THIS is apropos the article ‘In the name of the father’ (March 30), an interview with Rukhsaar Amrohi, daughter of the late Syed Amir Haider aka Chandan known as Kamal Amrohi, a legend in the Indian film industry. It seems more of a clarification than a narrative of his daughter, ‘bitiya’, about her father and his love, Meena Kumari.

While explaining her father’s relationship with Meenajee, she said that after marriage Meenajee said she could not be a housewife or ‘a child-bearing machine’… The letters that were exchanged between them are proof that she never wanted a child.

I refer to a book titled Meena Kumari meri Bhabhi, a long interview given by Muhammad Mehdi aka Achan known as Rais Amrohi, first cousin and close confidant of Kamal Amrohi. The interview was conducted by Amir Hussain Chaman. The book was published by the Pakistan Press Information. This also contains a detailed interview of Ms Zeba, who claimed to be the daughter of Kamal Amrohi and Meenaji.

In her extended interview she revealed many facts, how she reached Pakistan, including the ordeal she had undergone when the family in which she was brought up and married, after unveiling the secret, disowned her along with her two children.

She finally met Nisar Ahmed Nizamani from Sanghar, married him and is at present happily settled with her family.

According to her, she remained in touch with Jaun Elia, her youngest uncle who accepted her as his niece.

According to her, Jaun Elia told her that at the time of death he was present at the bedside of Kamal Amrohi. He was extremely sad the way he dealt with Meenaji and his daughter. He pleaded that in case he ever met his daughter, he should ask her to forgive her hapless father.

Manzoor H. Kureshi