Lahore doctor in her 20s treating Covid-19 patients passes away from virus

Published May 29, 2020
Dr Sana Fatima. — Photo courtesy Kinza Malik
Dr Sana Fatima. — Photo courtesy Kinza Malik

A female doctor in her 20s died at a private hospital in Lahore after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, the Punjab health department confirmed on Friday.

According to the health department, Dr Sana Fatima was treating Covid-19 patients at Fatima Memorial Hospital.

She was admitted to Doctors Hospital and Medical Centre on May 20 after testing positive for the virus and developing symptoms of its related disease — Covid-19. She died early morning today after her condition deteriorated, the department said.

Fatima was also a resident at Chughtai Lab, Lahore, and leaves behind a husband and a daughter.

Speaking to, Punjab health secretary Nabeel Awan expressed his condolences over the passing.

"The government is providing doctors with all the facilities. Doctors all over the world who are fighting the virus on the frontlines are dying. The situation in Pakistan is no different," he said.

Earlier this month, another doctor – a recent graduate from the Quaid-i-Azam Medical College in Bahawalpur – had died from the virus in Rawalpindi just days before she could begin her professional career with a house job.

Punjab has reported 29 deaths today, its highest single-day death toll so far, the health department said, adding that a majority of the cases were being reported in the provincial capital, Lahore. The province has reported a total of 22,964 cases since the virus first emerged in Pakistan on February 26.

Virus has claimed lives of 17 healthcare workers

Data from the health ministry — dated May 28 — shows that 17 medical professionals have died of Covid-19 in Pakistan out of a total 1,904 who tested positive; this figure included 299 nurses, 570 others healthcare staff and 1,035 doctors.

Of these, 1,037 were self-isolating and 171 were hospitalised; 167 were in stable condition while four were on ventilators. Further, 679 had recovered from the virus or were discharged from the hospital.

Sindh has reported the deaths of eight healthcare workers, the highest among provinces, with a total of 538 cases among medics.

On the other hand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 552 cases among healthcare workers, the highest out of all the provinces, which include 249 doctors, 97 nurses and 205 other health workers.

Of the 1,904 doctors who tested positive for the virus in the country, 368 were performing duties in critical care wards while the remaining 1,536 were performing duties elsewhere.



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