Qawwal Badar Miandad passes away

03 Mar 2007


LAHORE, March 2: Famous qawwal Badar Miandad passed away on Friday after a protracted illness. He was 47.

Badar had been bed-ridden for the last two years and had left singing qawwali one year ago.

He was suffering from multiple ailments, including heart problem, sugar and blood pressure. Months ago, he was also struck by paralysis.

Sher Miandad, his brother and reputed qawwal, told Dawn that Badar had suffered a heart attack five years ago and on Friday morning another heart attack proved fatal, he added.

Badar was born in 1960 in a noted family of qawwals in Pakpattan. His father Miandad and grandfather Din Muhammad were reputed qawwals. He was also cousin of the late maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

The late Badar started enthralling qawwali lovers in 1975 and by the mid 80s he had earned fame. He composed the music of some of the Bollywood films, including Virod, in which Salman Khan was in the lead role. Pakistan film industry also benefited from his enormous talent. He composed the music of Chupkay Chupkay, Janat Ki Talash and But Shikan.

His famous qawwalis are: Dam Dam Hussian Maula Hussian, Jashan-e-Aamad-e-Rasool, Tu Nahi Tay Tairiyan Yadan Sahi and Ganj Shakar Walian Da Raja.

The most radiant feature of his style was that he mixed classical with folk.

Sher said that Badar had made his name when Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was alive because and in Nusrat’s times no other qawwal could compete him.

He said that Badar had been nominated for Pride of Performance last year.

Sher said that he had started qawwali with his late brother in the 90s and had performed all over the world, he added. He appealed to the chief minister and the governor to set up an academy after the name of Badar where qawwali should be taught.

He said Badar was fond of all sufi poets and had done qawwalis based on the poetry of Bulhay Shah, Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Hazrat Baba Farid, Shah Hussain, Mian Muhammad Buksh and Hazrat Ameer Khusro.

He was laid to rest at the shrine of Shah Farid graveyard, Sabzazar. His qul will be held at 3pm, at 846, A-Block, Mahboob Park, Sabzazar.