HYDERABABD, March 31: The departure of popular radio, television and film actress, Roshan Atta, would be termed a great loss to the show business and an end to a glorious era of Sindhi and Urdu acting world.

She passed away on Wednesday after protracted illness. She died in abject poverty because papers for providing her government assistance were yet to move and bring some relief to her before death. She was 71.

Rising from a radio drama voice to a popular stage, tv and film actress, Roshan Atta worked with utmost dedication and portrayed every character infusing life of reality. She acted along with almost all experienced actors and earned laurels from viewers. Some of her acting pieces are remarkable.

Born to a doctor's home in the village of Kot Ghulam Mohammad, Shikarpur district, in 1940, her early life was not a settled one. When she was admitted to a school, her family moved to Saudi Arab and stayed there for over 10 years. After coming back, she resumed her studies in Hyderabad.

Coming from a traditional family, she became a veiled girl but had a latent urge for acting. Once in Karachi after her husband settled there, she was lured by radio drama which till the inception of television was a popular medium of entertainment and education. Snaking through the corridors of technique and learning the intricacies of drama voice, she was selected and once on the air, she became a popular radio actor.

In the sixties television became a major contender and Roshan Atta was lured for the talking head. In the formative years the Pakistan Television was manned by Radio Pakistan's technical and artistic talents. Her first play in Sindhi 'Moonjharan Jo Maag' was aired in 1972. Soon she found herself amidst galaxy of stars. Film artistes still kept themselves away from the small screen; however, after working with seasoned artistes and weathered directors, she became a popular figure of both Sindhi and Urdu plays. Among them, Gharbhaati, Oalra, Jiyapo, Bure Hin Bhanbhor Mein and Jungle were the most popular.

She also acted in many Sindhi films. Dharti Dil Waran ji, Faislo Zamir Jo, Mamta, Rat Aeen Ajrak, Dharti Lal Kunwar, Ghoonghat Laah Kunwar were a few to mention which added to her laurels. Besides she acted in a number of telefilms such as Bainsar Adal Ji and Darya Par.

During her career she worked with almost all popular actors but her roles with Mehmood Siddiqui and Noor Mohammad Lashari were remarkable.

In the later 1980s, she joined hands with Shahzadi, another popular radio voice and TV actress, in organising some cultural shows which did not become a successful venture owing to management failure, however she continued with her acting profession.

Recognising her services, she was conferred life Achievement Award by the PTV, besides a number of awards by some private organiosations.