Ali, Babar, Khalid, Yousaf and Imran were five friends. They were in the same class and they always sat together. They were friends since a long time and they loved to go to each other’s houses and attend parties.

“Yeah! Our spring vacation is starting from tomorrow!” Ali excitedly shouted. “Let’s plan a party tomorrow.”

One of his friends, Babar, suggested, “Yes. That’ll be great!”

Khalid, another friend, agreed with what Babar suggested. After some discussion between the five friends, it was decided that everyone would come to Imran’s house to celebrate a party the next day. The party was to start at 2:00pm and go on till 8pm.

When the school got over, they went excitedly to their homes and started the preparations for the party. The rest of the day was spent in the preparations. Slowly, the next day approached. It was the party day!

Everyone reached Imran’s house by 2:15pm, with surprise gifts. At first they sat on the sofas and gossiped. Then, at 2:45, they planned to play football in the ground as it was a bit cloudy. They enjoyed a lot and played till 4:00pm. After that they were a bit tired so they played chess and relaxed.

While playing, they took refreshments like juice and brownies. After two hours of playing chess, they decided to play hide- and-seek in the house. They played and played and a time came when Imran had to find rest of the friends. Babar and Ali found a place to hide, but Yousaf and Khalid couldn’t.

Then, at last, Khalid also found a hiding place and to help Yousaf in hiding, Khalid suggested Yousaf to hide in the cupboard and Yousaf taking his suggestion, hid in the cupboard. Imran found everyone else but he forgot to find Yousaf. They continued playing without realising the absence of Yousaf. When it was night, everyone sat on the table for the exciting feast without remembering Yousaf. When it was about to start, Imran realised that Yousaf was missing.

He was puzzled and he asked everyone about him. Khalid remembered that he had hid Yousaf in the cupboard!

Everyone immediately ran to the cupboard and when they opened the cupboard, Yousaf fell on their feet! He had fainted! Everyone became tensed and he was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. After some treatment, Khalid opened his eyes and he was out of danger.

Everyone relaxed and thanked Allah that he was now out of danger. They promised that they would never make this type of mistake again and would be careful while playing.

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 13th, 2018