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Kashmiri separatist group UJC claims Pathankot attack

Updated Jan 04, 2016 09:28pm


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Indian army soldiers take up position on the perimeter of an airforce base in Pathankot. -AFP
Indian army soldiers take up position on the perimeter of an airforce base in Pathankot. -AFP

MUZAFFARABAD: An alliance of Kashmiri militant groups on Monday claimed the deadly attack on the Indian Air Force’s Pathankot airbase.

The United Jihad Council (UJC) said in a statement released that the attack was a message to India that Kashmiri fighters could strike at any sensitive installation across India.

"Pathankot air base attack has been carried out by the mujahideen associated with National Highway Squad," said Syed Sadaqat Hussain, a spokesman for UJC.

The UJC comprises over a dozen militant groups fighting Indian rule in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir.

It is headed by Syed Salahuddin. This is the first report of the existence of the National Highway Squad. Syed Salahuddin. – Dawn/File Syed Salahuddin. – Dawn/File

"Pakistan has nothing to do with the attack but ironically the Indian government, media and their armed forces are suffering from Pakistan phobia," added the UJC spokesman.

The spokesman added that by hurling allegations at Pakistan, India could neither sabotage the struggle of Kashmiri people in the past nor can it do so now.

"It would be better for the Indian leadership to read the writing on the wall and let the Kashmiri people decide thier fate on their own free accord, without further waste of time," elaborated the statement from the UJC .

The attack on the Pathankot airbase started before dawn on Saturday and a gunbattle between the militants and Indian forces is continuing into the third day, with the facility still not declared secure.

At least seven Indian troops and five attackers have been killed in the three days.

Indian Air Force's Pathankot airbase is a mere 50 km from the Pakistan border, and is a major forward operational airbase of the IAF.


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Comments (85) Closed

sbk Jan 04, 2016 06:18pm

Truth will come out soon.

AIZ Jan 04, 2016 06:22pm

New story begins

M.Saeed Jan 04, 2016 06:27pm

This is the usual trick. Won't be surprised if ISIS also claims this attack.

Akbar Khan Jan 04, 2016 06:34pm

Everyone knows the truth.

Saladin Jan 04, 2016 06:35pm

Poor Arnab Goswami & Co

He spent last 3 days building a false narrative.

Mike London Jan 04, 2016 06:40pm

Pakistan has nothing to do with the attack, where does the leader Syed Slahadudden operates from, any idea?

BK Jan 04, 2016 06:46pm

This is not a terrorist attack, its war on India period.

Pakistani Jan 04, 2016 06:50pm

@Mike London Indian occupied Kashmir.Indians can no longer live in the dark about the struggle of the kashmiri people.

Kashmiri Jan 04, 2016 06:51pm

We Kashmiris know if that the talks are just dutiful futile without taking us on board. We'll never allow India to sleep in peace when we are suffering from last 6 decades

Afzul Jan 04, 2016 06:52pm

Yeah... R...right... We heard that before

Aib Jan 04, 2016 06:56pm

Peace cant be permanent unless this type of terrorists cant be eleminated.You cant be selective in eleminating terrorists.

Mumbai Indian Jan 04, 2016 06:56pm

Watching on TV the grieving famikes of the martyred. This attack strengthens our resolve, on unity, development and most importantly on undivided India.

Swapnil Jan 04, 2016 07:02pm

who are these men? where they got weapon? where they got training?

Asif Kashmiri Jan 04, 2016 07:05pm

We do not want to be with or a part of India - PERIOD!!!

Changez_Khan Jan 04, 2016 07:08pm

hmmm.... very interesting developments.

Ahmed Jan 04, 2016 07:09pm

@Aib peace can not be permanent without resolving kashmir issue

Ahmed Jan 04, 2016 07:12pm

Neither Occupation nor terrorism can solve any problem.. Both should be condemned without any reservations!

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Jan 04, 2016 07:13pm

Indian media should be taken to task for defaming Pakistan and building false narrative that can lead to breaking down of fragile relations between Pakistan and India.

Hass Jan 04, 2016 07:14pm

Like they say, when tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty

N.Sid Jan 04, 2016 07:23pm

Blaming and finger pointing at Pakistan by the Indian media in general, gets more hatred and that hatred and animosity turns into hate against Indian Muslims, which feel the pressure of such hate mongering. The sooner Indian media realizes that the better, can prove catastrophic with emotions running high and Muslims demonized.

Zak Jan 04, 2016 07:23pm

This illegal indian occupation of kashmir is costing India a lot. Better they ask UN to hold plebiscite and then vamoose from kashmir.

KK Jan 04, 2016 07:24pm

What is the purpose of this attack?

Zak Jan 04, 2016 07:25pm

@BK like India has made war on kashmiri people.

Dom Jan 04, 2016 07:26pm

Ok, how can we take out these terrorists? If someone claiming responsibility, I believe it is duty of indian govt and military to go after these murderers and wipe out them. I hope Pakistan provides all support as promised.

Zak Jan 04, 2016 07:26pm

@Aib peace won't come till kashmiri's decide not india.

Sonny Afridi Jan 04, 2016 07:28pm

As long as Kashmir dispute exists and as long as indian army is given free hand to do whatever it wants in Kashmir despite aspirations of Kashmiris I see no end in sight.

Mustafa R. Jan 04, 2016 07:31pm

@Mike London;

' where does the leader Syed Slahadudden operates from, any idea?'

Kashmiris operate from Kashmir.

Sarai Alamgir Jan 04, 2016 07:32pm

India will just ignore this and still blame Pakistan,

Altaf Jan 04, 2016 07:34pm

every nation want freedom in this world,no one want to spent his life in slavery,freedom is basic right of human as innocent Kashmiri people want,india is occupied on kashmir from 70 years almost,my question is that if British occupy indian then what ill react indian people?

Playmaker Jan 04, 2016 07:35pm

@Mike London Indian Held Kashmir

anon Jan 04, 2016 07:37pm

@BK and war has ended already

Haroon Al-Rashid Jan 04, 2016 07:38pm

False Flag.

Ghaznavi Jan 04, 2016 07:43pm

this man should immediately be arrested.

Indian Jan 04, 2016 07:47pm

These kinds of attacks would unite India more and no one can stop us to become one of the major power in the world.

sbk Jan 04, 2016 07:47pm

@N.Sid , Yes, Saudi and Iran should stop their involvement in the affairs of all Middle East countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen

Khadim Jan 04, 2016 07:49pm

Moral: No Peace between Pakistan and India until Kashmir issue is resolved,

Jimmyali Jan 04, 2016 08:00pm

Khasmir is part of Kashmir not Pakistan or India. Let's be fair

Rohit Jan 04, 2016 08:00pm

@Khadim such attacks are not going to intimidate India. It has nothing to do with Kashmir also. These are so called non-state actors behind the attack trying to sabotage the prospects of peace between India and Pakistan.

Third Party Jan 04, 2016 08:16pm

Pakistan Govt should arrest these elements in order to win global confidence.

Ghaznavi Jan 04, 2016 08:17pm

What right does UJC have to launch an operation on India from AJK? Few months back the former RAW chief admitted paying UJC. Pakistani government must arrest this man immediately. This will the send right signal to the world.

Truth Jan 04, 2016 08:22pm

sensitive matter but indian media & officials were very quick to blame Pakistan.

Justice Jan 04, 2016 08:24pm

Looks like Kashmir Freedom fighter are active again.

Naxalite Jan 04, 2016 08:26pm

India should allow Kashmiris to live freely. Thats the key for Regional Peace.

Naxalite Jan 04, 2016 08:26pm

Peace in Kashmir = Peace in Subcontinent!

Naxalite Jan 04, 2016 08:27pm

UN should play its role for peaceful resolution of Kashmir.

Biren Jan 04, 2016 08:29pm

Doesn't really make sense. The two sides met at high level recently to resolve all outstanding issues including Kashmir. Why would a Kashmiri outfit then attack Indian airforce base ? Kashmiris are not that absurd as they know the benefit of peace more than anyone else.

Personally, well-wishers of both sides would condemn any terrorist attacks in either of the nations. Let's give peace a lasting chance and come out of the history bags and look forward to the future.

Let's turn the dividing territory of Kashmir into an uniting one. Both countries have equal access to this beautiful land - no military within or at line of control. Both countries work together to bring lasting peace and prosperity to this heaven on earth and make it another Switzerland. It can be done. After fighting for 100 years, France and Britain are great friends. After two World-Wars, Germany is leading nation of Europe. After dropping two Atom bombs in Japan, US is it's closest ally.

Vijay B. Jan 04, 2016 08:37pm

Shame on those who sit in their ivory towers, brian-wash these young men and send them to their certain deaths. I would like to ask them if they would send their own chidren on these missions? After all, the five who got killed were also somebody's children. And at the end of the day, besides killing seven Indians, and sacrificing their own lives, what did they really achieve? Syed Salahuddin, whoever you are, and your claims might be true or false, but you just wrote your own death warrant.

Disgusting Jan 04, 2016 08:57pm

@BK sooo? What are you going to do about it? Grow up man.

Sudip Jan 04, 2016 09:10pm

Since a group now accepted responsibility I hope Pakistan will arrest leaders of this group operating from their controlled region and bring them to justice - as Pakistan also condemned the attack. This will be a good will gesture which has been started by Modi.. After this India and Pakistan can continue dialogue process to resolve all issues - few stupid people can't dictate peace process as majority of people in both countries want peace.

sbk Jan 04, 2016 09:23pm

Goodness will always win.

atheist Jan 04, 2016 09:30pm

India will share phone call made to pakistan by these terrorist, let us see what is Pakistan response who has already promised to help in investigation.

Mahesh Jan 04, 2016 09:31pm

@Asif Kashmiri Feel free to move to any country you want.

sbk Jan 04, 2016 09:33pm

Kashmir is for only for Kashmiri people. So, you never dream.

Peshawar Jan 04, 2016 09:40pm

When Pakistan accuses Indian of promoting terrorism in Karachi and Balauchistan, Indians will rush to comment 'baseless allegations with evidence!'. Well my dear Indian friends how did you jump to the conclusion of blaming Pakistan without any evidence in this situation?!

Infact this seems like a situation of 'you reap what you sow!', disgruntled groups against your own internal policies.

Better start looking within before jumping to confusing conclusions and making baseless aligations towards Pakistan. Back your claim with evidence!!

Nilesh Jan 04, 2016 09:45pm

@Kashmiri so be it, we neither...

ABBY Jan 04, 2016 09:57pm

Kashmir is for Kashmiris.! A Fundamental right.!

lafanga Jan 04, 2016 10:08pm

@atheist "India will share phone call made to pakistan by these terrorist"

Anyone can make a phone call to any country. Why do you think they would want to make a phone call to Pakistan if they are hiding their identities knowing fully well that a phone call can be traced even by a 10 year old. This is 2016 not 1916. If this is all the proof India has then I am afraid you will be disappointed.

Rahim Khan Jan 04, 2016 10:14pm

Terrorism will only bring more hate against Muslims in the world. Terrorism must be stopped.

Pukar Jan 04, 2016 10:16pm

All said and done, what's taking Indian security forces to bring about a drop scene to the whole episode? Are they that incompetent? Can't they take over 2 terrorists then how are they going to deal with 20 of them? Very patchy and dubious information coming out.

Alam Jan 04, 2016 11:03pm

Now almost 3 days passed and two terrorists are still fighting. How so much amunation was carried by these people? The alleged 2 terrorists are fighting without break? They don't need even a short nap? Why the shops in Pathankot were closed two hours earlier on 1st January? Pakistani media should ask for answers to these questions.

lubnakhan Jan 04, 2016 11:46pm

kashmiris should be included in talks..

ka Jan 04, 2016 11:57pm

Will terrorism resolve any issue.

LandOfPure Jan 05, 2016 12:06am

@Vijay B. Well said buddy.

Kashmiri soulja Jan 05, 2016 12:34am

Kashmir will be free. those who are confusing foreign sponsored terrorism with genuine kashmiri resistant should not allow themselves to fall into this trap and this line of discourse that has been set by India.

Logic Jan 05, 2016 02:32am

Kashmiris must be given their right of plebiscite.

Rizwan Hamid. USA Jan 05, 2016 03:24am

There is no contradiction. The people claiming the attacks are residents of Indian held Kashmir, hence Indian citizens. They can only blame themselves, not Pakistan. If India chooses to blame Pakistan, then they are also admitting that , that part of Kashmir is Pakistani not theirs. They cannot have it both ways.

Melbournian Jan 05, 2016 03:36am

@Rahim Khan

Who decides who is a terrorist and who is a freedom fighter!!!

Melbournian Jan 05, 2016 03:41am


" a good will gesture which has been started by Modi.. "

No, a good will gesture started by PAK authorities. Modi is just a game player. He knows when to play which card!

If it wasn't for PAK Authorities he wouldn't be able to even fly over Pakistan let alone visiting PAK LAND!

Hats off to Pak leaders for their courageous hospitality and accommodating a man who has always been a critical of Pakistan.

Satyameva Jayate Jan 05, 2016 04:12am

If UJC wants the worldto believe it UJC must provide verifiable identities of the attackers.

Satyameva Jayate Jan 05, 2016 04:15am

@Kashmiri - And the Kashmiris whose risk their lives and fingers by ignoring your Call to Boycott Elections will not let you succeed. To prove that wrong dare to contest an election.

Vorshal Jan 05, 2016 05:12am

It seems a red-herring, and nothing more.

GOI will find out more and the truth.

Lucky Star Jan 05, 2016 06:03am

@Akbar Khan What is the truth? I don't know anything about like many others.

Bikram Singh Jan 05, 2016 06:03am

Kashmir for Kashmiris and Khalistan for Sikhs. India need to know that it cannot oppress forever.

Lucky Star Jan 05, 2016 06:04am

@Mike London From your rear, I guess.

komal s Jan 05, 2016 06:16am

@Jimmyali wow, I thought Kashmir is either part of Pakistan or India. Did not realize there is a third option.

Rizwan Jan 05, 2016 06:25am

Kashmir is the cause for regional terrorism. Why are kashmiris not allowed to their right of freedom. They don't want Pakistan and India. If both countries stop meddling in Their business things will Get better.

Kalashnikov Jan 05, 2016 07:03am

@Pakistani what about the Durand line and Baloch people

Sumart Jan 05, 2016 07:34am

Truth is simple. The folks entered india in the guise of drug smugglers. The suspended sp of punjab police was involved in drug smuggling. He facilitated the terrorists thinking it is regular drug activities. When he realised it is to attack the airbase he alerted folks. No one believed him initially or if they believed they thought only 4 were there. People relaxed after the 4 were killed. Nsg bomb disposal squad guy lost his life because of this relaxation. Then they realised there are more. How many are not known. For such a big area. The 6th or more folks being searched

really Jan 05, 2016 10:20am

@Bikram Singh lol

cool Jan 05, 2016 11:20am

@Indian I agree

Gulrez Khan Jan 06, 2016 06:10am

@Asif Kashmiri I have been to Kashmir but Muslim names never had kashmiri surname? Why so many commentators have that title?

Sid Jan 06, 2016 06:10am

@Zak .... India can bear this cost forever, but will never bow down to terrorism. Period.

Suresh Jan 07, 2016 01:47am

@Biren .... This is only looks good on paper and when you see from distance, but it is difficult to accomplish. If it was that simple and not harming the both nation interest it has been done long ago.

ssss Jan 07, 2016 04:07am

@Rahim Khan sensible advice my friend

Amjad H. Khan Jan 07, 2016 01:11pm

Let Kashmiris decide their own future