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School time: Study hard, get rewards!

January 28, 2013

What does it take to be a good student? Burying one’s head in a pile of books all day long, spending playtime in the library, not caring about one’s looks, becoming a nerd … and then getting excellent grades?

Wrong! These are just stereotypes, pure stereotypes. Well, most of us take studying hard at its face value and may have a myopic view about it. It is really not just getting lots of A or A* on a piece of paper. It is not even coming first in class. Want to know what it is actually about? Read on!

Discovering yourself Everyone — not just bookworms — possesses many potentials, but actually bringing those talents out and refining them is the ultimate job. Studying devotedly is a means to spotting the deep-hidden talent within you which can be a very fascinating discovery, one that can leave you startled. If a student never tries to work hard, s/he is unlikely to master even one subject and discover what s/he is good at and what talent they have.

Often we underestimate ourselves. And that is definitely a wrong attitude.

Diligent students know all their subjects well, because they know about their skills and talents, and they have the ability to make the best of their skills. So they discover the latent artist, mathematician, physicist, or accountant in them and groom themselves.

Self-esteem boost Industrious students develop a good outlook of themselves. The tonnes of praise that pours out to them further provide them moral encouragement, making them grow more positive and self-assured. They view themselves in terms of their academic achievements and that helps them figure out their identity and value. Good self-esteem also means better psychological health.

Charismatic personality Hardworking learners are perceived as having a great personality. Their impression and image appears as unique. Equipped with a confident approach, they add sparks to whatever they carry out. If you are one, what you say would be valued and considered reasonable — even if you are no expert on the topic. Learning imparts you with knowledge, which hones your argumentative skills and renders your personality charming.

Role model Talented students can leave a trail for their fellows, friends and others. Their younger siblings and cousins also become inspired by their studious nature. Consciously and unconsciously, others are incited to imitate them and turn to them for help and guidance.

How exciting it is to have followers even at such a young age. In fact, not just the academic pursuits and results but everything about industrious pupils is thought imitation-worthy; the way they communicate, behave, write and even stand!

No embarrassment Bad students have to misplace or ‘lose’ their report cards. To them, it is the most dreadful thing in the whole universe. Hardworking learners, however, know no such fears. And they love to present their exam results to their moms and dads with smiles and beams, who then tell others about it with great pride.

Satisfied parents Moms and dads are always the ones who are the most concerned about children’s schooling. Good school performance means parents can heave a sigh of relief and need not spend their time and money chasing tutors. Children may not notice but their parents take great pride in their academic achievements. Seriously, we, the children, owe them at least this much. In fact, parents love to show off (if they happen to be in a family gathering) a little about their junior coming first in class!

A lifelong investment Education and studying is a wise investment that if you once make sensibly, you can be satisfied for the rest of your life. Why carry the stigma of being a poor student for your whole life when just a few years of struggle can add magic to your school certificate.

Gaining valuable skills Good students learn a lot of additional skills, not just studying ‘boring books.’ Always disciplined and prepared, they follow schedules and meet deadlines; procrastinating is not their nature.

Interestingly, they become honed with the skills of time and task management and, hopefully, tension management. Wow! They are like ‘management gurus’! These are the qualities most sought-after in the professional world too.

Opening doors Being accepted into a good school, college or institution is more likely if one has had a good academic record. Getting into a prestigious university is also dependent upon educational performance. Besides, brilliant learners can secure scholarships.

Not everyone can be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, so higher education is a must in the present era of advancement and technology. Do you think Microsoft is full of people like Bill gates? No way, there are many others, highly qualified professionals who work there to make it such a success.

Professional success Good grades do add an impressive look to one’s CV. Sooner or later, all students have to pursue one profession or another. In the present world of competition, the key is to have some sort of edge over others.

And academic excellence is the most crucial one. Recruitment gurus recommend that grades that are poor should not be mentioned on CV. Well, at least good students need not follow this technique.

You can Yes! It is the biggest reward of studying hard: whoever sows is bound to reap. Studying hard is not a monopoly of those “born to excel”. My personal belief is that if you can pass an exam, you surely have the capability to get an A grade. It all depends on following a schedule and practicing it. It is never too late to take the right step and get the due reward.

There was a boy who barely managed to pass and got promoted to the next class. He was indifferent towards his study until he reached O-Levels when he got straight As. And at A-Levels, he made a world record by securing almost two dozen As. He was Niwazish Ali Moen! It proves that no one is born genius but everyone can become one.

History is full of such instances. There are scientific proofs that persistent motivation is the most crucial factor responsible for victory. By the way, haven’t I already summed up for you sufficient motivational stuff? How about adopting studying ardently as a New Year resolution? Cheers. i