Shahzad Sharjeel

Eternally indebted

Covid-19 has given us a chance to rethink our social practices. Published Mar 30, 2020 07:25am

Hands up

Those ostensibly in charge feel no need for new fig leaves. Published Mar 01, 2020 07:10am

Eat cake

It is inevitable that the defence angle of food security would trump other aspects. Published Feb 02, 2020 07:07am

‘The end is nigh’

The song as we know it today may be an amalgam of devotion to various mystics. Published Dec 05, 2019 06:52am

Social amnesia

Rejection of what is held dear by the ‘other’ needs to stop. Published Nov 17, 2019 07:08am

‘Suitable boy’

Enough of games and intrigues; reforms are unavoidable. Published Apr 29, 2019 07:11am

Masters of disaster

It is mainly the LGs’ job to tackle disaster. But do they even exist? Published Apr 01, 2019 06:54am

Ghettoed by degrees

Why should a scholar’s degree mention her religion? Published Feb 24, 2019 07:29am

Induced censorship

What if the purpose of an artwork is to shine a light on our dark side? Published Feb 10, 2019 07:05am

Shared heritage

Are any major landmarks named after Ismat Chughtai or Intizar Husain? Published Jan 21, 2019 07:09am

Come on, Batman

In some ways, the electoral process is akin to a corporate takeover. Published Jan 09, 2019 07:14am

Benefit of doubt

It all boils down to giving people a stake in the system. Published Dec 25, 2018 06:58am

Influence peddling

So you made your money by the dint of hard work? Published Dec 17, 2018 07:00am

Lively and livable

Since when has it become anti-public to ask for a little space for pedestrians? Updated Dec 06, 2018 10:05am

Where is academia?

TV anchors have assumed the mantle of public intellectuals. Published Nov 25, 2018 07:03am

PTI is right

It is anybody’s guess how the country should ‘behave’ in a given situation. Updated Nov 09, 2018 09:26am

Stuff of legends

We will continue to sway and swoon to the beat of ‘Ho Jamalo’. Published Sep 13, 2018 07:10am