Pharmacists Day

September 25, 2015


THE International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) — the international body for pharmacists and pharmaceutical societies-- observes the World Pharmacists Day on Sept 25 to commemorate the day the FIP was founded in 1912.

The pharmacy profession has added value to the world in terms of good health and prosperity. The health sector’s lifeline is medicine; without drugs and other pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and beauty products, the world would not have reached this stage of advancement, growth and development.

Pharmacists are specialists in medicines who understand its composition, chemical and physical properties, manufacture, use, side-effects and interactions with food and other medicines. They educate the public on the correct use of medicines and on the maintenance of health.

A pharmacist will advise you on how and when to take your medicines for maximum effect, how to reduce side effects, how to avoid drug-to-drug interactions, especially for patients taking many drugs (comorbidity), food intake to prevent untoward drug-food interaction and the use of medical devices such as inhalers, nebulisers and syringes.

Pharmacists are an authority on drug matters and are drug experts. Trust them, open up to them, follow their counsel and they will be in the best position to add value to your health.

Sesan Kareem
Lagos, Nigeria

Published in Dawn, September 25th, 2015

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