OF late, our Christian minority has been a target of violence. Their places of worship have been attacked, upsetting the co-existence with them.

Shocking is too small a word to describe the brutal murder of a Christian couple. We should remind ourselves the sympathetic role Christians played during the Pakistan movement.

The Quaid-i-Azam appointed a Christian, Pothan Joseph, as the first editor of Dawn, Delhi, the only main English language daily to promote Pakistan movement.

On partition, some Christians came as migrants from India to Pakistan. I remember meeting them in the early days of Pakistan.

In accordance with the cabinet mission plan for the partition of India after the 1946 general elections, Muslims voted for the Muslim League in support of creation of Pakistan.

In 1947, the provincial assemblies were to decide the issue of partition. When Punjab Assembly was asked to vote, it was equally split.

At that time S.K. Singha, a Christian was the speaker of the Punjab Assembly. He cast the casting vote for Pakistan. Thus he played a role in Punjab going to Pakistan. On this occasion, Master Tara Singh jumped out of the assembly waving his kirpan as a signal for taking revenge on Muslims. His words were reported by the press.

Thus, a Christian vote led to the democratic choice in making Punjab a part of Pakistan.

Recently I saw a book about Christian officers who died in the wars with India. It gives the details of the Christians’ sacrifices for the country.

Do those who helped us in creating Pakistan and gave sacrifices in blood for Pakistan deserve atrocities recently reported?

Dr Samiullah Koreshi


Published in Dawn, November 13th, 2014