Raqs-i-Bismil | Hum TV, Fridays 8.00pm

Finally, Moosa (the disqualified gaddi-nasheen who now works as a bodyguard for defunct film actress Laila) meets Zohra (Sarah Khan) at a party thrown by the lecherous Shahbaz (Sajid Shah). Here Tauqir (Azeem Sajjad) and Malik Shehryar (Furqan Haider) are trying to appease Shahbaz with their beautiful wives Laila (Zara Sheikh) and Zohra, to acquire business deals. Following some insane conversation about the wives being admirably beautiful and tacky gestures and suggestions for ‘drinks’, Shahbaz orchestrates a drink-spill accident involving Zohra to get her indoors. Predictably enough, in the room where Zohra is tidying up, Shahbaz appears and behaves inappropriately. Of course, it’s promptly nipped in the bud by none other than Moosa (Imran Ashraf), who is guarding Zohra more than Laila. Decide for yourself if it’s the unsurprising turns in the story, or Imran Ashraf’s not-so-exceptional acting, that makes RB easy to pass.

Khuda aur Mohabbat | Geo TV, Fridays 8.00pm

After telling Fahad (Feroze Khan) to scoot back to Lahore instead of pinning hopes on her, Mahi (Iqra Aziz), who hails from Feudal Family No.1 gets informally engaged to the handsome Taimur (Mirza Zain Baig) from Feudal Family No. 2. Fahad nurses his broken heart, but only until Mahi’s arrogant feudal brother Nazim Shah (Sohail Sameer) takes him on a drive, where guess who gets shot by some enemies of the young Shah. Of course, it’s Fahad. Now, not only is his valour appreciated by the entire feudal clan, Mahi begins to realise that only someone who truly loves her can stay in Bahawalpur and risk his life. Appealing visuals, clever camerawork and elaborate sets add to this love story set in Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur.

What To Watch Out For

Shehnai | ARY, Thursdays 8.00pm

Director Ahmed Bhatti and writer Radain Shah bring us a brand new storyline for this thoroughly enjoyable rom-com. After their mutual confession that Meerab (Affan Khan) and Bakht (Ramsha Khan) like other people, and do not want to marry each other, Meerab ends up helping Bakht elope with Hunain (Hammad Shoaib), whom she loves. Bakht doesn’t know that Hunain has admitted to Meerab that he wants to dump Bakht, so he never turns up at the meeting point and Meerab brings Bakht back home. But only after the fiery Bakht arrives at Hunain’s house, where Hunain’s wedding is underway. As Meerab cringes, Bakht throws a drink on Hunain’s face and tells him what a lowlife he is, in front of the wedding guests. Later, thanking Meerab for the evening, Bakht also tells him that she would not stand in his way, and that he’s free to marry his lady love. After all these unpredictable twists, Bhatti has us eating out of his hands when Bakht changes her mind about marrying Meerab! Casting, sets, performances, and especially Ramsha Khan and Affan Khan, and the spontaneity in this serial makes it a must-watch.

Published in Dawn, ICON, April 18th, 2021



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