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Imran Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party, gestures to his supporters during a Freedom March to the parliament house in Islamabad August 19, 2014 — Photo Reuters
Imran Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party, gestures to his supporters during a Freedom March to the parliament house in Islamabad August 19, 2014 — Photo Reuters
PTI chief Imran Khan speaks to his party supporters in Islamabad. – Photo by Reuters
PTI chief Imran Khan speaks to his party supporters in Islamabad. – Photo by Reuters

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf's Azadi march and Pakistan Awami Tehreek's Inquilab march have entered into Islamabad's Red Zone. Follow live updates below.


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has said that Nawaz Sharif will have to go.

“I have a new plan if Nawaz Sharif did not resign before the deadline,” he said while addressing to protesters, outside the parliament.

He said that they would not leave until Nawaz Sharif resigns. Khan appealed all Pakistanis to reach outside the Parliament House and asked police not to obey illegal orders.

PTI chief vowed to bring real democracy in the country.


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Marvi Memon has reiterated that minus Nawaz Sharif formula would not be negotiated, neither the Prime Minister would resign at any cost.

“We have super doper elasticity,” she said while talking about the possibilities of dialogue with the protesters. “The real issue was a desperate desire [of Imran Khan] to become prime minister.”

Memon elaborated that there was a difference between red zone and red line. “Though I couldn’t disclose the red line, it would not be let cross,” she maintained.


Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri has said that their only demand is the resignation of Sharif brothers.

Addressing the marchers outside the Parliament House, Qadri said that PAT would not invite army to mediate.

He said that the constitution would not be suspended but only amended. “We are not intending to capture the Parliament House.”

Qadri held Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif directly responsible for the ‘Model Town’ tragedy that had claimed 14 lives. “Government of killers is unacceptable,” he said.

He said that the federal government was responsible for the “Model Town Massacre” as well as the Punjab government.

PAT chief announced they will only go back once Sharif brothers resign.


DawnNews reported sources as having said that the Pakistan Army has taken charge of the Interior Ministry's control room.

Former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah however has rejected the reports, saying that the Interior Ministry is still in charge of the control room.


Amir Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq, while speaking to DawNews said that both sides need to take a step back and resolve the issues between them.

He said that if the confrontation continues then it will be "Game over" for both sides.


ISPR spokesperson Asim Bajwa tweets: "Bldgs in red Zone r symbol of State & being protected by Army, therefore sanctity of these national symbols must be respected.

"Situation requires patience, wisdom & sagacity from all stakeholders to resolve prevailing impasse through meaningful dialogue in larger national and public interest."


PTI chief Imran Khan said that he has given Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif till Wednesday evening to resign.

"If Nawaz Sharif does not resign then we will enter into the PM House," said the PTI chief.


"United States is keeping a close eye on political developments in Pakistan," says State Department.

"We appeal to the PTI and PAT to pursue a non-violent approach to resolve the issue...Pakistani political parties should work out their differences through dialogue," the US State Department said.



Spotted: The 'Azadi' march PTI leaders (plus Sheikh Rasheed) on the mobile stage that is cruising through the Red Zone.


Amir Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq, while speaking to a TV channel again urged both the government and the protesters to refrain from shedding blood and inciting violence in the country. He vowed to remain faithful to coalition partners PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Daughter of PM Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz Sharif tweeted: "Govt treading v cautiously & has tried its best to avoid & avert any untoward occurrence. IK, TUQ & followers must not resort to violence."

Barring a minor skirmish that left two PAT workers and one policeman injured, the march into the Red Zone has been largely peaceful thus far.


Speaking to DawnNews, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi said that it is a peaceful march and the demonstrators will stay in the Red Zone till PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Shahbaz Sharif resign.

Screengrab shows Elahi partcipating in the proetst.


Minister for Railways Saad Rafique posted to Twitter, "Police is not using force because PAT, PTI march is leading by women & children."


A screengrab shows a glimpse of Dr Tahirul Qadri seated in his vehicle, en route to the Red Zone. Footage shows Qadri holding a rosary and craning his neck to look out the windshield in an effort to take in events unfolding before him.



DawnNews footage shows an injured policeman inside the Red Zone, who appears to be bleeding from the nose. His comrade takes a cloth to clean up the wound. It is not clear how this policeman sustained this injury.

Watch a short clip here:


Police personnel deployed inside the Red Zone look on as PAT and PTI workers march towards Parliament House. So far, the entry to the sensitive area has been largely peaceful.


Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said that both the PTI and PAT want to achieve their objectives,"over dead bodies".

"We are still trying to resolve the situation through dialogue," he said.

"Our policy from the start has been not to use any force," said the information minister.


"What we are seeing today is a repeat telecast of what was tried [by Qadri] in the past," Ancherperson Asma Sherazi claims, hinting at an ulterior motive for the ongoing protests.

More reports are emerging of skirmishes between security forces and protesters.


DawnNews is reporting that police has baton-charged PAT protesters near Nadra Chowk.

Police deputed in Islamabad's Red Zone area were authorised to use force against protesters staging their Azadi March in the federal capital, according to the copy of a document available with Dawn.


Most women in the protest appear to belong to the PAT. Police and journalists have estimated that Dr Qadri has amassed a larger crowd as compared with Imran Khan.


Speaking to DawnNews, Majlis Wahdatul Muslameen (MWM) general secretary — a party that has allied itself with Dr Tahirul Qadri — Ameen Shahidi said that the only solution to the prevailing political crisis was resignation from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

A screengrab shows a mother carrying her baby into the Red Zone


Television footage of the rallies in Islamabad so far show supporters of both PTI and PAT camps entering the Red Zone with ease. Police forces deployed for security have offered no resistance.


Participants of the PTI and PAT rallies have entered the Red Zone and appear to be walking towards Parliament. Imran Khan earlier appealed to workers to stay peaceful and not enter any buildings. However, he directed his supporters to "take revenge" if something happens to him.


Female party workers shower policemen with rose petals and flash the victory sign, while some male workers hold up sticks and glass bottles to prepare for an impending clash with security forces.


PAT workers are forming horizontal lines as they inch towards the barricaded Red Zone. About a dozen or so workers hold sticks are walking in sync towards the police.


The 'Azadi' and Inquilab march participants have reached the precincts of the Red Zone. Imran Khan is flanked by senior PTI leaders Javed Hashmi, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Pervez Khattak.


Some perspective from Dawn's editorial

Perhaps what Mr Khan is seeking is to be temporarily detained in front of cameras by the capital’s law-enforcement agencies and for the PTI activists to engage in some televised skirmishes as a way of ending the PTI rally on Mr Khan’s version of a high note.

Deplorable as Mr Khan’s tactics are, there is an immediate challenge for the law-enforcement apparatus of Islamabad to calmly and firmly but without the excessive use of force prevent the marchers from laying siege to state institutions.


DawnNews footage shows policemen laughing as they await the march advance. Drone footage shows hundreds of security forces standing ready.


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said he will not resign under any circumstance, sources say.

Workers wearing hard hats are taking pliers and clipping the heavy chains that have bound containers. It is clearly visible that Imran Khan is not at the front of the crowd.

Drones continue to cover the march as it advances.


Policemen in riot gear -- helmets, shields, batons, knee pads, bulletproof vests -- are seen patrolling the entrance of the Red Zone. A violent clash seems moments away.

"Oye Nawaz Sharif! I am coming! Resign now or you will pay a heavy price," a jubilant Imran cries out.


The PTI and PAT rallies have merged to advance as one.


"I'm coming! I'm coming to hold you accountable!" Imran says, as his mobile-container progresses forward.

Banega Naya Pakistan by Attaullah Khan Essakhelvi is played at the PTI venue, Imran and supporters sway to the music

On the other side of the containers, a massive contingent of security forces await the marchers.


In his black shalwar kameez and PTI sash, Imran Khan is on stage, pumping his fist and clearly in high spirits.

Imran addresses the crowd again:

"We are coming...take a right!"

"Guys we won't respond in the same language. Our brought up is different and our leaders legacy is of culture & civility. Patience pls" Maryam Nawaz says on Twitter.


"Every martial law has been imposed on a Tuesday – I hope today is not that Tuesday" Anchorperson Meher Bokhari says on DawnNews.

Charged supporters are moving forward - many are brandishing sticks. Some youth wielding sticks are seen surrounding one container. A few attempt to make an effort to push it.


The PTI crane is successfully lifting a container out of the way.


A large number of workers have climbed onto the PTI crane as it moves through the crowd, with one standing atop waving a party flag. The march is now inching forward.

Imran Khan's mobile stage has begun moving as well.


PTI supporters are pushing over containers, with the help of a crane. Visuals show security personnel asking the crowd to stop.


TV channels are reporting that some participants are moving towards the Red Zone (Aabpara) in a bid to push containers out of the way.

Participants wave national and party flags, with some cheering and dancing to express their jubilation that this five-day protest will proceed to Parliament.


It has been nearly one hour since Imran Khan announced he would head towards the Red Zone but there has been no movement yet.


The PTI march into the Red Zone has yet to kick off. Thousands stand ready waiting for a signal from Imran Khan, who remains on-stage.

Separately, large contingents of security personnel are moving into position behind the containers through which the PTI will have to march. The likelihood of a clash is high.

TV channels are reporting that security forces guarding the Red Zone have batons and shields, but no arms.


MQM Chief Altaf Hussain speaks on TV, expresses his dismay at how the political crisis has panned out.

"I appeal to these parties to give this government one chance to negotiate before they enter the Red Zone" Hussain says.

"I appeal to Shahbaz and Nawaz Sharif to have a heart, approach Imran Khan and Qadri."

Read his full speech on the MQM website.


With PTI supporters set to march forward, the 111 Brigade is in position for any security breach.

Dawn has learnt that police deputed in the Red zone area have been authorised to use force, including rubber bullets, tear gas and lathi (baton) charge.

The situation is especially dangerous as women and children are expected to march in the second row.


Imran moves towards the Red Zone with a prayer. Other leaders say a dua with him.

The PTI crane has begun to move forward, assumedly to remove the containers in the way.


Imran continues to stir up the crowd, directing them to move through Aabpara.

"Those youth in the back, come up front - come back! Don't go to the Diplomatic Enclave!" Imran pleads.


The crowd is highly charged, ready to march into the Red Zone.

PML-N leader Khurram Dastgir Khan, speaking on DawnNews, says "Even if there were a hundred times more people, they cannot dictate democracy with sticks."


Chaudhry Nisar, history will decide whether you stood with the downtrodden or the corrupt, Imran Khan says.


Imran Khan tells his supporters they will enter the Red Zone in 10 minutes.

"Don't enter any buildings" the PTI Chairman reiterates.


Hours after the deadline given to the government by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) expired, PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday evening urged his followers and supporters to march into the federal capital’s Red Zone.

Speaking to his supporters near the most sensitive area of the country, Imran called on his supporters to follow him up to Parliament and surround the building. He asked his supporters to remain peaceful and not enter the building itself.

Reiterating that he would lead the march forward himself, the PTI Chairman thanked God for "fulfilling his desire of waking up the nation."

“We are not Pashtuns, Sindhis, Balochs or Punjabis, but only Pakistanis today.”

He asked his protesters whether they were ready to march into the Red Zone, receiving an emphatic "Yes!" in response. Imran urged party workers to remain peaceful and avoid confrontation with security forces.

He also warned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against using force against the ‘peaceful’ protesters.

“I will never forgive you Nawaz and I will follow you to London if you attempt to escape.”

Taking pot shots at the prime minister, Imran dared Nawaz to "try collecting 500 people without the help of patwaris".

Addressing police and security officials guarding the Red Zone, he urged them not to use force against his supporters.

Comments (165) Closed

Imran S Aug 19, 2014 08:07pm

Whether we like it or not, this is called a leader leading from the front !!!

UnshacklePakistan Aug 19, 2014 08:09pm

At least it will be over soon, one way or the other.


Josh Aug 19, 2014 08:09pm

Logon kay buchhay merwaoo, apnay bhayjo London. Inqilab Zindabad!!

ghuman Aug 19, 2014 08:10pm

May Allah succed this is our last chance for long time to free our self from oppression.

Hasnain Haque Aug 19, 2014 08:11pm

This is the beginning of the end for PMLN.

Hasnain Haque Aug 19, 2014 08:13pm

People should understand what IK is trying to achieve, it is for the betterment of the nation and people need to make some sacrifices. Be strong and fight for your rights.

Ahsan Aug 19, 2014 08:13pm

May Allah grant him success. Aameen

Maverick Aug 19, 2014 08:13pm

What an immature person IK is !! He is trying save his face now. The public is well aware of it though!

Asif Naeem Bhatti Aug 19, 2014 08:14pm

Wazeer Ay Azam - IMRAN KHAN !

nabidad Aug 19, 2014 08:15pm

pakistani Aug 19, 2014 08:20pm

Well done Ik, brave decision, good luck azadi from monarchy from Bhutto, Zardaris and Sharif's is not for whole.nation feels proud and indebted to yo. Ik for your brave attempt of even sacrificing and putting your whole political career in extreme danger. May G-d gives you success and proud on every single of you who is participating this historic landmark in our history of the country.

Sohail Aug 19, 2014 08:20pm

Shame on us as a nation if we didn't join Imran Khan in this march. He doesn't need it and can have a luxurious life abroad but he's doing it for us and our children so they have a free and wonderful life ahead. Wake up nation this is our only and last chance! Nobody would come to help us if we lost this opportunity! May Allah be with him and his supporters.

buzz Aug 19, 2014 08:21pm

Kindly do not shoot the protestors. They are unarmed and have women and children with them.

SHAHID Aug 19, 2014 08:22pm

Thanks God, Finally they are entering in red zone. Imran! Qadam braho hum tumharey sath hein.

Andy Aug 19, 2014 08:23pm

IK should have pushed for electoral reforms and demanded that he leads it. What IK has done, majority of the nation do not support him, including some of his and PTI fans. It will take a lot of effort for IK to come back from his own mess. I do not support Imran Khan and PTI and I am a supported of both. The marches have and will not change anything, it has only plummeted the economy and created instability.

Rehan Aug 19, 2014 08:23pm


malick. Aug 19, 2014 08:25pm

Ik live long, God bless. All leaders please pick one baby and pakistan flag in hand. Miltary please take care of th crowds,

Imran Baloch Aug 19, 2014 08:25pm

Kaptan you are Great, in fact, you are the leader, making a history today...whatever the result would be, you won our hearts once again...May Allah keep you and all supporters protected..

HaqueParast Aug 19, 2014 08:25pm

@Hasnain Haque All he is trying to achieve is Power! To become Prime Minister of Pakistan! Keep dreaming buddy!

NadeemKhan Aug 19, 2014 08:27pm

IK need bodies to keep his politics alive. He is doomed. Any one with little common sense can see him thoroughly.

syed wazir Aug 19, 2014 08:29pm

A brave leader, he will win the match inshallah

Ejaz Ahmed Aug 19, 2014 08:29pm

IK and TUQ, the anarchists.

Taimur khan Aug 19, 2014 08:31pm

Imran will turn Pakistan into another Egypt! Utterly irresponsible of him......

UnshacklePakistan Aug 19, 2014 08:32pm

This could have been done in a much better way. The sentiment is laudable, however, the procedure is lacking.

Samiullah Aug 19, 2014 08:34pm

Yes ! We are with you Imran. Move ahead and shape the future of PAKISTAN on the Islamic principles.

aa Aug 19, 2014 08:34pm

Inshah Allah

Jaleel Rahman Aug 19, 2014 08:39pm

God bless our country.

Paki Aug 19, 2014 08:41pm

Competition of madness all around...

Paki Aug 19, 2014 08:48pm

Match of madness all around...

islamabadian Aug 19, 2014 08:50pm

@Imran S Leaders dont use these kind of Rubish Language.. and leaders dont arrange Dance parties in protest Flop show

OxfordUK Aug 19, 2014 08:50pm

Imran Khan Zindabad

Loyal Pakistani Aug 19, 2014 08:52pm

All my prayers are with Imran Khan & Dr. Tahir ul Qadri & Pakistan. My Allah give us courage to get rid of these opportunist & Lotairay politicians & so called leaders. This is not democracy, they are making people fool. I am a loyal Pakistan and sitting in North America, would like to pray for the success of PTI & PAT.

A. Mirza Aug 19, 2014 08:55pm

Whether you are with him or it or or tomorrow...IK will be PM!

Syed Fraz Ali Aug 19, 2014 08:57pm

not a big fan of Imran khan but its now and never situation , already our economy is at the verge of disaster.

Syed Fraz Ali Aug 19, 2014 08:58pm

@Josh sorry to say that already her roz gareeb kay bachay mar rahay hain ? un ka kiya ?

Life Aug 19, 2014 09:10pm

Please do not elect PTI next time.

Hopeless Aug 19, 2014 09:12pm

I don't like PTI or Imran Khan but this is bonkers and sheer stupidity by our current rulers. They had cornered Imran Khan and nearly defeated him. They should have let him in and do his protest or whatever. This is totally manufactured due to mishandling. Dozens protest in Red zone besides parliament all the time.

You cant stop people from protesting. The red line should be if/when they try to go to the diplomatic enclave.

Ahmer Aug 19, 2014 09:16pm

Whole Pakistan is proud of you, Imran. May you stay safe. The nation needs you.

Umar Aug 19, 2014 09:18pm

I hope we would finally be freed of the dynastic, discredited and dysfunctional democracy! Thank you Imran khan for standing for us and striving for true democracy!

Anwar Amjad Aug 19, 2014 09:18pm

I really feel sorry for Imran Khan. He is an honest and patriotic leader with great potential but he is committing political suicide by taking one rash decision after another.His arrogance and stubbornness are destroying him.

Adil Aug 19, 2014 09:20pm

5 days ago my brain was against Imran Khan (and his azadi march). Now, my heart is with him. His unwavering belief in his cause has won me over. Ya Allah Raham! Ya Allah Khair!

Masoud Aug 19, 2014 09:22pm

The defining moment has come. Its over. NS should immediately resign to avoid casualty. A single human life is million times precious & sacred than Nawaz Sharif remaining as PM. Until now the demand by both the leaders is resignation of a single person called Nawaz Sharif. It cannot be imagined what will happen if some participants gets killed. The army will not remain silent for long, if ML comes it will come only due to the stubbornness of Nawaz Sharif.

salman Aug 19, 2014 09:32pm

To all the PAKISTANI please join PTI and PAT marches, this is for your children's better future, don't you want them to live free. WAKE UP before its too late.

Josh Aug 19, 2014 09:34pm

What a drama.... who are these guys trying to fool!?!?! It is the Army's plan to take over. IK and TUQ are just preparing the ground; that's all. There won't be any bloodshed. The powers to be will interject/act just in time.

Everything will be just fine; better days are ahead in sha Allah.

Lucky Star Aug 19, 2014 09:37pm

If IK crosses red Zone, arrest him and put him in Van, where he belongs.

A J Khan Aug 19, 2014 09:43pm

It is a shameful for the whole nation, the kind of language being used for PM by IK. All i can say is very sad.

z khan Aug 19, 2014 10:11pm

PTI dont deserve single vote in next election after this madness and chaos. All this nadness to just remove one person.Where IK son is?not seen him in front line!!!

salman Aug 19, 2014 10:12pm

What's the big deal about red zone, in 2011 PMLN , including NS, were protesting in red zone. relax everyone...

RIZO Aug 19, 2014 10:13pm

I think IK don't believe in democracy.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 19, 2014 10:13pm

This is the trait of a true leader; always lead from the front.

Greedy for PM Seat Aug 19, 2014 10:37pm

Wasting of time and wealth. Power game, greedy for the PM seat

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Aug 19, 2014 10:47pm

WOW! Imran + Qadri have really entered Red Zone which most of people have thought that they will never ever even dare to think alike what to talk of physically reaching there. But they are proved wrong rather blatantly wrong to be honest. The most fortified area in whole of Pakistan is hosting Imran and Qadri guests. Congratulations to both Imran and Qadri.I must commend police also not to engage in any fight. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Former Diplomat / Kuwait /

waseem Aug 19, 2014 10:49pm

A great leader advancing with women & children as a sympathy shield.

mike ghaous USA Aug 19, 2014 10:50pm

No idiotic move by Govt. Wished they handled Model Town & Gujranwala situation like they did today in Islamabad. Good to see 'No Guns'. Real non violent movement by the people. Good show IK & PAT.

Khan Aug 19, 2014 10:52pm

We are with you corruption

Hassan Nisar Aug 19, 2014 10:53pm

To paraphrase Hassan Nisar, "Imran Khan won't be effected in the least even if his political career ends but the shameless people should think about themselves, who will stand up for them and their kids ever again".

jalal Aug 19, 2014 11:03pm

I can smell stench of blood and corpses, nd not for the first time innocent lives will be consumed to let the greed of power march on. RIP!!!!!!

OS Aug 19, 2014 11:10pm

if IK fails then Pak awam are subservient to sharifs and bhuttos taking turns forever. They will not see real democracy, people will largely remain uneducated and ignorant.

MJ Aug 19, 2014 11:10pm

I just came back from the march, and i was so glad to see the discipline of the people. There was no badtameezi. The people helped us as we were women. It was beautiful, how people were doing everything together. Im really proud of these them and IK. God bless him.

Tahir Aug 19, 2014 11:14pm

What goes around comes around, Mr. Sharif. The tactics used by Sharif in his long march are now being applied by PTI and PAT against him. If decision to restore a political CJ can be made on the roads instead of parliament house then Sharifs should understand they are not the only crooks in town.

waseem Aug 19, 2014 11:16pm

Seems like another good act by the government, they have allowed this illegal march of cowards into red zone. Ball is still in the court of Imran Khan, government have showed a lot patience, although Imran & Qadri broke their promise.

TZaman Aug 19, 2014 11:18pm

Just imagine IK or TUQ becomes Prime Minister of Pakistan!!! What a horrible thought! Definitely whole country will be ashamed to have such shameless person as the PM. God Bless Pakistan.

Mohammad Salim Aug 19, 2014 11:20pm

This is not the time to argue who is right and who is wrong. Please pray to Allah that our security forces have patience and do not resort to force. Please pray to Allah that our mothers, sisters, brothers and young children reach home safe and sound.

Josh Aug 19, 2014 11:23pm

@Syed Fra. Please take another look at my post. You seem to have misunderstood....

Beck Aug 19, 2014 11:31pm

Clever strategy. Keep women n children in front so that no one can do anything against them.

Azam Aug 19, 2014 11:32pm

My Leader roaring like a Tiger. Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the Prime Minister of Pakistan...Mr. Imran Khan...

Go Nawaz Go

Harmony Aug 19, 2014 11:33pm

@Lucky Star - your voice is drowning in this sea. There should be no loyalty for corrupt leaders.

Jawad Aug 19, 2014 11:33pm

Minister for Railways Saad Rafique posted to Twitter, "Police is not using force because PAT, PTI march is leading by women & children."

Or may be. Because army is there?

Jawad Aug 19, 2014 11:34pm

Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said that both the PTI and PAT want to achieve their objectives,"over dead bodies".

Now that's a threat. Isn't it?

Khan Aug 19, 2014 11:41pm

I salute all the participants of Azadi March and Inqilab March.They are changing history .Everybody's name should be mentioned when we write the history of this country.They are giving big sacrifice.

Saqib Naqvi Aug 19, 2014 11:44pm

Kudos to Dawn reporting. I am in Canada, at work and only have internet access. So I am checking the situation via Many thanks for accurate and time reporting.

American Gandhi Aug 19, 2014 11:46pm

@Masoud You have put most beautifully.

Naeem Qureshi Aug 19, 2014 11:47pm

The international observers have declared the 2013 election to be credible and fair. Now the loser IK wants to be PM after his poor showing in the elections. He is has done nothing in KP for the last 14 months. He would lose his security if the elections were held today as the people of KP are fed up

Saqib Naqvi Aug 19, 2014 11:48pm

@Khan really? so these 40-50 K people represent 18 crore who voted PML in through democratic means under a care taker govt. These are making history as brain washed people with no sense of what a democratic country looks like.

Chohan x Aug 19, 2014 11:51pm

Azeem o shah she shah imran khan lead from the front enforce change..... Take charge .....

Socrates Aug 19, 2014 11:58pm

I am not particularly IK's supporter but he is inspirational. His anger and disgust with this culture of corruption is genuine. Our people have become use to the abuse, become use to injustice, become use to getting robbed by corrupt politicians bureaucrats and now even their children and grand children's future is being sold. What is surprising is why every one else is not as angry and disgusted as IK and TUQ

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Aug 19, 2014 11:58pm

I really salute both Imran and Qadri to have so many women and children in their march though both of them are quite tender but at this point if time when even the date has changed they are very actively participating in the protest. None is feeling sleepy rather they are very much alert and charged.

American Gandhi Aug 20, 2014 12:11am

I used to hate Jamat-Islami but Siraj has shown real leadership through these crises. He is calling right things.

Shamim Akbar Aug 20, 2014 12:18am

Give This man a chance ! It certainly can not be worse than what we have already seen.May be IK is Truly Sincere in turning this country around.And may be he can.

American Gandhi Aug 20, 2014 12:21am

Why US and PML(N) are appealing to PAT and PTI for non-violence? I thought it is govt who has power and army with guns. It is their responsibility not the children and women protesting in the Red Zone.

M J Syed Aug 20, 2014 12:27am

IK. Because of being the cricket hero and your admirable charity work you are being given extraordinary latitude. You, however, have started abusing it, not only for yourself but you are a;so advancing most unwanted elements with you. It is obvious that you have drawn a blank in this so called Azadi March and the bravado of entering Red Zone is a nice face saver. Please be careful do not let any deaths happen. Go home as soon as possible. You are politically finished.

Ahmer Aug 20, 2014 12:33am

Parliament House should not be part of red zone. Let the people go inside it.

Ahmer Aug 20, 2014 12:35am

If Pakistan is ever going to shatter its chains and bondage, now is the time and these are the leaders. Every Pakistani owes it to him and his future generations to head for Islamabad.

HaqueParast Aug 20, 2014 12:43am

@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Yeah the great leader is really 'in the front'.... just on top of a fortified truck behind rows of women and children. Just look at the pictures yourself, please!

HaqueParast Aug 20, 2014 12:44am

Imran Khan's message to the Pakistanis: Jis Ka Danda, Uska Pakistan!

Amir Aug 20, 2014 12:45am

Am a strong supporter of pti, but am struggling to understand even if nawaz sharif resigns as per ki demand, corrupt election system will not ensure fair elections again, so will there be another azadi march then. Why not get system of elections corrected first somehow

raja Aug 20, 2014 12:53am

IK you think by entering in PM house you will become PM..?

g-tech Aug 20, 2014 12:54am

This is a dead Pakistani qoum which historically futile. When Bhutto was hung, they we were going about as nothing happened. When Musharaf took over, peole still went to work next day. Same for Bibi. I am afraid, IK's efforts will be vain and will go down in the history leaving the one chance this nation had -- forgotten.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Aug 20, 2014 12:58am

Just now it is notice that Parliament House lights have been switched off means what-defeat for IK or victory for IK? Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Former Diplomat / Kuwait

Henry Page Aug 20, 2014 12:58am

Inshallah this march will be successful and it will change the dream of Pakistan nation. We are totally fed up with pml n and ppp. We should give chance to PTI.

M J Syed Aug 20, 2014 12:59am

All you have is a few (yes even 100K is few for Pakistan, village Pirs have got that many) hardcore supporters. You want to use their physical threat to force the hand of 180 million people! What an enlightened democrat. Bravo.

Raaz Aug 20, 2014 12:59am

Pakistan politics is not only for Sharifs, Zardari's and Bhutto's - there are 180 Million people in that country, Good Luck Imran Khan, what a leader- we salute you for your courage and determination against this Status quo system and corrupt leaders.

M J Syed Aug 20, 2014 01:01am

I guess if you become PM, you would like to be removed the same way. I am sorry IK, I am not buying this brand of democracy.

Mian Aug 20, 2014 01:01am

My beautiful Pakistan. may Allah make you free of corrupt, low minded politicians alike minded people.May Allah keep each and every Pakistani happy and prosperous .Well done IK. What a man.

Rehan Aug 20, 2014 01:06am

We have been waiting for a revolution for 60 years and now that it is here with a capable leader, people are reluctant to support him? Shame on the ones who have doubts.

Naveed Aug 20, 2014 01:07am

Yet again another deadline! it is bit like when someone standing on a bridge shouting "I will jump if you dont fulfil my demands" upto the point when someone says please go ahead we don't care. What then, IK is in that position as he has been told, "you carry on we don't care" he is confused now as he did not expect that response. Oh dear IK. :-)

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Aug 20, 2014 01:17am

Interior Ministry control room is taken over by army rings 1st bell towards PM ouster meaning by Nisar has become redundant. Why did Nisar keep quiet? Shocking 4 those ministers who could face the same fate. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Former Diplomat / Kuwait

Abdul Aug 20, 2014 01:22am

Game Over for Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. For years they have been hiding each other corruption and promised people to expose it in every election. Now IK will do the accountability and will get out money back from Switzerland and UK.

Rahela Aug 20, 2014 01:23am

God Bless our Army and God bless our Police. I think they showed great maturity. I hope Dr. Qadri and Imran Khan will respect that and find a way to talk to the Government.

Rahela Aug 20, 2014 01:29am

IK now is a good time to come out with proof of all your allegations you made. The world will hear you and you can come clear with your claims.

A J Khan Aug 20, 2014 01:41am

I am appealing to all pakistan political parties that they should resolve all their differences through dialogue. Please do not become laughing stock of the whole world. GOD bless Pakistan.

Ali Aug 20, 2014 01:43am

PTI and PAT are doing so wrong; Nawaz Sharif, being a statesman and leader should resign as one would in normal course of business due to any reason (say poor health) and let someone else from PML-N become PM as they enjoy majority and secondly almost all the opposition is with them. This will defeat PTI/PAT card for PM resignation and hence will have to go home. This will also not give chance to military to intervene (I don't think they want to though).Once the situation improves PML-N can chalk out strategy to tackle this madness. Also it will give them time to think how to act in KP where PTI is in power and has left it as a step child in its lust for Punjab.

Ali Aug 20, 2014 01:51am

@Hasnain Haque No sir he is not ........ he just wants to be PM. He has KP to show what he can do for people, do it and then in next election people can elect you. IK is missing on golden opportunity to prove himself first and then get elected. He is behaving like any other politician, he is no different.

M J Syed Aug 20, 2014 01:55am

Khan Sahib, the entry to PM house is through victory in the ballot box. Gatecrashing is just not cricket old chap!

Rizwan Aug 20, 2014 02:00am

What a short cut to become a PM!! Khan may earn a short term interest for himself but no future in long term.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 20, 2014 02:01am

A difficult time for the two brothers at the helm.

M J Syed Aug 20, 2014 02:03am

Bush Gore election result was controversial. Many Democrats were angry believing that Gore's right was stolen. Just after election Gore was making a speech in Chicago and a portion of the crowd chanted insults to Bush. Gore stopped the speech and said,"I will not hear a single derogatory word spoken against my Commander in Chief". The nations who do not respect themselves, no one respects them. Imran Khan wake up better was expected of you.

Priyakant Aug 20, 2014 02:09am

This people have dug the whole too deep, the only way is down, the only one that can pull them out of this morass is the Army. I think that is what they praying for. So many millions lost their lives for what? What a pathetic nation? What a shame! God bless the poor people.

Raza Aug 20, 2014 02:16am

This is the way to correct Pakistan's destiny for the people of Pakistan.

Zak Aug 20, 2014 02:25am

Thank you Imran for emboldening us to change governance for the better. Now their is genuine hope. All see him as a national Pakistani leader. Pakistan rising again.

Javed Aug 20, 2014 02:52am

This is bad, you are using Women and children as human shield. Both are putting the reputation of the country at stake for their personal ego. Imran is crazy and Qadari is opportunist. If you talk about 62 and 63, please read the oath which you taken to get the passport of Canada. It is all against 62 and 63.

Imran has shown he is immature everything but politician. He was my hero. Now he is zero.

Raza Babar Aug 20, 2014 02:57am

@Abdul you are right, Abdul. Let's celebrate the British Raj in Pakistan through the British sons of IK who have been raised in the House of Goldsmith and trained to rule. It's no different from IK himself who was educated in Aitchison College and claims the right of heritance from the British Raj to rule Pakistan!

sid Aug 20, 2014 02:57am

Everyone true democrat in Islamabad and thereabouts should join the march without delay!

Raza Babar Aug 20, 2014 02:59am

Indeed, if Nawaz Sharif has any political savvy and guts, he should get his supporters out!

Javid Malik Aug 20, 2014 03:01am

Not that I'm fan of any other politician but here is why our almost last hope for present is gone. Question I ask is what is better for Pakistan, a mob rule or an elected government off a some what fudged (having some degree of fraud) elections. Just imagine if you or any one else is elected tomorrow and another disgruntled politician does the same thing that you are doing so there will be no stability at all. Not sure if Pakistan ever had totally fair elections in the past or will have in near future. But from what I read last year after internationally monitored elections, that this was proably one of the fairest elections in Pakistan history.

I can understand if you were doing this to gain some political mileage but this has gone too far.I appeal to you Imran Khan for sake of Pakistan and your own political career, that it's about time to stop this or else you will be loosing even more support from public.

mike ghaous USA Aug 20, 2014 03:59am

Zardari was clever as he chose to become President in his party tenure. PMs are vulnerable. NS will cling to power as long as possible! it is their 'time' to do what ever they like.

nak Aug 20, 2014 04:18am

Can someone get me 50,000 people, I really want to be the prime

Shehz Aug 20, 2014 04:21am

Parliament house, the security will shoot on sight, they don't need permission from anyone. Once there is anarchy, military constitution will kick in; take over control. PTI is leading the next military take over.

Dr Khan' Aug 20, 2014 04:29am

Pathetic show by Imran Khan entered last using ladies and children as a shield and using words unexpected from some gentleman reflecting uncivilised brought up.Leaders should also not back out from their written commitments .He has embarrassed all who guaranteed for his promises.Associating himself with Qadri gang who wants to wrap up assemblies also exposes his weakness and desire to take over the PM house by force like a robber could not be expected from some politician.I am afraid if this man of such mentality one day gets some public office.

zafar Aug 20, 2014 04:30am

This is a victory for the people of Pakistan. This is a victory for justice, and the forces of evil are defeated. All those claiming nails in PTIs coffin are gagging from their feet in their mouths. A "New" Pakistan is born!

Anwar Amjad Aug 20, 2014 04:51am

The prime minister should not give in to any unconstitutional demand. I am not a fan of PML(N) but it is a matter of principle. Nobody can force a democratically elected prime minister to resign just by gathering a crowd. If the anarchists succeed this time then there will never be peace in the country. All the political parties and the whole country stand behind the government on this issue. The government should go to the courts immediately to stop Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri from imposing their arbitrary decisions.

Irtaza Khan Aug 20, 2014 05:12am

Wether i agree with IK & PTI's mob-iocracy or not...or even I see Imran Khan acting like a abusive child riding on a colourful flotilla full of ex-PMLN, PPP & Pro-musharraf politicians (sheikhs, makhdooms, qasooris etc...) marked with eccentricity and charged with thing i would say, that he has an abundance of courage and confidence and one of its only kind born in Pakistan!...he may become the PM one day or may not..but he will be remembered as man with steel!

Pak Rat Aug 20, 2014 05:15am

Hope this comes out well.

Shahpur Aug 20, 2014 05:19am

The way it looks there will be a National Unity Government soon. Pakistan has no other choice. It has to confront its demons as they are. Nawaz Shariff and his brother will be gone for good, one way or the other. Accountability is a another question for tomorrow.

Azam Khan Aug 20, 2014 05:48am

@Maverick he is trying to save your face not his own. He has succeeded in what he wanted to do. If some one like Imran Khan tries to correct a wrong why do people like you try to criticize him & support the corrupt.

Sunil Aug 20, 2014 06:06am

As an Indian, who is neither a fan of politics of IK, nor Sharifs, the situation appears anarchic. IK seems to have entered in a political abyss from which only the army can extradicae him. In the process he has weakened the democracy. He seems to be determined to make the nation pay any price for his political ambition. He has emerged as a political opportunist and adventurist. History may consider him as another misfortune for democracy of Pakistan. People of India should be watching these developments with concern

Sher Khan Aug 20, 2014 06:31am

Sometimes I take pity for this great leader for his unflinching support to the nation to change the latter's destiny. It is a pity that the nation could not respond to his call and the media is the one to be cursed for their negative campaign. History will curse the media men the most.

Javed Aug 20, 2014 06:53am

To all Pakistanis If you want honest person as your leader, have Imran Khan We all Pakistani Americans support him Nawaz Brothers are corrupt - You all Pakistanis, look at their lavish life style If you all still don't understand, then stay in poverty and lawless world forever- then you all deserve

Farhan Aug 20, 2014 06:57am

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting, and farewells him with hooting, only to welcome another with trumpeting again

A. J. KHAN Aug 20, 2014 06:59am

This man IK should be ashamed of himself. The kind of language he uses for NS . Do we really need this kind of leaders?

Chand S Aug 20, 2014 07:04am

I think this is now getting in to dangerous territory. This is now way to get rid of a civilian Govt and sets a very bad precedence. Generally the leaders who are good in bringing something down will not be able administrators or builders. I think if MR Sheriff quits, military will take over. RIP Democracy in Pakistan..

Khan Aug 20, 2014 07:17am

All the corrupt against the one and only khan.bravo

Jawad Aug 20, 2014 07:24am

@nak Yes you may get 50,000 people if you are willing to fight corrupt politicians and willing to fight for common people rights

Jawad Aug 20, 2014 07:35am

@Raza Babar 1- doubt he will be able to bring 1000s from Lahore to Islamabad 2- if he does , 100% riots and army will come. He will have to run for Umra.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Aug 20, 2014 07:36am

Congratulations! I slept when it was 0110 hours in Islamabad or 2310 in Kuwait and now when I am writing my comments it is 0534 here and 0734 in Islamabad and thanks Allah nothing untoward happened during this gap period for which I am heartily congratulating Imran + Qadri to remain peaceful and PM Nawaz to show patience not to charge the protesting crowd. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Former Diplomat / Kuwait /

Pragmatist Aug 20, 2014 07:43am

I suspect Imran and Tahir Qadri will fizz out soon. They have neither stamina nor a need for a push to get Nawaz out. Instead they are looking for hand outs to ease their lifestyle. I am sure Nawaz is filling bags with wads of cash to get rid of this nuisance.

AL Aug 20, 2014 07:54am

Really disappointing news that they enter in red zone.we only want a save Pakistan.IK this is not a cricket match.

Pakistani Aug 20, 2014 07:59am

@Beck Yes Keep women and children to safetyi is also called shameless attitude by so called great leader

Masoud Aug 20, 2014 08:20am

I will only hold Nawaz Sharif responsible for any undesirable action. Other than arrogance Nawaz Sharif has absolutely nothing to show now.

Rahela Aug 20, 2014 09:06am

Imran Khan never had any plans he just followed Dr. Qadri's plan and put's it on his shoulder. This was clear in his most important speech of his 18 years of politics. Lets not forget the realities.

Ajasbako Aug 20, 2014 09:07am

The problem is weak state institutions. Elections were rigged in front of our eyes, but Judiciary and regulators did not do any thing. Lack of checks and balances is the real flaw, which allowed people to do such things

kv singh Aug 20, 2014 09:08am

Imran khan is setting the example of how to grab the PM seat from others. Some one can do same with him after he becomes PM. Never seen democracy of this kind. Is this a democracy ? He does not do believe in voting system. He is showing his Immaturity . At this stage it is not good to have him as PM. What kind of share Mr. Qadri will get from him. Then fight between Imran and Qadri......Endless drama . God bless Pakistan and its people.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Aug 20, 2014 09:12am

Mian Nawaz Sharif can be winner and not loser. He should resign to satisfy Imran + Qadri which will avoid killing as well and normal life will return. Care taker government will be set up entrusted to conduct new elections. MNS should contest election and if he wins he becomes PM for 4th time-an unprecedented record in Pakistan history which I doubt can be broken even in a century so eventually MNS is the winner. Imran can be PM only after winning election unless after MNS ouster he wants to be care taker PM which I very much doubt. Think it seriously please. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Former Diplomat / Kuwait /

rajat Aug 20, 2014 09:18am

Indian Media is praising both Qadri and Imran Khan as heroes. Do people in Pakistan really share the sentiment. Why are people so upset with Nawaz Sharif? what has he done recently, couldn't get the reason for the current crisis.

Moona Aug 20, 2014 09:28am

If you think about it, why the persistent demand from both mobsters that the Sharif brothers step down? It has to be more than personal enmity (and what cause is there for personal enmity between the Sharifs and these two?) Maybe it's something bigger; maybe some other entity doesn't want Nawaz Sharif to build his China-Gawadar corridor. Maybe Dawn can write about that. As for the crowds, one look at them and one can imagine how desperately we need proper education in this country. Pakistanis have a singular blindness when it comes to other people's rights. I have seen this over and over and over again.

Rahela Aug 20, 2014 09:34am

@Javed You all Pakistani American are not living here. Imran Khan talks a lot but has few solutions. He too like you are living in luxury you in USA he in Banl Gala. So please come here and help solve the real issues.

rajat Aug 20, 2014 09:34am

Indian Media is praising Imran like a savior. Does Pakistani Media also praise him.. Is he the hero among masses. Whats the reason for current crisis? what has sharif done which has let all Pakistanis against him

Abassin Aug 20, 2014 09:37am

@M J Syed / Let us remember Nawaz is not Bush and IK is no Al Gore. American democracy and political system has evolved to where it is today, over a period of two hundred fifty years. While Pakistan in all is only sixty seven years old and barely at the ground level of democratic experiment, it will be indeed a long time, before our leaders and people at large can catch up with American democratic values.

Mustafa J. Aug 20, 2014 09:44am

This is an hour of trial for Pakistan. Imran Khan has no mandate from 180 million Pakistanis to demand resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regardless of how incompetent the Prime Minister may be. The rule of law must prevail. Pakistan is not a Banana Republic where anyone can gather 10 or 20 thousand people and demand overthrow of government under threat. If this menace is not dealt with with iron fist at all costs, similar demonstration will be faced by future governments. If the government fails to deal with the threat, it is time the Army should step in and bring law and in Pakistan to save Pakistan.

Fabionatoo Aug 20, 2014 10:03am

What an entertainment! Better than T20 / ODI and even Test Match. Thank you Mr. Imran!

Kris Aug 20, 2014 10:10am

Whatever IK is doing today is going to come back and bite him tomorrow. His actions are weakening a democratically elected government and strengthening the military. This is probably the beginning of the next military take over.

Khan Aug 20, 2014 12:17pm

@Saqib Naqvi come on man did you forget the live TV rigging of Plmn?

Gulfy Aug 20, 2014 12:19pm

@Pragmatist deserves Comment of the Year award.

Umer Aug 20, 2014 02:22pm

@z khan Sir, why should IK bring his son to these rallies when all he is trying to do is to oust the current family led governmental system?

arif Aug 20, 2014 03:42pm

@A. J. KHAN IK is doing well he is helping people of Pakistan, he wants to finish this decades corruptions politics, And he will succeed, IK's party is representing future of Pakistan, so Please support him and his party and be honest, we don't want to be IMF slaves rest of our life.NS is not competent man who can lead our country,if i compare Pak with India, Ind is doing well, democracy is there not in Pak, we need real democracy and NS is acting like Child, people don't want him,he should resign. be charged for killing 14 people in Lahore. Ik's kids and his other family members like his sisters and their kids are in this Azadi March, and NS has send his to uk. NS is always problem for Pak, he was kicked off before and after long time he came back to rob the country not to run, which he has done it. so go NS go and leave their what ever is left have luxury life out side as well .

arif Aug 20, 2014 04:01pm

@Kris : have you ever lived under military ruler , I think Gen: Zia's time was better than this current Democracy.

arif Aug 20, 2014 04:08pm

@Mustafa J. dear i suggest you to , have look how much loan we got in last 14 month, this NS is hungry for money, and trying to recover his loss which he had during his exile.

arif Aug 20, 2014 04:14pm

Pakistani nation has proved they are peaceful nation during these Rallies, So we are not symbol of terrorist any more.Thanks to all the protesters, and Islamabad Police and agencies.

NINO(USA) Aug 20, 2014 05:01pm

@Adil which cause? Pray delighted me as well. If anarchy is his cause, your thinking is valid.

Ram Aug 20, 2014 05:40pm

so all you need is 10 thousand people in country of 170 million to topple the government, seriously why not wait for 3 more years and go for elections there is lot can be achieved sitting in opposition, democracy will not function if there is no strong opposition, it will be like dictatorship only without a uniform

I am really baffled by some of the comments

Shash Aug 20, 2014 05:51pm

The picture is very haze from here. Not sure who is right or who is wrong..So better . ..keep quiet and finger -crossed

Taj Nazir Aug 21, 2014 05:11am

@Imran S Yes I'm not a fan of his intellect regarding political matters but one thing he is not and that's a coward. He is the kind of courage and strength that made Pakistan many years ago. This is exactly what is required to finally free us from this grip of corruption and handouts from foreign nations. Allah bless him.

Taj Nazir Aug 21, 2014 05:20am

Whatever happens from now on as long as their is no violence Pakistan will be seen in a totally different light by the world. I hope this is not premature but well done to the police and army so far. Ferguson in USA is rioting and Pakistan is peacefully protesting :)

Waqas Aug 21, 2014 10:27am

@Hasnain Haque Right to dance in front of Parliment :)

az Aug 21, 2014 12:14pm

@ghuman in democracy there is no such thing called last chance.