SWABI: Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) chief Manzoor Pashteen said on Sunday that his party would continue its struggle for the rights of Pakhtun people within the parameters of the Constitution.

Addressing a public meeting here, he said Pakhtun people were facing a number of problems because of which they felt a sense of deprivation.

He said his organisation was working for resolution of Pakhtuns’ issues and giving them a better life.

Mr Pashteen said that after holding more public meetings in different Pakhtun-dominated areas the PTM would organise a protest in Islamabad which would continue till acceptance of the party’s demands.

He said PTM leaders wanted to hold negotiations with the government for solution of Pakhtun people’s problems.

He claimed that Pakhtun areas suffered long hours of power loadshedding and lacked basic facilities of life. Such things had created a sense of deprivation among Pakhtun people, he said, adding that the Pakhtun areas should be given their due share in national resources.

He said the PTM would not accept injustices with Pakhtun people and would continue its peaceful struggle for their rights.

He said that the PTM’s struggle was based on justice, peace and brotherhood.

Published in Dawn, August 13th, 2018