LAHORE, Oct 20: Speakers paid rich tributes to former Punjab chief minister Ghulam Haider Wyne at a meeting held to observe his 11th death anniversary here on Wednesday.

The meeting was held by the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Foundation and Pakistan Movement Workers Trust at their Wyne auditorium with Dr Javid iqbal in the chair.

In his presidential speech, Dr Javid Iqbal said that Ghulam Haider Wyne would be remembered for various educational, social, cultural and political institutions he had set up.

"He was the Shah Jahan of Muslim League for building these institutions like the Moghul emperor who had built Taj Mahal and various other buildings and gardens."

He said Wyne was a person who had put into practice what he said and promised to do. He had taken initiative in setting up the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Foundation and the Pakistan Movement Workers Trust and built the present auditorium for this purpose.

Dr Javid said the people who build institutions never died and so was the Ghulam Haider Wyne.

Foundation Chairman Majid Nizami said Wyne had risen to the high office of the Punjab chief minister from an ordinary Muslim League worker. He had attained this position by dint of sheer hard work and honesty and from that province where the rulers had been feudal lords and capitalists. He said Wyne was a man of principles. He foiled the attempt of the then prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif to give the powers of divisional police chief to the commissioner of Gujranwala Division as he rightly argued that there could not be two systems in one province while other commissioners would not have such powers.

He said Wyne had worked for the welfare of the common man and the poor. He said he was not accompanied by special police guards reserved for the chief minister when he was shot dead.

Provincial minister and PML leader Arshad Lodhi said Wyne had a clean and spotless record who had risen from an ordinary political worker to the opposition leader in the National Assembly and later the chief minister. He said Wyne always worked for the welfare of political workers and wanted to redress their grievances. He regretted that the nation had not followed the principles of the Quaid-i-Azam and the objectives for which he had established Pakistan could not be achieved.

"We are trying to achieve the Quaid's objectives as the Muslim League is now in safe and strong hands," he added.

Begum Majid Wyne criticized the government for its failure to punish the killers of her husband and said that it was strange that they had neither been arrested nor punished during the past 11 years by the successive governments. She demanded that justice be done to her and remarked "there is neither law nor justice for the people in this country."

Dr Rafiq Ahmad said Wyne was an ardent advocate of the Nazaria-i-Pakistan and had built the present building to promote the ideology. He said Wyne had decided to build a complex at Johar Town for the foundation. He urged the government to complete the project. He said Islamia College on Railway Road, Lahore had been the centre of the Pakistan movement and the government should pay due attention to develop it.

Dr Rafiq said qualified teachers possessing adequate knowledge about the Pakistan movement should be appointed in educational institutions to teach the students of Nazaria-i-Pakistan.

PML-N leader Javid Lateef said unity in the ranks of the people was the need of the hour. He criticized the ruling Muslim League for passing the President's dual offices bill and said that it was unconstitutional and undemocratic.

Other speakers included former federal minister Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor, Chief Minister's adviser Ch Akhtar Rasool, Begum Maimuna Shaheen and Zafarullah Bajwa.



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