HYDERABAD, March 20: The Al-Habsh Community Development Organisation announced on Tuesday that the organisation would commemorate "Hosh Mohammad Sheedi Day" on March 23.

The organisation leaders Ghulam Hussain Qambrani and Sharjeel Aurangzeb Qambrani said at a news conference at the press club that Hosh Mohammad Sheedi was a hero who laid down his dear life fighting against the English occupiers.

Sheedi’s slogan "Marwesoon Per Sindh Na Desoon" (I will rather die than surrender Sindh) had become immortal and was on the lips every Sindhi even this day, they said.

They said that the organisation was trying to unite entire Sheedi community on one platform and create awakening among them. To questions they said that there were about 600,000 to 700,000 Sheedis in Sindh and there were many organisations besides theirs working for Sheedis at local level.

PPP: The Tando Muhammad Khan chapter of the People’s Party Parliamentarians (PPP) on Tuesday announced the party would launch a protest movement in the district against growing crimes rate.