Website review: Be water wise!

28 Mar 2020


With each passing day, the importance of water in our lives becomes more and more vital. Recently, the World Water Day was celebrated in order to highlight the significance it holds for the whole world’s survival.

And as responsible citizens, I hope our young readers will take this matter seriously too. The site in view today is which is also about the importance of water as it shows the use of water in a single day by an average adult person in animation.

The site Every last drop is wonderfully created; you just have to scroll down the page slowly; the animation shows and tells you the facts. It starts with the night and the scene changes from night to morning as you scroll down, with a small description about water consumption which appears anywhere in the screen, in accordance with the scene.

We consider water that is spilled or runs from the tap is what we must be careful about. We are wrong. As water is used in almost all the things that we use from morning till night, for example, a single cup of coffee/tea, the clothes and shoes we wear, the items we carry, like bag, bottles, etc., all these things have a whole process behind them.

A large amount of water is used in their manufacturing and you have no idea how much. So the animation on the site tells you this. I was literally shocked to find that a single cup of coffee takes 130 litres of water, which means from growing coffee beans to processing, and then finally reaching our houses, either in grounded or powder form.

Imagine kids, there are hundreds of things that we don’t even pay attention to in our daily life. All of them had used enormous quantity of water in processing or making them. It is our utmost duty to be very careful in using the resources and not wasting anything until it is literally of no use.

The small changes that we make today can bring a big positive difference tomorrow. Use the resources we have carefully. For more details, visit:

Published in Dawn, Young World, March 28th, 2020