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Pakistan imploding under sectarian violence

Published Apr 18, 2012 06:52pm


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After decades of waging the propaganda war against India for its highhanded treatment of Kashmiris, Pakistan is now the subject of a similar campaign by India who has highlighted the plight of Shias being murdered by sectarian terrorists in Gilgit-Baltistan.

The Asian News International reported recently that “in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan's only Shia dominated province, ethnic cleansing is being carried out systematically.” At the same time, the Shia-dominated town of Kargil in the Indian controlled Kashmir recently shut down the main bazaar in solidarity with the Shias of Gilgit and Chilas who were murdered in cold blood in early April. Several Sunni Muslims also lost their lives a few days later when sectarian violence broke out in the region.

The comparative statistics on terrorist violence between India and Pakistan speak volumes of how the tide has indeed turned against Pakistan. The data compiled by South Asian Terrorism Portal reveals that in the current year alone, approximately 150 civilians, mostly Shias, have died in sectarian violence in Pakistan. In comparison only 23 violent deaths were recorded in the Indian controlled Kashmir in 2012.

Even with a six-times larger demographic footprint, 62 civilians reportedly died in terrorist violence in India in 2012, whereas 734 civilians became victims of terrorist violence in Pakistan during the same time period. For decades, Pakistan had pointed finger at India and accused her of failing to protect the life and property of religious minorities. Today, Pakistan stands accused of the same where Muslims belonging to minority sects and others are being murdered while the state’s machinery has failed miserably to protect their lives and property.

Sectarian violence has spread to all corners of Pakistan. Only last week several Shias belonging to the Hazara tribe were gunned down by the Sunni extremists in a crowded market in Quetta. Later, Sunni militants called local newspapers and claimed responsibility for their murderous accomplishment. Over the past few years hundreds, if not thousands, of Shias have been murdered in Kurram Agency by Sunni extremists and Taliban factions who are reportedly aligned with Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. In other parts of Pakistan Shias have been taken off buses, lined up, and gunned down.

As of late, the followers of majority Sunni sects, such as Barelvis, have increasingly become targets of militants who are followers of radicalised Sunni sects. The attack on Data Darbar, the mausoleum of Lahore’s patron saint, in July 2010 left almost 50 moderate Sunni Muslims dead. In an earlier post, I reported police statistics which showed that almost 90 per cent of arrested terrorists in Pakistan were followers of the Deobandi sect.

It is only recently that the moderate Sunnis have been targeted by the followers of radical Sunni sects in Pakistan. However, for decades, Shias and other minorities were the only victims of extremist violence. The majority Sunnis, who never agreed with the murderous agenda of the few radicalised groups, however remained complacent and maintained a deafening silence over the murders of Shias and others, which escalated during the dark days of General Ziaul Haq. It was during General Zia’s time when madrassas were turned into military academies where intelligence operatives trained hundreds of thousands of Afghans, Arabs, and Pakistanis in warfare; equipped them with Kalashnikov assault rifles and Stringer missiles; and marched them into Afghanistan.

The widespread distribution of small arms weaponised the Afghan society to such extremes that after the withdrawal of the Soviet Army in 1989 successive Afghan regimes collapsed because of the in-fighting that continued between heavily armed Afghan militias who could not agree on a post-Soviet governance formula. While Afghanistan imploded in the early 90s as a direct result of military interventions by the Soviets, Americans, Saudis, and Pakistanis, several thousand alumni of the Afghan war returned to Pakistan to establish their own mini jihad factories in every nook and corner of Pakistan. For over a decade, the jihadis used Shias for target practice until they waged a full-fledged war against Pakistan’s establishment in 2001.

The patron-in-chief of the jihadis, including the Taliban, has been General Hameed Gul, who headed Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence during the formative years when Russian-made weapons were  shipped from Egypt and elsewhere to equip Afghans and others to fight the Red Army in Afghanistan. General Gul was recently confronted by an inimical group of Shias who were protesting outside the Parliament in Islamabad.  As the crowd complained against his longstanding relationship with the militants leading terrorist attacks against Shias, the General instead came off as the biggest dove as he addressed the crowd while his son whispered speaking notes in his ear. General Hameed Gul claimed to have initiated deweaponising the militants before he was removed from ISI in June 1989.

I happened to meet General Hameed Gul in a suburb of Toronto in the mid-90s when he visited Canada. Sitting among a large group of devotees, General Gul spoke with pride of the “successes” achieved by the Taliban in Afghanistan. I specifically asked the General if he was at all concerned about the excessive spread of small arms and assault weapons in Pakistan and Afghanistan. His answer then was quite different from what he stated on April 10 in Islamabad. General Gul looked at me with barely concealed disgust and observed that weapons were the ornaments for men. “It is the same weapons that will come in handy to ward off the enemy,” proclaimed General Gul.

Since his proclamation in the mid-90s, the same ornaments have dispatched thousands of Pakistanis to their graves and have brought the state and the society to a near default. In the comity of nations, Pakistan is increasingly being referred to as a pariah state. Even the overseas Pakistanis now march outside Pakistani embassies to protest against the massacres of minorities that continue unabated. Wherea,s once Pakistan complained of human rights violations by India in the United Nations, other are now accusing Pakistan of the same.

As the violence increases in Pakistan, the rest of the world loses its confidence in Pakistan’s ability to meet her economic, legal, and moral obligations. If the sectarian and factional violence, which no longer targets only the Shias and other minorities, continues in Pakistan, it is likely that the state and the society will implode, as it has already in the neighbouring Afghanistan.

It is imperative for Pakistan’s military and civilian establishment to recognise that the time to act decisively against extremists in Pakistan has arrived. There is no room or time to play favourites and support the “good militants” who may side with the establishment for a short while, but the same good militants will most likely turn against their handlers, as they have done so repeatedly in the last few years.

Murtaza Haider, Ph.D. is the Associate Dean of research and graduate programs at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto.  He can be reached by email at

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.


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Murtaza Haider is a Toronto-based academic and the director of

He tweets @regionomics

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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srazar Apr 18, 2012 07:29pm
Mr. Mubasher are you saying that those who are unleashing such barbaric acts and those who are pulling the proverbial trigger are from outside? can the outsider do such acts with impunity? if it is so then it would have easy for the apparatus to expose them and bring them to justice. Would it be easy for some (traitors) insiders to do these things just from outside help?.... NOoo they cannot do it unless they have help and Sympathizers from within aswell...infact they were/are trained by our very own, yes I agree to this extent that we do need to expose from where the money come from as well.. WAKE UP SIR.. The pain we are experiencing is the result of our own sins.
Gopal Apr 18, 2012 04:44pm
This has been going on for decades. As long as it was Hindus and Sikhs that were being kidnapped, killed and driven out of their homes, the elites of Pakistan had no problems. Only now, when the target moves a little closer to home, do people like you begin to express apprehensions.
Anis Muqtedar Apr 18, 2012 07:25pm
Islam has been radicalized and is in great danger if these terrorists are not eliminated. All of us who want to practice peaceful islam are in great danger.
A.Bajwa Apr 18, 2012 05:49pm
It is inevitable. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.
Syed Apr 18, 2012 05:49pm
Excellent article Br. Murtaza Haider. I belong to the shia sect and feel really helpless that the poor innocent shias are being butchered everyday. This isn't something that started few months ago. They have been getting killed for decades. They used to send suicide bombers to shia mosques and that too very often but now the new trend is taking passengers out of buses, separate shia from sunni and gun them down. Target killing hazara and regular shias has also increased. Just yesterday VP of a college (Imran Zaidi) was gunned down. Do the majority sunnis know how helpless we feel??? Will they ever raise their voice against the injustice? Shia and other minority sects also happen to be Pakistanis so at least feel for your countrymen.
Sandip Apr 18, 2012 05:49pm
But Pakistan has nuclear weapons so nothing will happen to it
Imran Apr 18, 2012 07:11pm
Good article, but help me understand, wasn't the basis of creation of Pakistan the very issue being raised? Sure, it was meant to be an islamic country, but right there you have the main issue. Feel free to correct me PLEASE!
BRR Apr 18, 2012 07:04pm
The seed sown - 64 years ago, was a country based on religion, that viewed its future through the prism of religion. Blame Zia all you want, but he was only taking the basis for the founding of the nation to its logical conclusion - when every human activity is coloured by one's religion, when everything around one's environment has to be turned Islamic. Why blame Zia, when this is what people wanted? Islamic country isn't it? The solution should be obvious, but who has the cohones to say it out.
Anuj Apr 18, 2012 05:05pm
....and i thought the Ostrich was the only live piece which lived in denial by putting it's head under sand. Good luck Mr Hassan. May your peculiar mix of "enemies of Pakistan killing Pakistanis" and Ho Chi Minh's formulae be derided for what they are - drivel !
zkkhan Apr 18, 2012 06:45pm
Thank you Murtaza for the bold instance. However biggest problem what I see in Pakistani soceity pertains to large Urdu speaking, writing and reading segment. What ever you wrote, can any popular Urdu newspaper of the country dare to print.? Never. So how those committing these atrocities will ever come to know the voice raised by moderate and bold man like you. Do you have any answer to it?
srazar Apr 18, 2012 06:59pm
Let me add that It is time for all of us to seperate the barbarians from among us. It is an insult to a sunni that these barbarians be called a 'sunni' They cannot even be called humans. It is already happening and nobody is safe (pulling the dead body of Brelvi Moulana and hanging it in 'khooni chowk' in swat is just one example) but if majority of people stay asleep the cancer is going to spread more and more. Raise your voice and demand justice for your own sake my dear Pakistanis.
AN Apr 18, 2012 07:33pm
Excellent Article Murtaza. But we need to understand that our establishment (especially military) is a part of problem, not the solution. I beleive they have capacity but not willingness to curb the terrorism. When it comes to Shias, it is not seen as a big problem.
pathanoo Apr 18, 2012 08:05pm
A few UNIVERSAL TRUTHS..... * Hatred is an acid that destroys the heart that contains it....FIRST. * The Devil devours it's own .....eventually, when it has no others to feast on. * You can not make a good mosque with stolen bricks. * All it takes for Evil to succeed is for good men to keep silent, look the other way. If you look at it honestly, no can deny that ALL OF THE ABOVE APPLY IN EQUAL MEASURE TO PAKISTAN. Unless the Pakistanis themselves are determined to change the above conditions prevailing in their country, it is going to Hell and there is nothing stopping it. You don't need Imperialist-Zionist-Hindu consipiracy to self-destruct. You are doing a great job of it yourself. I sneer with undisguised disgust when I repeatedly hear a lot of Pakistanis say that a majority of Sunni Muslims are peace loving, and they may be so, but they all follow the fourth UNIVERSAL TRUTH JUST LIKE THEY FOLLOW KURAN. IF THE LARGE MAJORITY OF SUNNI MUSLIMS ARE PEACE LOVING, JUST AND MORALLY CORRECT THEN THESE TERRORISTS SHOULD HAVE BEEN LONG ELIMINATED. YOU CAN NOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS THE TORTURED SOUL OF PAKISTAN AND GRANT IT PEACE.
Ravi Apr 18, 2012 08:02pm
A small but pertinent question - how does a terrorist know that he is killing a Shia and not a Sunni? Is it that the 2 sects are totally segregated from each other, and move in groups only? Or does the terorrist ask the name first and then shoot? In which case the Shias can give a Sunni name - I'm sure the these guys don't ask for the ID card before shooting!!!
Imran Apr 18, 2012 07:13pm
Yeah really - next step: blow itself!
Raja Islam Apr 18, 2012 08:14pm
Nobody has the right to kill shias. Pakistan should move away from being an Islamic State to becoming a secular country. The state should not be in the business of promoting any religion whatsoever.
Ak Apr 18, 2012 05:12pm
Chickens have come home to roost.... They always do.
Ali Mardan Apr 18, 2012 06:42pm
Excellent article based on facts and truth. The people of Pakistan would never forgive two Generals i.e Zia-ul-Haq and Hameed Gul who created and raised monsters to bring destruction and hatred in our society. It is unfortunate that our civil and military establishments are not proactive to address issues of grave concerns unless it shakes pillars of the state. Religious fanatics have become serious threat to internal security of the state. It is time now to start crackdown against all such sectarian groups involved in target killings of innocent citizens. It is a shame for government and its legislators that the people of our own country seeking justice and security against fanatic and extremist groups from our embassies abroad by staging protests.
gaurav Apr 18, 2012 07:17pm
Mr Haider says " For decades, Pakistan had pointed finger at India and accused her of failing to protect the life and property of religious minorities". I am not sure which other national apart from a Pakistani would actually believe the above narrative Consider the following 1. How other minorities have been decimated in pakistan from 25% to less than 2 2. Half the nation humiliated and cheated and forced to separate with a million of its compatriots killed and 200,000 women raped in the name of Urdu, Islam and Pakistan . And after that the pakistanis refused to accept their own collaborators there -the Biharis of East pakistan -To date! 3. fellow religionists declared Non Muslims 4. RPGs and fighter aircrafts used against your own people Indian record is far from perfect but cmon, it requires a particularly contorted viewpoint to make a comment you made above !
Imran Apr 18, 2012 07:15pm
Very true - you ignore wrong for wrong reasons, the wrong has ways to engulf much more than what was ignored!
Runjeet Singh Cheema Apr 18, 2012 04:14pm
You've hit the spot again my friend. The statistics you've provided makes one wonder where Pakistan as a nation is headed. how much radicalism and extremism can a people handle and for how long.
Aamir Apr 18, 2012 09:49am
An excellent piece. At last someone spoke openly against the atrocities.
FactCheck Apr 18, 2012 02:45pm
May be an imperative but ain’t going to happen. Requires back bone, unselfishness and interest of the country instead of filling pockets, hanging on to power and uttering nonsense at every chance. Good Luck
FactCheck Apr 18, 2012 02:41pm
Wonder why? A country established along sectarian violence is imploding sectarian violence. Chances of stemming it is remote at best.
not-amazed Apr 18, 2012 02:34pm
When will this state realize that it has no one but itself to arm with its dangerous games? Why does it so relentlessly pounce upon the weak? WHY?
Ashish Apr 18, 2012 03:05pm
Excellent piece of writing Murtaza Sahab. Indirectly you are saying that what you sow is what you reap. You cannot expect mangoes on a Guava tree. Good that you have come directly on the topic with full force.
Chris Apr 18, 2012 04:27pm
May be you can ask the American's for help.... ...oh yeah that's right.
Kayenn Apr 18, 2012 03:36pm
wellwritten and very insightful. You need courage to look at the mirror and find faults with yourself. Only than a person / nation can improve
Haider Budini Apr 18, 2012 04:41pm
right in the bulls eye..!! well said and well observed.
Syed Mubasher Hassan Apr 18, 2012 03:33pm
The concern shown by Mr Murtaza Haider is shared by all Pakistanis and we need to do something concrete in this aspect quickly but there is no comparison between India and Pakistan viz sectarianism. Pakistan is being the battle ground of 'uninvited' international war on terrorism for the last ten years. No one has managed this menace more ably than Pakistan's security managers, mostly military leadership. It is a grand war which can explode out of control if unscrupulous strategies of actions against masses had been/is under taken. The enemies of Pakistan, by sponsoring such heinous crimes, as trying to inflame sectarianism, want to target us. They have caused great pain to us by killing of innocent men, women and children in markets, mosques and community gatherings. We are ready to suffer even more to avoid a bigger catastrophe. We will be bruised, injured and terrorized but we will emerge out of it as a stronger nation. In the meantime, Murtaza Haider can keep his brilliant advises to unleash full military power against an invisible enemy. Hu Che Minh once said ---our enemy will be overwhelmed by the amount of pain we can endure (to emerge a winner).
ahmed41 Apr 18, 2012 02:16pm
BUT----can not the * intolerant* ones be made to see reason, and compassion ? After all , sectarian differences should not matter to GOD Almighty !!! What does the * OTHER SECT* do ? It worships the same GOD in a different way !!! any harm in that , from GOD's POINT OF VIEW ?
sagecaptial Apr 18, 2012 12:21pm
Thanks for bringing Gen Gul's double speak out in the open
Mr Baig Apr 18, 2012 01:44pm
A terrorist is a terrorist, without any moral ethics.
Q Apr 18, 2012 01:34pm
Excellent piece Haider Saab. Great insight.
raazia Apr 18, 2012 01:05pm
now, we don't need an outside source to deviate or harm us. we have already been very good in serving this purpose.
Ali Kamal Apr 18, 2012 04:49pm
Dr. Haider’s excellent article points to one of the existential threat that Pakistan faces. Indeed, it is religious violence that has caused much agony and distress to its citizens. Although, all citizens are affected by religious violence one way or the other, it is the religious minorities who have borne most of the brunt of Islamic fundamentalism. Whether it be Ahmadis, or Shias, the fundamentalists seek to cleanse Pakistan from all other sects, and they literally mean eliminating minority sects by killing them. Majority of Sunnis are peace loving and are good human beings; it is the tiny minority of adherents of certain fundamentalist groups who see the world in their own convoluted vision to turn back the time and are hoping to create some imaginary world. While other parts of the world are prospering and developing why this misfortune has fallen upon the impoverished nation, Pakistan, is a question to be pondered upon. One answer that comes to mind is the Pakistani state’s polices that were based on short term benefits and ignoring long time effects of using Islam as a tool to pursue its political and military goals. Dr. Haider mentioned that it was started in General Zia’s dictatorial rule that fundamentalists were used to further state’s agenda. Although, it was General Zia who actually changed the structure of society and attempted to convert Pakistan into a theocratic state, I would however, argue that it was during Prime Minster Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s period that many laws were passed that paved the way for pushing Pakistan towards Islamic fundamentalism. I do not have the slightest doubt, however, about the demise of this violent Islamic fundamentalist movement that has grown like a cancer throughout the body. However, before this religious madness die down it is going to get worse before it gets any better. I can say this much though, when the future generations will read about the history of the region the current period would indeed be written as the darkest period.
changaiz haider Apr 18, 2012 08:41pm
the general sunni masses donot understand and very easily forget the recent history of the so called shariah complient swat and the threats that islamabad had during sufi mohammad's release, after finishsing off shias they will come over to sunnis to show them the real islami way and turn pakistan into afghanistan all of you have to decide if ur ready to meet this fate. the problem that they have with shias is that they cant answer questions so they in turn become aggressive and decide to kill which ofcourse in any logical way results in his own failure.
sabrinamotors Apr 18, 2012 08:45pm
I observe that many accuse General Zia as mother of all problems in Pakistan but i disagree with that.Today many point fingers towards him because there is no Soviet union today.If Soviets had conquered Afghanistan then Pakistan would have been their next victim.The thing is he did what he needed to do in those circumstances.In his era there was peace in Pakistan and its economy was stable even if he was supported by US Aid then he use that aid to strengthen Pakistan but what have our present government doing.From load shedding to terrorism everything is out of their control.Its time to stop living in the past and start to live in today's reality.We need a strong government which can solves nation problems instead of singing songs about democracy.Democracy is good and better the Dictatorship but the way of a new Marshal law can only be stop.If the Democratic government is able to solve the problem of peoples and can bring peace and prosperity to the nation then there is no way that another Marshal law can knock on the Nations,s door but if it didnt then we should get ready for another Meresy aziz humwatno era.I hope this didnt happened since democracy is a system and if its successful then system will lead the country.Dictatorship on the other hand no matter how good it is.It only depends on one person and when ever that person is gone so will wait for another Savior will start all over again.
john Apr 18, 2012 08:46pm
A Country Born out of Inability to live with Others, Has no Promise that it can live With Each Other
umar khan Apr 18, 2012 08:52pm
I belong to sunni sect, but i concer with the author of this article. Friends this is not a shia sunni issue any more. These are crimes against humanity. Most shameful thing is that these crimnials have adopted the name Ahle sunnah wal jammat, and this will defame all followers of my faith. I request pious ulema of my sect to raise voice against these Talibaan acts so that world can see who real sunnis are. I just want to say that massacr is not just of shias but also of sunnis by the same crimnals.
hari Apr 18, 2012 08:56pm
shias in India are not facing any problems to my knowledge for that matter other sects and sunnis also. But still many muslims feel victimised. I think we need to remove all the mullahs who misguide muslims for their own mean ends and bring lot of secular education.
john Apr 18, 2012 08:59pm
An INDIAN Saying "Vinasha kale viparita buddhi" - When it is time for someone"s destruction, his fate makes him behave irrationally, with disastrous consequences.... may the heavenly god help you guys
Goga Nalaik Apr 18, 2012 09:26pm
Thanks Haider for this nice article. I totally agree that Zia and his special brand of Islam and ISI are to be cursed. This jihadi culture took decades to flourish and it will take decades to eradicate it now. Media can play a good and 'responsible role' to create awareness but unfortunately it is not the case. When I see certain persons of banned outfits on TV channels, spitting the venom against minorities and against the government, I simply feel sick and disgusted. I don’t even have the courage to write a few lines of comments because I know in advance that nothing will do! YES I’M SICK OF TWISTED POLITICS AND DOUBLE STANDARDS IN THIS COUNTRY. I encourage you to keep fighting with your pen
One Punjab Apr 18, 2012 09:28pm
Why are you censoring my valid question and view about pakistan simply because it maybe unacceptable to the establishment. It is valid to question pakistan's basis for existence
erkhan Apr 18, 2012 09:33pm
These are sad realities and require extreme measure. I think we need nationalize all religious institutes, all mosques, religous schools, and only government permit holder should be able to deliver sermons in the mosques. It is hard, difficult but need of the time. All public speaking of any sect should be banned and must be punishable by law. To save the people, country, and religion itself, we need to take up humanity as a religion.
Jawwad Apr 18, 2012 09:57pm
Sorry wrong assessment. It is mainly Al Qaeda who are nothing but hired guns and trying to stir up sectarian problems in Pakistan on the same model as Iraq to bring anarchy, lawlessness and eventually disintegration of state organs. Getting common citizen off the buses and shooting them in large numbers are not the indication of sectarian strife but a clear indication that hired guns are at works. Who they are? We know these are the combination of AlQaeda, Indian/US Agencies (there is documentary enough proof their involvement), local agencies, personal enmities and what not.
muhlik Apr 18, 2012 09:58pm
Being a Sunni, I feel disgusted at the state of affairs in Pakistan. Shia killing has to stop right away, but at the same note all the other killings (target killings, bomb blasts etc) have to stop too. Pakistan needs top to bottom cleanup. Its about time that we stand up and put molvis (shia or sunni) back to their place. The problem is that politics of division never ends. Its always about Ahmedi, Sunni, Shia, Deobandi, Bralevi, People with half a liter of water for taharat vs a gallon, shalwar an inch higher vs a lower etc. I just think that main issues are 1. To much time for people to think about these things 2. Not many employment opportunities to stay focused on right things 3. Too many maulvis,maulanas, Aghas, zardaris, altafs , khans, mians and chodhuris etc. Roohai ummum kee hayat Kushmukushai inqilab
Mohammad A Dar Apr 18, 2012 10:18pm
Shame on a person claiming to be one of the sect's, handy work of crooks to divide humanity. Word Suni is driven from Latin word sue, direction, Suni, enshrined in direction of what? Word shia is also driven from Latin word Sha, established, otherwise known as Cha in Sanskrit, corruption of Latin (Truth) with addition of 10 letters. Yes, both words are part of teachings of Holy Quran and part of Islam but never to be source of division, commanded to be united in Theen Allah, constitution of truth absolute. Very unfortunate for people claiming to be educated, knowledgeable Muslim but in reality gentiles, slaves of their soul, desire and goons, guardian's of hindered reasoning in secularism, self centrism in defiance of truth absolute, teachings of Islam. Answers are all over in history, if any one is ready to take time and reform himself, to be a Muslim and part of solution than to be part of problem.
Anver Naveed Apr 18, 2012 10:24pm
A very brave person this writer. Amazing how said what amny people are thinining but dare not say it aloud.
Qamber Ali Khan Apr 18, 2012 10:24pm
murtaza brother grateful, u once again come up with facts, up front, im a Hazara, and feels total despair, loss and no where to look for help, in afg its taliban, towards australia it is deep sea and now in our home town its taliban, jandullah, LeJ and many shadowy outfits.God bless pakistan, its great cty for us all
Peter Apr 18, 2012 10:25pm
This did not start with Zia in the 80s. It started with Iqbal and the Muslim League in the 30s who dreamt of a muslims-only religiously cleansed nation. Since then it has been all down hill. First...cant live with Hindus and Sikhs, next it was Ahmedis and Bengalis, and now Christians, Shias and Barelvis.
Mohammad A Dar Apr 18, 2012 10:58pm
Syed word is from base word sid, and Ya, is base word for Latin word Yes, to witness from heart and mind to truth absolute, Syed means, one on straight path. No one knows but Allah if a person is on straight path Neither can be inherited nor can be claimed by race.
observer Apr 18, 2012 11:00pm
Mr Hassan in case you did not notice , these 'enemies' of Pakistan i.e. LeJ, SSP and AWSJ are the power behind DPC and PTI. What does Ho Chi Minh say about this?
sc sharma Apr 18, 2012 11:11pm
pakistani rulers seem to have glorified violence as a means to achieve political, religious and social goals;; thus undermining faith in institutions meant to resolve differences of opinions in a democratic and civilized society.Until lthey abjure violence as a concept to resolve differences the present situation is unlikely to settle down.
Akram Apr 19, 2012 12:27am
Too much of anything is bad, and so is religion. Pakistan has become a nation of hippocrates. They do not practice what they preach. It is about time that the government of Pakistan, the military, and opposition do something quickly.
Lost Apr 19, 2012 12:38am
Hameed Gul has publically shown his support for Imran Khan. Unfortunately the so called enlightened youth of Pakistan do not realize that supporting Imran Khan is supporting Hameed Gul and hence supporting Taliban.
Vikram Apr 19, 2012 12:45am
Glad to realize that finally the "sane" in Pakistan have decided to speak up! Remains to be seen though if their wishes and hopes ever come true. How sad it is, when actually it was that their country was created in the first place to protect "all Muslims of (Undivided) India". Before he died, Jinnah ought to have been more specific as to 'which Muslims' he had in mind -- the Shias, or Ahmediyyas or Deobandis or Barelvis or whatever ... (or just the so-called "elites" as one reader has stated -- whatever that means) ?
David Apr 19, 2012 12:48am
Soviet Union had thousands of nuclear weapons. So whay?
sb Apr 19, 2012 01:11am
But the pain is all being felt by the Shias and non-Muslims my friend...
Majid Apr 19, 2012 01:32am
excellent. but how our society react against injustice. now this nonsense should stop. what present practicing religion has given us (every sect)? only death bodies, so called shaheeds? and total breakdown of culture and norms... so this is not religion of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). we should get rid of it......... no one is shia, no one is suni we are all human this is what i believe.......
Majid Apr 19, 2012 01:33am
yes true no thing will happen.....
Hrleen Apr 19, 2012 02:37am
You rightly picked on Gen Hamid Gul. He is the was the chief architect of the terror enterprise that seems to have overpowered Pakistan. I wonder how people with his thinking of 'weapons are man's ornaments' could become a General. He is foreseeing an opinion being built rapidly against extemists indulging in violence, therefore, is trying to jump the fence. Time for change has come.
shaan Apr 19, 2012 05:25am
Although sectarian killing is certainly taking place inside pakistan, which must be condemned AND stopped in every way possible, PLEASE don't compare it to the attrocities that the indian army has AND is undertaking in Kashmir. Your article simply sidelines that issue. Mind you, we are...I repeat...ARE at war at the moment. The free movement of militants from the western border is not a hidden fact. But that does not mean, the indians are any better at maintaining human rights in occupied kashmir.
NASAH (USA) Apr 19, 2012 05:45am
Hatred is like an acquired sword when you raise it against your percieved enemy you raise it against your own head as well.
Ali Hassan Ayub Apr 19, 2012 06:02am
I was born to a Shiia Muslim family. And I say NO SHIIA. NO SUNNI. We are Pakistanis FIRST. Ours is an Islamic Republic where all religious groups, sects, denominations are free to practice their belief free from discrimination. Death to the enemies of Pakistan. The sectarian groups receive support from outside, in a vain attempt to divide our country. their evil designs will not only fail, they will come back to haunt them. We will avenge the deaths of our comrades.
NASAH (USA) Apr 19, 2012 06:13am
Can I be a little more candid to the mature readers of a mature Dawn? Hindu Hatred is endemic among us Muslims -- it was endemic before partition -- became epidemic after partition -- when there are not enough Hindus or Christians to unburden one's bigotry -- in Pakistan it is channeled towards one's own: against the Shia -- against the Ahmedis -- against the Hazaras. What we Muslims need -- is to shed our senseless sense of moral and religious superiority OVER others -- a superiority - that is more imagined than real -- and is the greatest source of our perpetual frustrating anger -- because it is not matched by our dismal condition and performance on the ground.
voyager Apr 19, 2012 06:54am
Wake up people of Pakistan for the sake of your own survival. These people are not worthy enough to be called human.
Syed hussain Apr 19, 2012 07:29am
Shameful act to kill innocent people.
Pradeep Apr 19, 2012 07:54am
I couldn't agree more with you. awesome article and awesome reply. I am an Indian but I will be very happy if Pakistan becomes a prosperous, developed nation. Let us all reduce and eliminate the hatred towards each other. It is a small life, let us use and enjoy it in loving each other and living peacefully.
Shoaib Apr 19, 2012 09:01am
I was in Pakistan not too long ago. I met many Pakistanis of all walks of life, I noticed most of them have no concept that religion can be a very personal matter and two people can have two religious ideologies and they both can be right. I just think the Pakistani society for most part has not joined the 21st century thinking'
HRizvi Apr 19, 2012 09:02am
It started with the Qadianis, now it is Shia's, next barelvi's then some other sunni sect. The terrorists can never be satisfied. If all others are killed, they will kill their own brother for one reason or another. Our Sunni brothers should understand this and support all peace loving people from all religions and sects. Only then the terrorists can be beaten.
Siddhu Apr 19, 2012 09:32am
Hamid Gul is not alone responsible.It is the mindset of pakistani people which in turn comes from the education system,the horror stories of partition that pakistanis want to remember all their lives and pass it on to the next generation,the mullas who in my opinion are a curse on humanity.Hamd Gul just did what pakistanis believed in and he touched their imagination.But yes,now the whole nation of pakistan is feeling the heat.
Mumtaz.Rizvi Apr 19, 2012 01:12pm
Well said AN and i agree with you on this node that pakistan military isn't serious to deal with this sectarian monster
rinchen Apr 19, 2012 09:34am
Excellent piece!!! A killer is a killer...a murderer is a murderer, wake up before u r the target.
Abbas Apr 19, 2012 09:48am
Its all because of the American's help Chris. Had they not been helping, Pakistan would have been the safest country in the world. Alas....... when they will stop helping.....
Ahad Changezi Apr 19, 2012 09:50am
Highly appreciate your analysis as well as I highly appreciate "DAWN" for posting this article. Most our media is very silent on this subject. Usually our so called free media just focuses on one particular event and they simply ignore the fact that its been happening all over the country and for quite some time. They hardly show any historical trends and in-depth analysis covering the complete landscape. This is first the time i have come across an article trying to present the full picture.
Shabbir Apr 19, 2012 01:05pm
Very good article Mr. Murtaza haider. Really appreciate your efforts.
Sad Paki Apr 19, 2012 10:13am
None of it makes sense. "We will be bruised, injured and terrorized but we will emerge out of it as a stronger nation..." How much more bruising does it need when the whole country is on fire..?? This is the very attitude of blaming everything external that has caused "all" the grieving and suffering..
Salman Apr 19, 2012 10:13am
Pakistani can only survive as a secular state. Otherwise there are so many sects/minorities that the only other solution is to break-up Pakistan.
Gomez Apr 19, 2012 11:09am
Yes true "nothing" will happen in Pakistan
kamil Apr 19, 2012 11:18am
The writer is biased and even does not know Islam and history.First of all he must make clear what is Islam and those who are miscreants are the true enemy of Islam.Those who dont want to accept Prophet teachings and are involved in using abusive languages against family of Holy Prophet are Musilms??
Harry Apr 22, 2012 10:24pm
We are talking about real life Mr. Bhutani, not Bhuta -Preta [ Ghosts and goblins] . The situation in India and Pakistan is not similar. If it were, people like you would have moved to other countries long ago. Life of regular Muslims is becoming difficult this is the issue,
Saqube Apr 19, 2012 02:35pm
Isnt it in islam to consider humanity before anything, i beleive our Prophet (PBUH) himself protected the jewish women who hurled stones at him because of the fact that she's human first and the religion doesnt allow massacre or bloodshed of human beings. Islam preaches to preach the religion peacefully and not forcefully. it preaches to make peace rather than wage war in the name of religion on a peacefull living community. i dont know whats wrong with the rationality of the people. Sigh!
s k Apr 19, 2012 02:41pm
Very well said indeed. Someone else said it was the inability of well off muslims to share with others that caused the formation of Pakistan. In essence it was an act of selfishness on the part of a group. Such selfishness will never have an end because there is always a new "other" to remove from your midst. As a principle it applies to India as well as pakistan. We have to learn to live with others that are not like us in terms of race, religion, culture or whatever. Indeed it is India's fortune that we did not define our country on some narrow religious lines.
raj Apr 19, 2012 03:06pm
Very sad to see mindless violence, south asia seems to bear the brunt of it in recent times, when we need to think of creating equality and ensure growth for the people, this is absurd, pakistan as a state has to reflect n change course very fast
Shafi Apr 19, 2012 03:13pm
You are right. Pakistan is full of ostriches!
Muhammad Apr 19, 2012 03:33pm
bold and eye opener....great work sir.
Worried Paki Apr 22, 2012 09:48pm
very very true
Romi Apr 19, 2012 04:02pm
Doesn't matter if you consider the Muslims or not. They consider themselves true Muslims and they are ruining your country. You seem to be fixating on an irrelevant point.
Ranga Apr 19, 2012 04:31pm
Will they use this weapon against their own people?
Worried Paki Apr 19, 2012 04:34pm
Great article, atleast someone has the courage to talk about the white elephant in the room. Corruption is a big problem on which media spends day and night but THIS IS A BIGGER PROBLEM which our media ignores.
Worried Paki Apr 19, 2012 04:36pm
Because cowards always pounce on the weak
voyager Apr 19, 2012 04:50pm
Its time for Pakistani's to wake up. It is a matter of our survival now.
Muhammad Apr 19, 2012 05:03pm
Merely on the allegation of so-called abusing you cannot take away the life of any humanbeing it is totally against the principles of Islam, if you are a muslim you should know that Shirk is not allowed in Islam and it is Shirk to place some one equal to Allah
faisal Apr 19, 2012 05:30pm
kamil its people like u who start and support this kind off hate why can't u let people live how they want
swaran Apr 22, 2012 05:56pm
Murtaza Haider's article is spot on. Pity I can't remember that old saying to the effect where the silent majority chose to remain silent against the excesses of their leaders until the day comes when there are no other opponents left. That is the time for the silent majority to be devoured in its turn.
Abrar Hussain Apr 21, 2012 12:27am
Gr8 work sir....first time seen some unbiased article regarding sectarianism..
A.Bajwa Apr 19, 2012 06:05pm
Root cause is simple. An overdose of religion administered daily in mosques and madrassahs, and at home.
Naveed Lotia Apr 19, 2012 06:42pm
Kamil, it is not your business to decided who is Muslim and who is not; God will decide. Learn to be tolerant and start believing in the principal of live and let live, instead of trying to prove who knows how much and who is right and who is wrong.
Naveed Lotia Apr 19, 2012 06:50pm
Ravi, they ask for the ID card and then shoot!
pathanoo Apr 19, 2012 07:24pm
WOW!!!! Well said, John. Have said it myself several times, several different ways. But you put it in the most pithy way.
sagecaptial Apr 19, 2012 07:39pm
Peter you hit the nail on the head. It is just plain intolerance
Red Apr 19, 2012 07:45pm
Please do share the "documentary proof" of your allegations.
Karthik Apr 19, 2012 07:57pm
Dawn has to be appreciated for publishing this article without any bias irrespective of the statistics provided and opinion given in this article. I am an Indian and I am not trying to appreciate because it is bashing Pakistan terror records and making Indian problem a lesser one. There are also maoist insurgencies / attacks which is not considered here as it is comparison between 2 Kashmirs. I am sad that both Indians and Pakistanis look at problems of others with glee rather than realising that their own back yard is under fire. Thats a real shame
Nafisa Apr 19, 2012 08:02pm
Pakistan is increasingly slipping towards being a failed state. We are only behind Somalia. Crooked decisions of our dictators have lead us towards destruction. I think people need to come out on streets to protest against extremism, racial hatred and anarchy. People need to demand law and order, accountability and justice from the government. And if government fails as it has been so far then people need to make their on joint defense.
Karthik Apr 19, 2012 08:03pm
Sabrinamotors, Zia did not err in fighting against Soviet. It was expected of any Pakistan leader to act in that way but unfortuantely Pakistan has relied on fighters outside army and they are the real problems today. Afghanistan had its own share of Jihadi fighters but it was a great mistake to let them infiltrate Pakistan. Today they have infiltrated in peoples mind creating Pakistan basd Jihadis. You reap what you sow
Abbas Apr 19, 2012 08:12pm
Very true
voyager Apr 19, 2012 08:52pm
Question is this; are those who pulled the trigger from Pakistan or outside? who among the Bannu jail break were non pakistanis? the prisoners? or those who attacked? or those who provide them the information? or those who looked the other way? Are these elements created overnight? According to your last sentence the local agencies are working with AlQaeda, Indian/US agencies... so what is your position? and what is your proposed solution? if it is to bring these evil elements to justice effectively and immediately than you agree with the writer and most of the people on this board. Sincerely.
Saurabh Apr 19, 2012 09:37pm
I totally agree with you Gopal.
Rizwan Apr 19, 2012 10:16pm
Peter, you are absolutely wrong, and you are trying to comapre apples with oranges. This is purely sectarianLaw & order issue and has nothing to do with Iqbal and Jinnah.
Muntazir Apr 20, 2012 01:42am
An excellent and courageous article Mr. Haider!. I appreciate the contributions of DAWN in giving a good space to this national issue.
Ranga Apr 20, 2012 01:51am
Surprising, they live next door and watch all Bollywood movies still so much behind?
May Not Matter Apr 20, 2012 03:32am
Absolutely True
DB Apr 20, 2012 03:45am
WOW! There are people who believe that AlQaeda and Indian/US Agencies are doing all those attacks in Pakistan. Amazing!
kumar Apr 20, 2012 04:49am
Are these fanatics bigger than the God and Prophet? God and Prophet are not weak that they need protection from mere humanbeings. If some one has done wrong to God or Prophet, They can punish them if They want. Who is teaching these people,
omar Apr 20, 2012 06:25am
very true
Aditya Apr 20, 2012 07:23am
chalo bhai. Jawwad has the answer to the problem. It is India which is causing all the problems in Pakistan.
Aditya Apr 20, 2012 07:26am
lol. so, blame all the problems on Amreeka? nothing to do with Pakistan's habit of bringing in religion in every walk of life???
Sid Apr 20, 2012 08:15am
I didn't know we (Pakistanis) have a fifth province. Maybe you can elaborate on that! Killing of civilians is a crime no matter where it is occuring.
Cyrus Howell Apr 20, 2012 08:35am
Mohammad Jinnah met the original founders of the Muslim League at Cambridge University when he was a solicitor in London. Only the wealthy could send their sons to Cambridge. So it is easy to see who he had in mind. Probably he did not want to see people killed. Not sure I see a fundamentalist Muslim as a solicitor in London. I think he met the right people at Cambridge. The upper crust.
Cyrus Howell Apr 20, 2012 08:42am
That about sums things up, Peter.
Ahmed Apr 20, 2012 08:59am
Very good article, we must not forget that these terrorist can be eliminated in a couple of month, if we remove the support and backing of Pakistan army, agencies and Saudi Arab funding
Cyrus Howell Apr 20, 2012 09:09am
Very important point, zkkhan. The answer is, that will take some thinking. There are people who read the Quran, and people who have the Quran read to them.
Vikki Apr 21, 2012 01:14am
correct. On the other hand i have not seen shias and sunnis like those in Pakistan anywhere else in the world. This is all because of dictators and their supported mullas, and thats why iran and SA has courage to back up extremists in paksitan, We need a complete change in education system also, we need to teach children that religion is private matter or each individual, respect all.
Hasan Apr 20, 2012 01:06pm
I appriciate your effort, most of this is happening due to media being silent on such issue, on one hand bold issues which tear family values set out in our society are discussed and on the other voilence "chilas" or "shia hazara killing in balochistan" is sencored. I feel ashamed by reading the remarks of various readers against the existence of Pakistan. Here PEMRA should change their policy of being deaf and dum. This would increase hatred.
sagecaptial Apr 20, 2012 01:13pm
Rizwan it is not"sectarianLaw & order issue" it is the intolerant mindset first you got after the Sikhs &Hindus (who were a lot different from you) now that they are a insignificant lot you get after Muslims who are marginally different from you. It boils down to not being able to tolerate any one who is different.
Faraz Apr 20, 2012 02:37pm
excellent article
RH Apr 20, 2012 02:58pm
Ravi the massacre in Chilas and the one before in Kohistan was carried out after checking IDs Some names are very distinctive and are very rarely kept by the other sect
A K Dutta Apr 20, 2012 04:15pm
From its very birth Pakistan is a pseudo Islamic state, the character of its society is also psuedo Islamic. If Pakistan were a truly Islamic state and has a true Islamic society, the things which are happening todaty in Pakistan, would not have happened.
Mumtaz.rizvi Apr 20, 2012 04:18pm
Absolutely right
Mumtaz.rizvi Apr 20, 2012 04:36pm
Abosuletly right , the one who fails in argument always react voilently
Peter Apr 20, 2012 06:52pm
This is silly. Never in history has there been a "truly Islamic society" nor will there be one in future. Every one has their own definition of what "Truly Islamic" means. This is about defining nationhood based on inclusiveness or exclusiveness. If you want to be an exclusive nation, you will never run out of groups that you think should be excluded and hounded out.
Peter Apr 20, 2012 06:54pm
which is worse ? Being a true fundamentalist or knowing the pitfalls of fundamentalism and still endorsing fundamentalist thoughts through one's action ?
asif ali Apr 20, 2012 07:19pm
what pakistani brother??.. we have been killed by ISI agency everyday coz we are shia..why should we call our self pakistani we are not human in front of them i don't accept this country my homeland nor have any love remain for this country now .. coz this is punishment of the fact that we loved this country and supported in time of wrath and give lives for this land.. and in exchange we receive death bodies everyday. and instead of condolence we receive slap from CM raisani and wafaqi hukumat. we hazaras are bugs in front of pakistaniz..
pathanoo Apr 20, 2012 07:29pm
WOW!!!! Well said, NASAH. You have my respect.
P N Eswaran Apr 20, 2012 07:32pm
"For decades, Pakistan had pointed finger at India and accused her of failing to protect the life and property of religious minorities. Today, Pakistan stands accused of the same where Muslims belonging to minority sects and others are being murdered while the state’s machinery has failed miserably to protect their lives and property." But who believed it other than Pakistanis themselves. How many Pakistanis today believe that the minorities are persecuted in Pakistan? Living in denial is a way of Pakistani life.
khawaja Apr 20, 2012 07:51pm
Mr. kamil which sects of Muslims dont respect the family of Holy Prophet. Be bold and name that sect. As a matter of fact shias are the only sect which highly respect the family of Holy Prophet. I dont consider those even muslims who dont respect the Holy Prophet family
Kyle S Lall Apr 20, 2012 08:34pm
You have completely forgotten the Gujarat massacre and the high-handedness of Indian authorities in Jammu and Kashmir, haven't you? It seems the radical Hindus target defenceless Muslims all the time. "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."
AT Apr 20, 2012 11:41pm
Peter I agree with you.
Aamir Apr 20, 2012 10:23pm
Fine, don't ask for US aid, US weapons, US help in earthquakes, floods and wars started by GHQ.
Rzza Apr 21, 2012 01:44am
Very nice article.....Quaid-E-Azam once said " it will take them a 100 years to become a nation" But he did not mention how long it will take them to become humans.....
Ali Apr 21, 2012 01:54am
Really nice article Mr Haider ....
Faraz Apr 21, 2012 02:08am
Cant agree more with you!
Balwant Apr 21, 2012 04:26am
A very admirable and perceptive article. Mr Haider I hope is not risking his life. Pakistan was created as a separate home for the Muslims and those of the minority religions believed they will be able to live peacefully with their Muslim compatriots as during the long Muslim rule. But there was ethnic cleansing and the state was officially changed into an Islamic Republic. When you divide the same nation in the name of religion fundamentalism is inevitable and it becomes a duty to enforce only the true form of the religion of the believers in power and get rid of the dissidents.
Sheetal Apr 21, 2012 04:33am
You cant see India through prism of Gujarat riots only and also J&K is one of over 2 dozen states of India.India is fighting a proxy war so there will be collateral damage. These are exceptions. You cant pick 3-4 days out of a country's history to judge it. You have to go what happens most of times with most of people. Sectarian violence in Pakistan is chronic problem and trouble is increasing with the day.. on the other side there had been no riots in India in the past 10 the population and number of killings happened in the last 10 yrs or even 20 yrs... do some maths and enlighten us..
hasan Apr 21, 2012 05:38am
Syed in arabic means leader, more specifically used for progeny of Prophet Muhammad PBUH&F throgh his daughter Hazrat Fatima a.s.
Yawar Apr 21, 2012 06:01am
Mr. Kamil, it is exactly your mentality that is at the root of sectarian violence in Pakistan. What gives you the right to judge who is a miscreant or not? If we all left it to Allah to judge there would be peace and, as a result, progress in Pakistan. In the early 1960s Pakistan and South Korea were identified as two countries that would be at par with Japan at the turn of the century. See where South Korea is today and where we are.
Harry Apr 21, 2012 06:03am
Pakistan is reaping the fruits of it's bad KARMA. Prior to patition non-Muslim population of present day Pakistan was 30%, with majority or near majority in Karanchi and Lahore. Today one has to send search party to fing a Hindu or a Sikh in Pakistan. Pakistan ethnically cleansed itself of Hindus and sikhs with tacit approval or Nehru and his daughter.
Yawar Apr 21, 2012 06:08am
Excellent article. Your next article should be on the weaponization of of the population of Pakistan. This, I beleive is a much bigger threat to Pakistan's existence than corruption that everyone and his brother in the media is focused on.
Nick Apr 21, 2012 08:13am
I think you are forgetting some the basic facts about India. I suppose, you can not looks at information objectively any way. Well I'll try to see if you can read and interprete the following. India has large muslim population than Pakistan. They have full freedom to choose and do whatever they wish with their lives. There are quotas set aside from them from getting a ration card to getting seats at the national level politics. There are even given moneys to go pilgrimages. It doesn't stop there... People convicted of crime against muslims are given appropriate punishments... I dare you to produce same record for Pakistan. You are right about your comment on living in the glass houses... That is correct. Stop exporting your dirty tricks and things will improve for all Pakistanis....
Naeem Apr 21, 2012 08:43am
Please do not avenge. It has to stop somewhere. Take an example from the Ahmedi Muslims. They were wronged, declared non muslims, killed,properties destroyed and yet they leave it all to Allah and pray to Allah to give these hate mongers wisdom. Revenege does not solve any problems. Prayers do . Let sus all pray for a peaceful Pakistan
Sidda saada banda Apr 21, 2012 08:47am
" approximately 150 civilians, mostly Shias, have died in sectarian violence in Pakistan. In comparison only 23 violent deaths were recorded in the Indian controlled Kashmir in 2012 " . Were those 23 violent deaths in Indian controlled Kashmir all civilians or writer avioded givng the numbers of security personale also killed by militants ??????
Naeem Apr 21, 2012 08:53am
First they went after the Bengalis, and no body cared because it did not affect them, then they went after the Ahmedis and no one cared because it did not affect them, then they went after Shias and the Hazaras and still no one cared, next will be Barelvis , then ......................... and then the world will not care!!! Wake up people of Pakistan!!!
danny Apr 21, 2012 08:53am
well sir, everyone lives in glass houses. let us all keep our own house in order.
J.H. Stanley Apr 21, 2012 09:10am
coorection, change backet to basket
Zeeshan Apr 21, 2012 09:34am
Read comments left by Indians on Pakistani newspapers and you know about hatred for Muslims are endemic/an epidemic among Indians.
J.H. Stanley Apr 21, 2012 09:38am
Very well said.
Zeeshan Apr 21, 2012 09:47am
Oh really? Is that why you have ethnic, caste, and religious ghettos throughout India where communal riots and caste violence are de rigueur? Just last week, Hyderabad (Deccan) was facing its own communal riot. Were Iqbal and the Muslim League the inspirations behind that too? So, Iqbal and the Muslim League did actually predict the condition of the Secular Republic of India 80 years ago? I say they must had amazing minds, kudos to Cambridge and our "elites".
Tara Apr 21, 2012 10:47am
Great analysis of the present situation in Pakistan. My congratulations. Please send a copy of the last paragraph to the ISI and Saeed.
Shirvan Apr 21, 2012 11:11am
Pakistan's involvement in US proxy war in Afghanistan was quite unwanted. Most of problems Pakistan faces today are a result of that misadventure. When the Soviets left, the Americans abandoned the region and Pakistan was left with three million Afghan refugees who would not go back. They took jobs which rightfully should have gone to Pakistani people. A flourishing gun culture, drug addiction, gun running, lawlessness, terrorism, religious extremism that you find in Pakistan are all thanks to Zia. Gul who is a pompous idiot thinks he scored a homer by creating Taliban. If Pakistan thinks they will get a client state in Afghanistan when the NATO leaves, they have a think coming. India and Iran will never allow that. Unfortunately, throughout its history, Pakistan has been ruled by vane generals who have destroyed democracy. The only beacon of light was ZAB whose life was snuffed out when the country need his brilliance most.
Zaeem Apr 21, 2012 11:41am
certainly true
Lord Apr 21, 2012 11:44am
Well said seems i am hearing a school lesson:)
S.Lal Apr 21, 2012 05:47pm
Still, a small time-window is there for Pakistan to see through the saying: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
S.Lal Apr 21, 2012 05:56pm
Why do people like you want to kill everybody who does not follow Holy Prophet?
S.Lal Apr 21, 2012 06:02pm
For Madarsa educated followers of Gen. Zia-Ul-Haq and Hamid Gul, it is impossible to understand 'Secular state'.
Mustafa Apr 21, 2012 08:08pm
You said "Pakistan is being the battle ground of ‘uninvited’ international war on terrorism for the last ten years.". A question to you is "was terrorism first or war on terrorism first?". I guess you prefer terrorism but not war on terrorism. This shows what you are.
Dr V. C. Bhutani Apr 22, 2012 03:18pm
"I agree with much of what the author has written in this paper. If you substitute Indian names for Pakistani names the description would equally suit the Indian situation to an amazing degree. What I do not see in this analysis is a look at the causes that produce terror within Pakistan. Among the causes is, to my mind, the free rein that has been allowed to so-called religious teachers who swear by what they consider to be the correct interpretation of Islam and Quran. It is this kind of teaching handed down from the mosque pulpits every week that is responsible for the attitude of jihad in the country, which expresses itself both within the country and outside the country. No amount of legislation and law enforcement machinery will suffice to meet the situation if such weekly sermons continue to pour forth throughout the country, as if that were the basic message handed down by Allah through the prophet Muhammad. That kind of teaching needs to cease. Besides, the entire system of madrassah education needs to make way for a modern education system that will encourage the growth of a scientific attitude and rational approach to matters relating to society and economy." I find that Dr Murtaza Haider is saying things which I would have been saying if I had written on the subject. I couldn’t agree with him more. It is important that Pakistan’s madrassahs, seminaries, and extremist outfits stop churning out their alumni who go forth to replenish and ranks of so-called extremists working for the glory of Islam by engaging in jihad – both inside Pakistan and outside. I entirely agree with the author when he says, “If the sectarian and factional violence, which no longer targets only the Shias and other minorities, continues in Pakistan, it is likely that the state and the society will implode.” I hope someone arises in Pakistan to stem the tide while there is still time. V. C. Bhutani, Delhi, India, 22 Apr 2012, 1547 IST
Abhishek Sharma Apr 21, 2012 09:18pm
No pun intended. But what I read from the comments here, I see educated Pakistan is nowhere near the terrorism epicenter hackneyed Pakistan is. On the other side, I find real vile comments on Indian news websites. I don't know if it is a signal or a symbol.
sagecaptial Apr 22, 2012 06:39am
We all have our SPOTS and we will pay for them
Saf Apr 22, 2012 09:03am
I hadn't read Dawn for quite some time. I returned, in a way to pay my respects, after hearing the news of your colleague's, Murtaza Razvi's, tragic murder. It was great to read this refreshing and honest piece Mr. Haider. It's been a depressing period, with the Gilgit-Baltistan and Hazara massacres, the NLI being buried in snow, and now the Bhoja airlines crash.
Maleeka Mehmood Apr 22, 2012 01:19pm
Good article by Mr Haider. IN UNITY lies STRENGTH and so we need to forget the differences that have long caused enmity amongst us and paved the way towards our own self-destruction. We need to accept diversity as an integral part of our day to day lives so as to bridge the gap between our multi-faceted society.
Faryal Apr 23, 2012 12:51pm
I salute You Murtaza for being so outspoken on this issue. I am providing here an unbiased comments of Mr. ShivChandra Dev a Hindu scholar, which I find as an eyeopener to all readers. Massacre of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.(By : Professor ShivChandra Dev.) Recent cases of sectarian targeted killings in Pakistan force me to think why is it happening that Muslims are killing each other in the name of Islam and what are the factors behind this thought which allow someone for this kind of butchery. I realized that I must study the history of Islam as what had happened in past and what are the root causes. I go through & read so much literature over origination of Islam, Prophet Muhammad's teachings, teachings of Quran but didn't find a single case of such violence or hatred. There are many differences among these two major sects due to some historical events mentioned in all Shia Sunni authenticated history books.
Mustafa Apr 24, 2012 09:37pm
Dear Mubasher Hassan, this is the second time you have used the words "'uninvited' international war on terrorism". If you are against terrorists and terrorism, you will appreciate the war on terror and not call it uninvited or forced on Pakistan by America or international communities. But if you are pro-terrorism and support terrorists, then it is OK to call it "uninvited war on terrorism".
Thomas Apr 30, 2012 01:33am
Why are people being killed today in an argument about something that happened thousands of years ago? I bet no matter which religion- Sunni or Shia condones the taking of a life.
faryal Apr 23, 2012 06:02pm
Continued ---4 This causes a conflict among Shias and Sunni extremist group. There are many fatwas from such Sunni extremist groups where they declared Shia as Kafirs and encourage their local followers to eliminate Shias as soon as possible. These Fatwas are condemned by true Sunni scholars and also is not popular among huge Majority of Sunni people world wide. On the other side Shias which are in minority in Pakistan are not stop condemning Yazeed Ibne Muawia Ibne Abu Sufyan and considered him, his ancestors & his followers the worse enemy of Islam. One can easily conclude that battle is between the group of people who love Yazeed Ibne Muawiya Ibne AbuSufyan with those who hate and condemn Yazeed Ibne Muawiya Ibne Abusufyan and his followers. Today History is repeating itself when the followers of Yazeed Ibne Muawiya wants massacre of the followers of Hussain Ibne Prophet Muhammad.