Roohi Bano’s lone son shot dead

Nov 07 2005


LAHORE, Nov 6: Artiste Roohi Bano’s only son was found murdered near his residence in Gulberg III here on Friday evening. Rafique Akhtar, the bother-in-law of Roohi Bano, told police that he visited Bano’s house on Eid day. He said his nephew Ali (24) was present at the second storey with his friends — Zahid Ashraf, Sohail Islam and Farrukh.

He said after spending some time there he returned to his house when police informed him that Ali was shot dead near his house.

A police source said that Ali left the house with three of his friends besides one Hamid Bhatti who had joined them later. He suspected that one of them might have fallen out with Ali over some issue and shot him dead.

The killer(s) dumped his body alongside a fence which was spotted by passersby after listening to the ring tone of his cell phone. Initially, the police did not inform Roohi Bano as she was not feeling well.

A case has been registered against the deceased’s friends. The police are raiding their hideouts.