Published January 22, 2022

Friends brighten our lives

This is with reference to the article “Friends brighten our lives” by Zayna Rahman (YW, December 18). The writer rightly said that studies, school or job, all eventually come to their final stage, but relationships don’t.

Friends are an important part of our life. As humans, we all need a person to share our feelings with. And that person is usually our best friend.

To keep this very important relationship alive, we should give our friends due attention and show them respect.

Aijaz Ahmed,

Seek your passion

This is regarding the article “Seek your passion” by Laraib Faisal (YW, December 25). I found the article very relatable.

I agree that many people are moving aimlessly, without knowing their destination. They have stopped discovering what their heart craves for and often follow the instructions of the people around them. Those who are successful find their happiness. We can also try to do things which bring happiness to us.

Overall, that issue of YW was very nice.

Salma Muhammad,


This is with reference to the article “Seek your passion” by Laraib Faisal (YW, December 25). The article highlighted the significance of our passions in our life.

We should not follow others’ choices, instead look towards our own and see what we really want in life. Following our passion gives us happiness as well as peace of mind.

Hamza Khan,

The broken string

This is with reference to the story “The broken string” by Amina Amjad (YW, December 18). The story was amazing because its focus was on family.

While reading this story, I realised the importance of the family in one’s life. Without family, a person is absolutely nothing as the writer correctly gave the example of Ali when he was alone in the dilapidated city. We only realise the value of people in our lives when we lose them.

Sohan Qureishi,

Reviving the Quaid’s vision

This is with the reference to the cover story “Reviving the Quaid’s vision” by Yasmin EIahi (YW, December 25). I liked reading this article. The writer highlighted quotes of Quaid-i-Azam for students and it revived my love for my country. I have vowed to be disciplined, study wholeheartedly and to serve my country to make it a better place to live not just for us but for the coming generations.

Eshaal Fatima,

Published in Dawn, Young World, January 22th, 2022



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