KHAR: Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) activists have expressed concern over what they said propaganda against the movement that it is creating uncertainty in the country and clarified that the main objective of the movement is to ensure equal rights to Pakhtuns across the country.

They expressed these views while addressing a rally in Inayat Kallay Bazaar here on Sunday.

The speakers clarified that the PTM was formed to address the core problems of Pakhtuns.

They said Pakhtuns were the most peaceful and patriotic citizens who had always rendered valuable sacrifices for the country.

They noted that on one hand Pakhtuns had suffered gravely in the war against terrorism, but on the other hand, they had been treated as suspects.

The speakers called for elimination of unnecessary checkposts in the entire tribal area, and asked the participants to mobilise the people to ensure their active participation in the PTM public meeting in Swat on April 29.

PTI LEADER FOR EARLY FATA-KP MERGER: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf central deputy general secretary Murad Saeed has declared that merger of Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the only way to improve socioeconomic conditions of tribesmen and called for materialising the merger plan before the general elections.

“Our party believes that integration of Fata with KP is the only way to end sense of deprivation among the tribesmen who have been deprived of basic rights since independence,” said the PTI leader while addressing a public meeting here the other day.

He said his party would make all out efforts to ensure the merger of Fata with the province before the 2018 elections to allow the tribal people to contest elections and send their representatives to the KP Assembly.

Mr Saeed said constitutionally Fata was part of Pakistan and the tribesmen were the most peaceful, civilised and patriotic citizens.

But unfortunately, he added the rulers had never acknowledged the sacrifices of tribesmen.

He slammed the federal government for ignoring the tribal areas in socioeconomic development and not doing away with the colonial governance system.

He pointed out the centre government had announced in 2013 to introduce the country’s regular laws in the tribal areas within a year, but to no avail.

The PTI leader claimed the undue delay in implementation of reforms in Fata showed the government was not sincere to ensure basic rights to the tribesmen.

He also criticised the centre for ignoring the tribal areas in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

Published in Dawn, April 17th, 2018