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Pompom chick

April 15, 2017


Most of you have stuff/plush toys at home, but making one definitely means a lot, not only to you but to your younger siblings too! Today we are making a cute little chick out of yarn pompoms.

Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer

Things you need:

  1. Yellow wool or yarn

  2. Orange pipe cleaner (one); (if you don’t have it you can use small sticks of two inches in length.

  3. Glue tube.

  4. Two googly eyes, (you can also use small-sized buttons)

  5. Scissors

Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer


  1. First, cut six inches of yarn or wool and place it between your index and middle finger, as shown in picture 2.

  2. Take the remaining yarn and start rolling on your three fingers, as in picture 3.

  3. When the yarn roll becomes thick in size (which usually comes after 35-40 times of rolling) as in picture 4, cut the thread. Now lift the string from between your fingers upwards and tie a lose knot, as in picture 5.

  4. Take the roll of yarn carefully out from your fingers and tie a tight knot twice, as in picture 6.

  5. Holding from the centre of the yarn roll, cut all the loops, as in picture 7.

  6. Keep trimming the threads until the proper shape of the pompom emerges, see picture 8.

  7. Repeat step 1 till step 6 to make another pompom. Make a larger pompom for the body and a smaller one for the head. Remember: the more you roll the yarn on your fingers, the thicker and bigger the pompom will be.

  8. Cut two pieces of the pipe cleaner, about two inches in length and fold them from one side creating a ‘L’ shape, as in picture 9.

  9. Fold it again so that it can stand, picture 10.

  10. Cut about one centimetre from the pipe cleaner and then turn it to create a ‘v’ shape — it will be the beak, picture 11.

  11. Now we have two pompoms, one beak and two legs ready, picture 12.

  12. Take the bigger pompom and paste glue in the centre then put the smaller pompom on it. Press until it sticks, picture 13, 14.

  13. Put a dot of glue in the centre of the smaller pompom face and paste the ‘v’ shape beak and press until it sticks, picture 15.

  14. Paste the eyes on both sides of the face (keeping them aligned); then paste the legs behind the chick’s body, pictures 16 and 17.

Our cute little pompom chick is ready!

Published in Dawn, Young World April 15th, 2017