Massacre condemned

October 14, 2011


LAHORE: The Aligarh Old Boys Association has condemned the campaign of destruction let loose against the Muslim minority in India. The meeting, presided over by ex-Judge S.M. Sharif, was addressed among others by Maulana Salahuddin Ahmad and Hakim Ahmad Shuja.

Maulana Salahuddin said it was wrong to say that Aligarh communal riots were an internal affair of India. Islam, he said, was never limited by political boundaries and Muslims of the whole world were shocked to learn of the atrocities committed against their brethren in India.

He urged the Government of Pakistan to examine the question of raising the issue at the United Nations so that India’s so-called secularism might be fully exposed before the world body.

Dr I.H. Qureshi, Vice-Chancellor of Karachi University, commenting on the communal disturbances in Aligarh and other towns of Western UP said: “I feel greatly disturbed over these riots in Aligarh which is the centre of Muslim renaissance in this part of the world.”

He added: “As one connected with a university, I would appeal to my counterparts throughout India to exercise their influence with the students to ensure decency of public life so that the sufferings of a helpless minority may come to an end.”In Rawalpindi, meanwhile, Hukum Chand Anand, President of the Hindu Sudhar Saba, said yesterday that Hindus living in Pakistan would not celebrate Dussehra this year as a mark of sympathy with the innocent Muslims killed in riots in India.

He appealed to the Indian government to take effective measures to protect the Muslim minority. He added that the Hindu reactionary forces in India had put the Hindus living in Pakistan in a very embarrassing position as they were living in complete harmony with the Muslim majority.

In New Delhi, Atal Behari Bajpai, leader of Jan Sangh group in Lok Sabha, yesterday demanded a judicial inquiry into the disturbances.—Agencies