ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar formally inaugurated the Safe Cities project in Islamabad on Monday.

The first-of-its-kind project has a price tag of Rs126 million, according to the interior minister.

Nearly 1,800 surveillance cameras have been installed across the federal capital as part of the project, whose command and control centre in a bombproof building at H-11 will monitor important buildings, entry and exit points, roads, commercial centres and a sizable portion of the city’s residential areas.

Speaking to the media, the minister emphasised the importance of police reforms and said the project's success depends on the due performance of duty by the police and law enforcement.

"This project will be a failure if the deployed police do not perform their duties properly."

A comprehensive plan prepared to make Quetta and Gwadar safe cities costing Rs10 billion is also in the works and the provincial government has already approved Rs3bn for the purpose.

"This is true policing, where every corner of Islamabad can be seen on camera," said Nisar. "After a month's monitoring, the number of checkpoints in the city will also be reduced."

"Closed roads on Constitution Avenue have been opened."

The project has been operational since March, awaiting formal inauguration.