"Elections in Pakistan are being run by men, for men and of men," Uks, a research centre focusing on women and the media, observed in a press release on Thursday after an analysis of print and electronic media coverage of elections so far.

If one goes by the 24/7 news channels or even most of the print media, then elections in Pakistan are being run by men, for men and of men. Women only appear when there is a mention of alleged monitory corruptions of political party/ies, or moral corruption of a leader heading another party, or some dispute over tickets distribution. ─ Uks

"Though there is now a sizeable number of women anchors and newscasters, men continue to be the ones who select and decide what all is carried as news and views," Uks said, demanding producers "to initiate a conscious, concerted work to produce gender-neutral and gender-sensitive media content."

While all parties will be granting 5 per cent of their general tickets to female candidates — as is now mandated by law — most of a handful of prominent women leaders will contest on reserved seats and the 5pc quota remains a token like many other provisions for women's equality.