Along, long time ago, there was a land known as Fairyland. There were different magical creatures over there, such as fairies, goblins, elves, unicorns, mermaids and Pegasus. I accidentally fell into that enchanted land. There I saw trees made of cotton candy, fields of popcorn and houses made of cake.

I bumped into a fairy who stared at me and then said, “Oh no! There’s a human in our world! I better tell the king and queen about you!”

Saying this, she flew away. I got worried, so I ran and ran and didn’t stop until I was too thirsty to run anymore. Fortunately, I saw a river.

As I went near it, I saw that it was a river made of chocolate milk! I drank some of it.

Soon, my heart started to pound because I heard voices nearby. Someone was saying, “We better find that human before she tells anyone else in her world about our existence.”

I found a bush which was made out of chocolate donuts with sprinkles. The hole in it allowed me to peek through and see them. An hour had hardly passed since I had arrived in Fairyland, but it felt like forever. I didn’t know the first thing about this place, so I was lost.

Suddenly, I saw a beautiful white unicorn with a rainbow mane. I was terrified, but I thought it might be friendly so I told it that I was lost and couldn’t find my way back into the human world. It told me that all the creatures were looking for me.

“It is not very common for a human to enter our world,” it added. “Hop on my back and I would take you home,” it offered.

We flew over the gingerbread bridge, the strawberry milk stream and the chocolate mountains. Suddenly it started snowing – but it was snowing vanilla ice cream! I stuck my tongue out to lick the ice cream. It was delicious and a good treat as I was starving.

Finally, we reached a large brick wall with a portal.

The unicorn said, “Goodbye. Promise not to tell anyone about Fairyland because we don’t want outsiders, especially humans, coming in and spoiling our peace.”

“I promise!” I assured it. As I started to move towards the wall to go through the portal, I saw an army of goblins, elves, fairies and other creatures coming. But they were too late. I was already in my bedroom safe and sound.

I didn’t tell anyone about my visit to the Fairyland, but I will always remember the adventure I had when I got lost in Fairyland.

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 27th, 2021



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