Two foreigners killed in missile attack

17 Oct 2008


WANA, Oct 16: A missile attack reportedly by a drone on a car and residential compounds in Sam area of South Waziristan killed two foreigners on Thursday.

According to local people, three missiles fired by the Predator drone at around noon struck the car and three houses in the predominantly Mehsud area. The houses of tribesmen Ghazi, Sady Khan and Bashir were damaged.

Witnesses said the unregistered car carrying Uzbek nationals appeared to be the main target of the attack.

According to sources, local militants took away the people injured in the attack.

They said the area was under the control of supporters of Baitullah Mehsud, chief of the banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan.

It was the first such attack on an area of the Mehsud tribe.

AP adds: Intelligence officials said reports from informants suggested that a foreign militant had died in the attack.

They said Arabs had been living in one of the houses but the identities of the victims were not clear. They said foreign and local militants had frequented the house in a remote, forested area since its owner fled the region last year.

A local man, Javed Mehsud, said he saw several unmanned planes in the sky before and after the explosions in the village of Tapargai.