Hafiz Saeed challenges India to prove he is a terrorist

Updated August 15, 2013


Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. — File photo
Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. — File photo

LAHORE: Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed called on Wednesday for setting up an independent judicial commission to investigate if he was a terrorist or not. “You (India) are continuously calling me a terrorist. But I am not a terrorist, and if you are not satisfied, an independent judicial commission comprising senior lawyers and judges from India and Pakistan should investigate whether I am guilty. Whatever verdict the commission announces I will accept that,” he said while addressing the “Takmeel-i-Pakistan Caravan” held here on The Mall to mark the Independence Day.

The rally reflected the anger of the JuD leaders and workers over continuous shelling and firing by India in Pakistan’s territory at various sectors of the Line of Control (LoC).

“The on-going firing and shelling into Pakistani areas by Indian troops are a matter of grave concern for us. Such Indian behaviour is not only irritating but also forcing us to respond in the same way,” Mohammad Saif, a JuD worker, told Dawn.

The participants of the rally raised slogans against India when speakers, including Hafiz Saeed, rejected India’s demand to Pakistan for handing over Mr Saeed to it.

The Jud chief became harsh while rejecting the India’s demand. “You (India) look to be very eager to get me. Don’t worry I myself will visit India. And if I visited there you (the Indian government) will not stay there,” he warned.

He said since everyone in India was calling him a terrorist they should see JuD’s relief work for flood-hit people.

“Hafiz Saeed doesn’t threaten you but he is only exposing you before the world. You are the country that ruined us through releasing floodwater into Pakistan every year. You are generating electricity by using our water unlawfully. You are the people who are behind bomb blasts in Pakistan, mainly in Balochistan. You are killing innocent Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir,” he deplored.

Mr Saeed called the LoC firing an Indian trick to force Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to hand him over to Delhi. He urged Mr Sharif not to make India a friend unless it confessed all its crimes.

“We are ready to make you friend, but prior to that you must avoid firing/shelling at the LoC, killing innocent freedom fighters in Kashmir, interfering in the affairs of Balochistan and releasing floodwater into Pakistani areas,” he said.