Cigarette addiction

29 Feb 2020


THIS refers to tobacco smoking among youth – a menace which has been spreading fast across the country. Smoking is particularly common among college and university students, which leads them towards failure in their personal and professional life.

According to reports, 15 per cent of boys smoke in Pakistani universities, while six per cent of girls are addicted to cigarettes. Although there may be several reasons for cigarette smoking, pressure from classmates is the major reason for smoking. Students compel their class fellows to use cigarette as it is considered ‘fashionable’. This eventually becomes a habit and addiction.

Workload in educational institutions plays a role too as students are required to do a lot of assignments, quizzes and case studies. They adopt smoking as a source of ‘entertainment’ and fighting depression.

The authorities concerned should take steps to discourage smoking at educational institutions.

Mairaj Ahmed


Published in Dawn, February 29th, 2020