These days, many of us have based many of our decisions upon help from motivational speakers, self-help books and YouTube videos. Whenever we watch a motivational video or listen to a motivational speaker, we feel a change inside but soon, we just get unplugged and need to be recharged again.

This constant need of listening to motivational speakers and self-help books creates a dependency in us that does not run until there is motivation. People who are stuck in their lives and don’t know how to move on don’t need motivation, they need realisation. They need to realise and wake up from the coma they are in. In fact, some people don’t know what’s going on in their lives is itself an inspiration to do something and move on.

There is no need for motivation, what is needed is one’s will and need for change. Those who dream, then sit and waste time in their comfort zone, thinking they are not good, they are just insulting their dreams and are suppressing their faith by each doubt they have about themselves.

If a motivational speaker puts you up and without him you’re down, then one day the same speaker becomes your biggest weakness. Like if you can’t move by yourself, then how will you will grow and learn from your past all by yourself?

I once motivated people and ended up watching videos to be inspired, which I was. But it made me rely on it and procrastinate and thus didn’t help at all.

What we really need is not motivation. It’s a system. Our country runs on a system, which is democracy. Our country does not depend on its leaders to watch YouTube videos for making a decision. Our country does not need a motivational speaker to tell our leaders where to spent money and our country does not depend upon a motivational book to announce a budget.

Why? Because our country has a system and runs with a system, not with a constant addiction to motivation. You need such a system that is self–inspired, based on the reason that you’re not where you should be, as a red emergency alarm, to move on. You’re at point A and you want to go to point Z, so the fact that you’re still on point C must be your inspiration to move on.

I am not entirely saying that motivational speakers, books and videos are futile. No, but when you create a system within you that runs itself based on purpose and targets, then it grows and evolves itself into something bigger and extraordinary.

You have to eliminate yourself from your present system of dependency on others and other things, because it is not serving well. You need to create an effective and affective system that runs with its own existence, not on a means to make it run.

Most important of all, you need to decide now; at this very moment. If you want a simple life of having nothing but just being simple, then be simple and live your life like so many others do, by just having a job and a family. But if you have dreams and want to add something to this world, then don’t you waste a single second.

If you waste a single second, then your system is disconnected from the purpose and is finding a motivational speaker or a push. You can’t rely on speakers for your beautiful and magnificent dreams that can forever change the world. But connect those dreams with your new effective system to be run, not pushed, because only motivational speakers push, push and push till you get down. If you have an effective system, then it runs as long as you get where you should be.

You don’t need Robin Sharma, Antony Robbins or a book on ‘How to succeed’, to tell you how to be like them. All you need is ‘yourself’, to make the world see who you can be — because that’s what you’re meant to be.

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 27th, 2020


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