BISP & deputation

December 01, 2018


THE government established Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) in 2008 to eradicate poverty and enhance the financial capacity of poor people by distributing funds to the most underprivileged and vulnerable sections of society.

To some extent the programme has achieved a few targets, but somewhere they have failed to achieve desired results. This is because of inefficiency by and lack of commitment to work of the employees of the department.

Most employees are working with the BISP on deputation with handsome salaries and other fringe benefits. This is the reason many officials of various departments are keen to join the BISP.

This creates a shortage of employees in their parent departments.

On the one hand, the new government has started an austerity drive, on the other hand, funds of the poor sections of society are being misused because of huge allowances to deputed BISP employees.

No temporarily appointments should be made from other departments, and opportunities should be provided to unemployed competent persons.

Suhail Ahmed Shaikh


Published in Dawn, December 1st, 2018