KOHAT: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf candidate for NA-32, Kohat, Shehryar Afridi has accused a rival candidate of buying votes and hurling threats at him.

Speaking at a public meeting on Hangu Road in his constituency here on Saturday, he alleged that the rival candidate was running his election campaign accompanying several gunmen.

“I am not afraid of death for which a day is fixed. I will win the polls by a big margin and he will lose despite using unfair means,” he said.

Meanwhile, 29 candidates will contest the elections for one National Assembly and three provincial assembly seats to woo a total of 506,699 registered male and female voters in the general elections in Kohat district.

According to the final list of candidates, Aftab Alam of PTI, Jameela Paracha of PML-N, Khalid Mehmood of Rahe Haq Party, Zar Wali Khan of Labaik Ya Rasoolullah, Shaukat Habib of MMA and Abdul Shakoor of PPPP would contest the elections for PK-80 seat.

Asif Saifullah of PPP, Iftikharuddin Khattak of ANP, Imtiaz Shahid of PTI, Mr Amin, Tehseen Ahmed of JUI-S, Shadad Khan of MMA and Shahbaz Khan of Rahe Haq Party have been left in the field in PK-81.

Badshah Gul of ANP, Pir Adil Shah of PPP, Jameela Paracha of PML-N, Qalbe Hassan of MMA, Ziaullah Bangash of PTI and Asmatullah of Rahe Haq Party would contest elections for PK-82.

ACTION SOUGHT: A resident of Naway Kallay here has sought a suo motu action by the Supreme Court against a surgeon of KDA hospital who allegedly left a piece of cloth inside body of his wife during an operation and she later died of infection.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Fateh Khan, a resident of Naway Kallay, said that his wife complained of pain in her belly which was diagnosed as infection of gall bladder.

The surgeon, Tahir Bangah, operated on her and removed the bladder and discharged her after a few days. However, she kept on complaining of pain after which he took her to a private hospital in Peshawar where ultrasound report showed a piece of cloth in the belly.

“I took her to Healthways Hospital in Kohat where Dr Waseem removed the cloth on May 25, 2018, and she was again admitted, but she did not survive and died on June 21,” Fateh Khan said.

Published in Dawn, July 1st, 2018