Story Time: Don’t put things off

November 09, 2019


“How did I end up like this again? What was I even thinking? Since when had I become a superhero who could magically do everything in three seconds flat?” Amal questioned herself while looking at her desk littered with her assignments and presentations glaring back at her. They seemed to be mocking her for neglecting them.

She sighed and flopped on her bed. It had all begun when her cousin had told her that she would be getting married. Since this was the first wedding in the family after a long time, everyone was excited. Since then, Amal had gone every day to her cousin’s house to see how the preparations were coming along, though her role was minimal. Looking back at it now, she wasn’t really needed for anything except to enjoy the wedding day.

And now she was regretting every second of it.

As the teachers gave her the assignments, she kept putting them away, telling herself that she could do them later. Days turned into weeks and now she found herself with at least a dozen assignments and hardly any time.

“I wish I had completed everything when I received it. Now I can’t even finish a single thing,” Amal thought sadly as she wiped the tears that spilled from her eyes.

Sighing, she got up from her bed and looked at the time. It was four in the afternoon. This alarmed her more than ever.

“I have to submit two assignments tomorrow and three the day after. Oh God! And that doesn’t even include the presentations!”

She began pacing back and forth in her room. Time was running out and so were her options of completing her work. The more she thought about her work, the more stressed she became.

Suddenly she had an idea, she grabbed her phone and called the only person she knew would help her in her time of need. Her best friend, Iman.

Iman was very understanding and patient as she let her friend talk and explain the situation. After Amal had stopped talking, she said, “I’ll help you this time Amal, but I hope you have learnt not to leave anything for tomorrow what can be done today.”

Hearing those words, Amal felt a weight lift off her shoulders. She eagerly nodded and said, “Trust me I’ve learnt my lesson all right.”

And with Iman’s help, Amal completed her work just in time for submission. She then vowed never to put off anything again for later.

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 9th, 2019