MITHI: The poetic and prose works of Shaikh Ayaz after Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai is the greatest message of progress, prosperity, struggle, peace and love for the present and upcoming generations.

This was said by writer Professor Noor Ahmed Janjhi during the launching ceremony of his new book on Shaikh Ayaz titled Moun khe disi pan men’ (having seen me in you) on the eve of the new year here on Tuesday night.

Professor Janjhi said that he had authored another book on great poet Shaikh Ayaz with a view to informing readers and educating the young generation about the importance and relevance of poetry and prose of the great poet of the last century.

He said that he had taken upon the challenge of exploring various aspects of the poetry of the great Sindhi poet, who had revolutionised all genres of the literature not only in Sindhi, but also in Urdu by penning number of poems and translating Shah-Jo-Risalo in Urdu.

“Shaikh Ayaz was the poet of dreams, aspirations, new hopes, high human values, brotherhood and peace for the entire universe,” he said and added that he had written not only for his land, but also for the entire universe.

He said that the credit of introducing new trends adopted from poets of the ancient times went to Shaikh Ayaz, who not only read himself, but also urged his readers to read all acclaimed writers and poets of the whole world.

The writer said that he would continue to write more and more books on the poet and on his distinct work, according to the need of the time as the world was becoming a global village.

He observed that late Shaikh had a keen eye on the contemporary world, which greatly mirrored in his rich literary contributions to both Sindhi and Urdu writings.

He said that his poetry on Thar was a great source of knowledge and a glaring example, which showed his deep love and affection for the sandy dunes, rich culture and peace-loving Tharis.

He said that he was the poet of that international calibre, who changed the minds of generations despite the bitter fact that he also faced hard days due to his revolutionary poems.

Known writer and additional deputy commissioner of Tharparkar Mukhtiar Abro speaking on the occasion said that the writer in his recent book had beautifully and deeply depicted the importance of poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Shaikh Ayaz.

His book would go a long way in creating awareness among those, who were researching and writing on the two important pillars of the Sindhi literature, he added.

“Professor Jhanji is the writer, who has been trying his best to show the beautiful aspects of Thar and other parts of Sindh and Pakistan in the light of the poetry and prose of the great figures,” he said.

Writing a book on the poetry of Shaikh Ayaz was not an easy task as in the recent years a number of writers had written a lot on both of these poets, he said.

He said Ayaz was also a controversial personality among his contemporaries — just like all great poets of the world.

He said that the birth of Ayaz in Sindh was a divine gift for the people of Sindh, who according to him, revered, loved and praised him when he was alive and was enriching the literature.

Mr Abro said that severe criticism and personal attacks on Ayaz during his lifetime could not deter him from writing books, which would continue to quench the thirst of lovers of poetry and prose.

He said he was the poet of the coming centuries and writing on his work was only possible for writers like Mr Janjhi.

Syed Akbar Shah, station director of the Radio Pakistan in Mithi, said that it was not an easy task to writ on Shaikh Ayaz, but Professor Janjhi did it by authoring a quality book on the great poet.

Professor Wali Mohammad Mangrio said the new book by the writer on Shaikh Ayaz would not only attract the lovers of the Sindhi language, but would also attract those, who were carrying out research work on Shaikh Ayaz.

Eminent writer and poet Bharumal Amrani said that the writer had done a great justice to the late poet by writing another book.

“Shaikh Ayaz never budged even an inch and kept contributing and enriching the language and literature for decades despite the stiff opposition from the various regimes,” he said and added that he had devoted his whole life for writing and awakening the people without the discrimination of caste, colour and creed.

“Though Shaikh in his prime totally devoted and limited himself to only writing in Sindhi, he wrote for the people of Sindh and all the underprivileged classes groaning under slavery, poverty and other taboos” he said.

The writer of the book had beautifully depicted and narrated the accounts of the great poet in very nice diction, he added.

Kirshan Sharma, the rights activist and writer said that the writer like the professor had greatly contributed to the Sindhi literature by continuously writing books.

Juman R Thari and other poets and writers also spoke on the occasion and highly praised the labour of Professor Janjhi.

Published in Dawn, January 2nd, 2020



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