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Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa said on Monday that Pakistan and Afghanistan will fight their "common enemy" of terrorism together, a statement issued by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said.

Chairing a high-level security meeting at the General Headquarters (GHQ), he said enhanced security measures taken along the Pak-Afghan border are to fight the common enemy, which include "terrorists of all hues and colour".

The army chief issued directions for more effective coordination between Pakistani and Afghan officials to curb cross-border movement of terrorists.

Gen Bajwa "also welcomed proposals from Afghan authorities to take forward the mutual coordination for result oriented efforts against terrorism".

Following a spate of terror attacks in which more than 100 people have been killed, Pakistan had sealed its border with Afghanistan. Authorities later issued shoot-at-sight orders for those found trying to cross over.

The Pakistan Army on Friday night said it targeted militant hideouts close to the Pak-Afghan border. The army reportedly targeted a training camp of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar — the banned terror outfit which claimed responsibility for the Feb 13 suicide bombing in Lahore and the Feb 15 suicide attack on the headquarters of Mohmand Agency's political administration.

Earlier that day, the army had asked Kabul to take action against 76 Pakistani terrorists operating from Afghan territory or hand them over to Pakistan so that they could be tried for their involvement in terror-related activities.

After the Lahore attack, the Foreign Office had summoned the Afghan deputy head of mission and asked Kabul to address Pakistan’s concerns about terrorist sanctuaries there.

Resurgence in terror attacks

Pakistan has been hit by a series of terrorist attacks since Jamaat-ul-Ahrar announced its ‘Operation Ghazi’. The Afghanistan-based JuA had, in the announcement, also hinted at unification of Tehreek-i-Talbian Pakistan (TTP) splinter groups.

It should be recalled that TTP chief Mullah Fazlullah is based in Afghanistan and Pakistani pleadings for his arrest and handover have remained unanswered.

A wave of terrorism swept the country last week, hitting a high on Thursday when a suicide attacker set off explosives at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, leaving at least 76 devotees dead and over 250 injured.

Earlier on the same day, an explosive device had targeted an army convoy in the Awaran area of Balochistan, killing three soldiers.

On Feb 15, a suicide bomber had struck in Mohmand, killing three personnel of the Khasadar force and five civilians. The attack was claimed by the proscribed JuA.

The same day, a suicide bomber rammed his motorcycle into a vehicle carrying judges in Peshawar's Hayatabad Phase 5 area, killing the driver and injuring its four other occupants. The attack was claimed by the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan.

On Feb 13, a suicide bomber had struck a protest on Lahore's Charing Cross interchange, killing 13 and injuring 85. The attack had happened right outside the gates of Punjab's Provincial Assembly. The attack was claimed by JuA.

On the same day, two personnel of Balochistan's bomb disposal squad were killed as they attempted to defuse an explosive device pla

Comments (87) Closed

Alba Feb 20, 2017 02:59pm

He believes the Afghans because he wants to believe. They barely have an army. It's not going to work.

SDA Feb 20, 2017 03:00pm

Good start

Houlbelat Feb 20, 2017 02:59pm

Stop the financing source of the terrorists which is drug production and smuggling, make opium cultivation and handling severely punishable and plug the export through all means. The terror in Afghanistan will die its own natural death.

Khan Feb 20, 2017 03:09pm

Good Luck Gen. sahib !

Aslum shaikh Feb 20, 2017 03:09pm

This is right tone of speaking with other country

Himmat Feb 20, 2017 03:07pm

Good luck.

IMran Feb 20, 2017 03:12pm

I respect his desire but the fact is that Afghanistan is playing in the hands of India and a main cause of terrorism in our country.

ali Feb 20, 2017 03:11pm

Mr.Respectable General Who is "common enemy" of perception both counties.

Kashif Feb 20, 2017 03:13pm

Be careful pak-army.

salman Feb 20, 2017 03:15pm

Smart choice of words. Though its quite evident that Pakistan will go after militants inside Afghanistan as well therefore the word 'together' for diplomatic consumption.

M. Emad Feb 20, 2017 03:18pm

Pakistan, Afghanistan will fight terrorism 'together' --- if aim- intention of both the countries same.

The end is near Feb 20, 2017 03:16pm

Keep the borders closed and develop a new strategy to eliminate terrorism and extremism. Afghani Government will neither help you nor work together. They are India's Close friend and they are working together to destabilise Pakistan. Pakistan will have to fight ist war alone.

Skkk Feb 20, 2017 03:20pm

Very intelligent of our Army Chief.

Logic Feb 20, 2017 03:21pm

Thats a saner statement

ADNAN MAZHER khan Feb 20, 2017 03:26pm

Once our aim, objectives and national priorities are different, how can we fight for a common purpose.

Hassan (Karachi) Feb 20, 2017 03:30pm

@Houlbelat You are forgetting extortion and kidnapping. You will need Police to actually do its job.

Muhammad Saleem Feb 20, 2017 03:37pm

Afghanistan is not an independent country; it has an extremely corrupt government which is playing into the hands of Indian government. India is corrupting Afghanistan by the day. Coalition forces in Afghanistan can fix the problem should they accept some of the Afghan demands. These forces are clear about their objectives and they are achievable only with Afghans involved which include their Taliban as well. If any other outsider matters, it’s mainly Pakistan and to some extent China & Russia. Involving India will be counterproductive, as it tends work at a cross purpose Vs Pakistan. India has a tendency to bring in the Indo-Pak issues in Afghan wrangling.

Wow Feb 20, 2017 03:42pm

Now, Pakistan in the right direction. Instead of Pakistan blaming Afghanistan, and Afghanistan blaming Pakistan, both deciding to join hands and fight together all terrorists, both good and bad, is a welcome move. Toghether, if they take the help of Russia, Iran, China and USA also in their mission, even ISIS will hesitate to enter these countries.

Skkk Feb 20, 2017 03:45pm

Blame game only strengthens the terrorists. Great to hear this from our chief. I am happy.

@ Feb 20, 2017 03:46pm

India is funding terror in the region.

Wow Feb 20, 2017 03:46pm

Better late than never. At least now, Pakistan has realised that there is no use in blamegame. If you are sincere to Afghanistan, they will also be sincere to you. Terrorism can be tackled only by mutual cooperation.

vineet Feb 20, 2017 03:47pm

So US has intervened.

Faisal Feb 20, 2017 03:47pm

Gen Sb the easiest was is to send each and every Afghan national back to Afghanistan and you will see a peaceful Pakistan. Also those who have somehow taken fake CNICs are to be sent back again. Enough of this brotherhood claims with Afghanis. Till they remain in Pakistan there will be no peace and innocent lives will be lost.

Zabardasst Feb 20, 2017 03:50pm

As simple as that!

MAVERICK Feb 20, 2017 03:55pm

One of the main reason for the growth of terrorism in this region is the explosive increase in population and dearth of employment. The two pronged strategy should be to curb population increase and proper deployment of the people.

SAEED MASOOD Feb 20, 2017 04:03pm

Afghanistan will neither do anything nor they have the capability to do any action, Pakistan will have to do everything by itself to secure the boarders and the country. The Afghanistan government is only sitting in Kabul with zero writ...Mr. Ashraf Ghani is simply with no powers. What are NATO forces doing with their eyes closed. If Pakistan will strike the terrorist in Afghanistan it will be a clear message to India also that we are very serious.

EN Feb 20, 2017 04:03pm

@Muhammad Saleem : what a joke.

Ordinary_Citizen Feb 20, 2017 04:13pm

Back to square one ;-/

Manoj mumbai Feb 20, 2017 04:19pm

Pakistan, Afghanistan will fight terrorism "together". This will hardly help. The need of the hour and the real challenge is whether Pakistan and India will ever agree to fight terrorism together.

wise Feb 20, 2017 04:22pm

Finally! These are encouraging deployments. If governments work together militancy will become history. If the forces work together terrorist can never succeed. Wish you success!

Haroon Rashid Khan Feb 20, 2017 04:26pm

US/NATO/Afghan forces target at will in Afghanistan but still let the enemies of Pakistan go unnoticed. Afgans agree that 40% of it's soil is not under their control, so it can be used as a sanctuary for terrorists. Even if Pakistan hands over to Afghanistan all the afghans that remained in Pakistan after soviet invasion, what are guarantees that support to Pakistan's enemies will not be cut off.

Ashok Saigal Feb 20, 2017 04:34pm

@ADNAN MAZHER khan If you accept that there is a "common enemy", why do you believe the priorities of the two countries are different? Surely both sides want an end to terrorists and terrorism,

Javed Arshad Feb 20, 2017 04:33pm

A word of caution! Don't put your boots on the foreign territory. You may be dragged in to that conflict to inflict final blow , like soviets were dragged in to that battlefield. Each side must do its job sincerely without showing any sympathy for any group.

Ashok Saigal Feb 20, 2017 04:37pm

General Bajwa appears to express a desire to eliminate all kinds of terrorists, and to seek co-operation of all neighbours in doing so. While there would be suspicions on both sides, this positive attitude needs to be explored and developed. While there would be sufficient due caution and so slow speed to ensure that nobody takes undue advantage of the other in the process, one hopes this could lead to a breakthrough in regional peace and friendships.

Vijay Reddy Rajput Feb 20, 2017 04:42pm

If Pakistan and India could do the same on the Indo-Pak border, the two nations will achieve a lot and come closer to sorting out all their other differences, all to the benefit of the citizens of these two great countries.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Feb 20, 2017 04:42pm

You round up all the afghans in Pakistan and you speak of mutual cooperation with Afghanistan? who will believe this?

my Comments Feb 20, 2017 04:46pm

After loss of so many lives over past two decades, Pakistan has no choice but to take firm actions against terrorist killers. Beside the loss of lives, this such enemy terrorists have succeeded in stagnating economic progress of the country. A firm resolve is needed to stop the terrorism activities once for all.

RAVEENDRA NATH Feb 20, 2017 04:45pm

All the countries in the region, namely Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and India should unite in destroying the menace of terrorism. However, the question is whether these warring countries would ever unit, all having their own agenda.

sukhera Feb 20, 2017 04:55pm

Let us test the co-operation between the Afghan and the Pakistan army. We know the exact location 0f Taliban terrorist group, let us plan a joint operation to arrest or eliminate them. The surprise joint operation has to be a well coordinated operation other wise they will move out. It should involve helicopter gunships, army units from both countries and tanks if we are really serious about combatting terrorism. Its time to take action.

hayder Feb 20, 2017 05:10pm

Afghanistan was not bothered by Pakistan though talking Pakistan is backing down , Afghanistan will not take any action until action is not taken against good taliban. the closer of border will damage Pakistan dwindling export

Faizi Feb 20, 2017 05:14pm

Great. That's how it should have been. Better late than never.

gary Feb 20, 2017 05:22pm

This change of heart is no change. Pakistan is forced to take action, once the pressure if off, Pakistan will go back to its old habits.

Iftikhar Husain Feb 20, 2017 05:51pm

Pakistan can train the Afghan army to fight the terrorists this training should be given to help us and them. The high standard of training for which the Pakistan Army is famous.

PAKISTAN ZINDA ABAD Feb 20, 2017 05:54pm

@Manoj mumbai @Raveendra Nath

Keep India out of equation. India has remained virtually unscathed in the War on Terror, and therefore does not have expertise fighting against it. All the best!

Syed ZafaR Kazmi U.S.A Feb 20, 2017 05:53pm

What happened to the demand of handing over 76 terrorists living in Afghanistan? Any follow up on that?

Syed ZafaR Kazmi U.S.A Feb 20, 2017 05:58pm

@Khan Good luck follows good action, not words.

ManN Feb 20, 2017 06:01pm

Bajwa you should fight along with India. The menace of terrorism. Win Win for both and 1.5 billion people.

Ayub Feb 20, 2017 06:03pm

First talk with India and then Afghanistan on the issue of terrorism.

Amit Feb 20, 2017 06:07pm

@IMran , I am an Indian and we have also been taught that Pakistan is the root of terrorism in my country. Should I believe this? Should you believe what you have been taught? Let's open our eyes and be not judgemental.

Zealandia Feb 20, 2017 06:16pm

Strict border controls need of hour by and between Pak & Afghanistan, besides boost to NAP be given in Pak territory.All irritants to NAP be removed. The SC may expedite its proceedings to Panama Gate,and decide it ASAP,the whole nation got tied with this important case,and wish to see how SC gives its verdict once to eliminate corruption in Pakistan, and open way for honest and clean persons to contest general elections.

PAKISTAN ZINDA ABAD Feb 20, 2017 06:18pm


India lacks expertise to fight against terrorism on its CV. Pakistan's CV is that it had been the front ally, suffered 70,000 casualties in the War on Terror, and seen the enemy from close and for years, therefore has all the skills to tackle this menace and slowly Pak is tackling it. Political will was lacking before, but it's around now esp. APS attack afterward. Further, Pakistan is increasingly being 'integrated' on the economic front at international level. It's time that terrorism will be uprooted from the land of pure, just wait-and-watch it happening but don't request for participation please.

Harun al shEikh Feb 20, 2017 06:22pm

Agreed and good.

KhwarIzmi Feb 20, 2017 06:38pm

@RAVEENDRA NATH How is it possible to unite with India and Afghanistan when it is their own state institutions which is behind terrorism in Pakistan, not to talk about Kashmir? That is not possible.

KALIRAJA THANGAMANI Feb 20, 2017 06:52pm

Welcome step/

Ahmed Feb 20, 2017 06:57pm

Fight your own fight within the country Sir. Do not rely on others to "cooperate" with you. Politicians have their self-interest on both sides of the border and have no interest in destroying terrorism. These talks of cooperation essentially mean nothing is being done. Focusing on the border is no solution. The menace is within your own borders.

Ahmed Ali Khan Feb 20, 2017 07:23pm

Very good comment by our Army Chief - he looks like an intelligent leader who understands what is required to defeat India back terrorism.

MAjid Feb 20, 2017 07:27pm

Afghanis leave Pakistan, this will be enough to curb the issue

asgher Feb 20, 2017 07:36pm

Afghanistan is our neighbor and we have to maintain a healthy connection. This is very positive.

It all comes down to keeping our guard up.

SYED ANJUM ALI Feb 20, 2017 07:42pm

I think the COAS, Pak Army, has a good intention-- however, I feel Pakistan should be very careful now with Afghanistan's treachery. They are surely not friends and allies of Pakistan, and despite our repeated kindness and hospitality, time and again , have betrayed us. I think we should keep a very strict surveillance of Afghanistan and only allow limited numbers of Afghans to come and go, and we should also send back all remaining Afghan refugees , to their country. If President Trump can think about setting up barriers with Mexico, then we too have every right to protect our people. Until this is done we will never make any substantial dent in terrorism.

Aamir Feb 20, 2017 07:41pm

Better and practical approach as it's impossible to change neighbours but somehow possible to turn enemies into friends that may even be true in case of India as well

Ahmed Feb 20, 2017 07:49pm

Strict measures should be taken because to deal with Afghanistan is not going to work.Afghanistan will hit us from the back again

A Aziz Feb 20, 2017 07:50pm

Gen Bajwa.... Well done sir. The nation is proud of your actions and words. Hopefully politicians follow in your footsteps.

sukhera Feb 20, 2017 08:45pm

@Syed ZafaR Kazmi U.S.A .We have to go ourselves and capture them with the help of Afghan Army. 75 % of Afghan territory especially the rural areas is not under the control of the Afghan govt.So how you expect them to arrest these people? We are still on course 101 to fight terrorism and we need lot of resources.

Prateik Feb 20, 2017 08:55pm

Only planning, but no implementation.

Srini Feb 20, 2017 09:29pm

@PAKISTAN ZINDA ABAD all happens for the good

Mmadhukar Feb 20, 2017 09:34pm

very correct. I admire your thinking

Genghis Khan Feb 20, 2017 10:13pm

Very simple logic; If you help me, I will help you.

Zak Feb 20, 2017 11:07pm

Pakistan will win.

libra Feb 20, 2017 11:46pm

@ Alba really?

Dr. Ramesh Sharma Feb 21, 2017 12:08am

@Ahmed Well said.

BitterTruth Feb 21, 2017 01:32am

Pick and choose strategy against terror will not work...the faster this lesson is learned the better of us...we have had dual strategy in this fight and is haunting is like never before...

BitterTruth Feb 21, 2017 01:32am

@The end is near.... if you truly believe in "India-Afghan out to destabilize Pakistan", the question you should also ask is "why are they doing this?" and "whats in it for them?" "what will they gain from unstable Pakistan?"

vorshal Feb 21, 2017 02:03am

Watch out - All is well until the next episode!

jA-Australia Feb 21, 2017 03:01am

@ali Everyone knows who is the "common enemy", which is why Pakistan should not allow this to sour relations with Afghanistan. Our quarrel is not with the Afghan people, but with certain elements of their NDS who have been bought by the "common enemy".

The army's response is correct: work with the Afghans. Sad to see Pakistan's civilian leadership is nowhere to be seen. I am sure the PML-N politicians will all come out and give lectures on TV as soon as Panama case resumes.

Afzal Mir Feb 21, 2017 03:54am

Afghanistan and Pakistan must stay together for the good of their people. Indians desire for a fight between Pakistan and Afghanistan will hurt people on both sides. Nobody will come out as a winner. Those Afghans playing in the hands of India are not friends of Afghani people.

united agianst terror Feb 21, 2017 03:58am

Good statement of purpose, though it has to be followed up with concrete action. Now that Pakistan is also gradually coming to terms with cross border terrorism, it is imperative to commence regional efforts, including with India, to eliminate all good and bad terrorists from all our countries. Common ground can and must be sought between all the countries in the region.

Komal s Feb 21, 2017 07:00am

This army chief makes lot more sense. The cross border firing at the LOC has come to a halt since he took over. May he continue to lead Pakistan in the right direction.

Omar Feb 21, 2017 07:02am

A very weak statement unfortunately.

doppelgenger Feb 21, 2017 07:58am

Pakistan is using the same tone that United States uses with it. We will fight together but I will strike hard at my own time and terms.

Mustafa Feb 21, 2017 08:06am

What was preventing Pakistan to do all these years?

Jay Feb 21, 2017 08:59am

Whether it does work or not, this is a nice, educated gesture to deal with international conflict. Best regards to him.

Ali Feb 21, 2017 09:11am

Common enemy?

amir khan Feb 21, 2017 09:23am

this hurts doesn't it ? . but switch over to their boots then wouldn't they feel the same about us ?. this applies to all three Pakistan , Afghanistan and India . proxies solve nothing but only leave behind tales of misery and bloodshed when will these three learn then ??!!

Ahmed jharia Feb 21, 2017 11:00am

Afghanistan knows Pakistan very well.

AMIYA DEKA Feb 21, 2017 08:30pm

blame it on everybody else but never look inward.

T Chaudhry Feb 21, 2017 10:19pm

Public has no choice but to believe what is said. Lets see if it is a wishful thinking or is really a plan that is intended to work upon.

Ahmad shah mashwani Feb 23, 2017 02:14am

Do you mean the US by saying Afghanistan, as Afghanistan is not a free country until the US army leaves it .And the day they leave that country, will be the last day of terrorism.