Behold, the "richest" contender for a seat in the upcoming general elections has finally come forward with declared assets worth over Rs400 billion.

Yes. You read that right.

Rs400 b.i.l.l.i.o.n

Mohammad Hussain Shaikh's claimed fortune makes the Sharifs, Bhuttos, Khan and other prominent politicians look like peasants.

The chhupa Rustam claims to be the owner of around 40 per cent of Muzaffargarh city.

According to him, large tracts of land in five areas in and around Muzaffargarh, which had been disputed for around 88 years, have recently been returned to his legal ownership after the Supreme Court ruled in his favour in a property dispute.

We have so far not found a relevant Supreme Court order, but the Sheikh seems to be pretty sure of his phenomenal riches.

But his empty tax returns section and only vehicle — a 1992 Land Cruiser — show that there's more to this story.