Arifa Noor

What the maulana wants

Maulana Fazlur Rehman appears firm. For him, October means October, and the 27th to be exact. Updated Oct 10, 2019 11:12am

Imran Khan’s headache in Punjab

If the PTI does not deliver, its ability to weaken the PML-N in its stronghold will remain just a promise. Published Sep 24, 2019 07:24am

An unequal society

We continue to live in an unequal and class-based society, but prefer to pretend otherwise. Published Sep 17, 2019 07:07am

Politics and longevity

In Pakistan, no one is tolerated for decades — at least not in power. Published Sep 10, 2019 05:49am

The power of words

It is assumed that if a bias is visible, it might be deliberate, but that is not necessarily so. Updated Sep 03, 2019 10:31am

Obsessed with corruption

There is a consensus that anyone who is a little better than comfortable has made money illegally. Published Aug 27, 2019 06:59am

The unspoken reality

Pakistani society needs to understand that war is not an option. Published Aug 20, 2019 07:22am

More democracy or less?

The debate on the secret ballot that kicked off last week is not a simple one. Published Aug 06, 2019 07:01am

‘Out, damn’d spot! Out’

The red lines seem to be increasing with frequency; the obvious use of ‘mute’ during talk shows is a clear indication. Updated Jul 30, 2019 08:32am

The Senate sideshow

Chances are that the move to remove the Senate chairman will have little impact on the larger stage. Published Jul 23, 2019 07:15am

Giving up is not an option

There is no other choice for most people, who have only one home and no second passport. Published Jul 16, 2019 05:28am

Justice — only for a few

When will we learn that justice will come in individual cases when the larger problems are addressed? Published Jul 09, 2019 07:45am

No comment necessary

The real story of the poverty-stricken awam won’t be found in parliament. Updated Jul 02, 2019 02:17pm

What Maryam did next

Unlike Bilawal, Maryam’s transgressions will be noted more. Updated Jun 25, 2019 08:17am

Crouching opposition, hidden state

Even though the opposition has blown the bugle of war, there is not much reason for panic in the government. Published Jun 18, 2019 07:12am

This isn’t about the economy

This is just a recollection of memories of a subeditor who has never understood figures and budgets. Updated Jun 11, 2019 07:41am

Anatomy of a protest

Even if the parties are ready for such a prolonged protest, there has to be a consensus on the goal. Updated May 21, 2019 07:48am