); Late Qamar Shahbaz (Sindh), literature (poet, writer, columnist); Syed Bahadur Ali Salik (Northern Areas), journalism; Faisal Mahmood (Punjab), sports (Taekwondo); Tariq Mehmood (Punjab), sports (golf); Shafqat Ranna (Punjab), sports (cricket); Waqar Azeem (Sindh), public service; Nadeem Akhtar (Sindh), public service; Dr Zeenat Moula Bakhsh (Balochistan), public service; Mohammad Arif Balgamwala (Sindh), public service (philately); Mir Aslam Hussain Sehr (Northern Areas), public service; Maj Junaid Aftab (NWFP), public service; Majyd Aziz (Sindh), public service; Ghulam Sarwar (Northern Areas), public service; Shabbir Hussian Balti (Northern Areas), public service; Ibrar Ahmed Ghazie (Northern Areas), public service; Dr Sohail Habib Tajik (NWFP), public service; Masood Naqi (Sindh), public service; Seema Mughal (Sindh), public service; Maqsood Ismail (Sindh), public service; Gulzar Firoz (Sindh), public service; Haji Masood Parekh (Sindh), public service; Saeeda Sultan Afridi (Khyber Agency), public service (education); Abdul Fatah Marafie (Kuwait), social work (health & education); Abdul Illah Mohammad Rafie Marafie (Kuwait), social work (health & education); and Sono Khangharani (Sindh), social worker.

Tamgha-i-Khidmat Dr Mukhtar Ahmad (Uganda), public service.—APP



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