Rallies amid pandemic

23 Oct 2020


Opposition parties have geared up their movement against the government. They have been organising large rallies and public gatherings in different cities. While the district administrations allow them to hold rallies by following standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to Covid-19, no political party is ever seen ensuring that these SOPs are followed.

Prominent political leaders can be seen on TV without a mask even when recent government reports show a rise in Covid-19 cases across the country.

Political leaders should show a responsible behaviour during a natural calamity or a pandemic. They should join hands with the government to ensure Pakistan is safe from a second wave of the pandemic.

As coronavirus has negatively impacted the national economy, we cannot afford to have a second wave of the virus.

I urge all the political leaders to keep people on top of their priorities. The government should constitute a committee to engage the opposition in a dialogue.

Their demand of electoral reforms is the desire of every citizen. A strong political system can ensure true democracy in the country. Opposition should also use parliament as the right platform to resolve its issues with the government.

Najaf Ali

Published in Dawn, October 23rd, 2020