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Former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.—File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Giving a clean chit to the military leadership, the Lal Masjid commission report holds former president General (retired) Pervez Musharraf, former prime minister Shaukat Aziz and his political allies, responsible for the 2007 operation on the mosque in which 103 people were killed.

The commission, consisting of Justice Shehzada Sheikh of the Federal Shariat Court (FSC), recommended that those responsible for the operation should have murder cases registered against them and suggested that the former rulers of the country should be forced to pay compensations to the aggrieved families.

The 304 page report, that was submitted to the Supreme Court by the commission on March 22, 2013, pointed out that after six years it was not easy to condone the lack of accountability that public position holders responsible for execution of this tragic incident have faced. Such an attitude is evidence of their irresponsibility, apathy in attitude and callousness in dealing with this human tragedy, declared the report.

“It was quite clear from the number, level and nature of state actors, that they could have only moved, maneuvered and acted on all-inclusive direction and potent command. It evidently surfaces from the record also. This also shows that the coalition partners in power, particularly the prime minister and the cabinet were not absolutely in the dark”, it added.

The report contended that history could not easily digest the notion that then president, prime minister, cabinet particularly interior minister and other concerned ministers of Parliament and political parties, were not aware of the operation, adding that hypothetically even if it was so, the political leadership at the helm of affairs cannot be absolved of the responsibility for the incident, particularly when it carries criminal liability.

In evasive statements, according to reports, public office holders admitted negligence or failure to take cognizance of the human tragedy by not responding to the situation through their own judgments and decisions and not implementing the writ of the government. If the decisions were being taken by the president alone, then were they being questioned or just being blindly endorsed by all, the authors of the report wondered.

It added that the prime minister and cabinet members "share responsibility which clearly carries liability with criminality."

The commission held that Mr Shaukat Aziz was in the loop along with the cabinet members and coalition partners as his compliant team.

Commenting over the military operation, the report maintained that the Islamabad administration fulfilled legal requirements for requisitioning the military to deal with the militants. It said that the under article 245 of the constitution of Pakistan the federal government may call the armed forces to defend foreign aggression or to act in aid of civil power.

As a member of the armed forces, every soldier takes the oath to uphold the constitution and serve Pakistan as required by and under the law, said the report, adding that the armed forces were called upon by the federal government in accordance with article 245 of the constitution.

The commission also gave some short term and long term recommendations to fix the wrongs that were committed during the Lal Masjid incident.

For the short term, the commission recommended that the aggrieved families may be given compensation in accordance with the Islamic laws. And that any person who was injured or disabled in the incident may also be paid compensation and given coverage for complete medical treatment.

It further recommended that the plot on which Jamia Hafsa was built may be allotted to this seminary, adding that Capital Development Authority (CDA) may construct a building for Jamia Hafsa, as per directions of the Supreme Court, at its previous location.

In the long term, the report recommended that the syllabus of the seminaries “may be broadened to include modern sciences, merit based competitive examination system may be introduced within the ‘madaris’, integrated into national system, open to attest, certification and equivalence under the independent national institutions.”

It recommended that town planning at all urban and rural levels should make sufficient provision for amenity plots for mosques and modern madrassah schools to cater to the needs of a quickly expanding population.

The commission also suggested that “CDA and ministry of religious affairs should develop standard plans, syllabi, system of inspection, examination and equivalence as a system" in madrassahs, and try to "integrate [them] with the main stream educational system and social economic sectors where graduates of these institutions may be absorbed.”

Comments (49) Closed

Khanzada Apr 21, 2013 08:23am
Shocking outcome! President Musharraf was fully justified at the time to take the necessary action against the traitors and terrorists who were defying the Laws of the land and were inside the Seminary and armed with guns and ammunition! Why does the Lal Masjid Commision fail to hold those who created this situation accountable including Maulana Abdul Ghazi and his Fanatical Terrorist Followers who were breaking the law of the land and had occupied this place? This report is unjust and it is unacceptable to find no blame or responsibility being attched to the perpetrators of the crimes by Maulana Abdul Ghazi and his gang of armed followers! WHY is the report so unfair and unjust and what did the Commission expect Musharraf to do in this situation when the Lal Maajid occupants had broken the law and were trying to set up their own little "State within a State"? SHAME ON THE LAL MASJID COMMISSION!
Ali Naqash Apr 21, 2013 11:36am
No crimes?? Is killing, murdering and kidnapping innocent pakistanis not a crime? This is precisely what he has done before the lal masjid operation where so many pakistanis who had nothing to do with terrorism were sent to US yet even today they have NO crimes associated with them what so ever!
sajid Apr 21, 2013 11:13am
What a shame !!! no one can fix this country and if you try than they will make example out of you. "General "we are with you no matter what they say. Lal masjid was made consulate of TTP and acted as enemy of the state and any body who supported and still support Lal Masjid are enemy of the state.
marghoob ahmed siddiqui Apr 21, 2013 07:08pm
Is Masjid a place of storing weapons? What Moulvi and his fellows were doing there? In fact those who were inside Masjid are responsible for this and not Musharraf. Utmost patience was exercised by Government at that time. Every one including Chaudhry Shujat is witness to that. But this turncoat will not talk now.
Arif Apr 21, 2013 11:04am
We had heard Law is blind. Now all people associated with bringing impartial justice are getting into the same fold. Height of insanity.
faaziz Apr 21, 2013 10:30am
Why not just give up the country to the mad men from the mountains and be done with it once and for all? No wonder this nation is self destructing itself.
awakening Apr 21, 2013 01:15pm
Musharaf is one true sincere leader with gutts may ALLAH protect him
Imraan Mehmood Apr 21, 2013 01:13pm
Musharraf supporters are crying like babies
Shahzad Latif Apr 22, 2013 12:28am
not really!
Owais Apr 21, 2013 02:28pm
every comment favouring mr. musharaf is getting around 25 thumbs up. :) is this coincidence or ......
guest Apr 22, 2013 01:28am
What a hopeless country is Pakistan? Everything is being said and done to denounce the military operation. But has any court looked at why those people were holding weapons inside the mosque, what there motives were? Such a hopless system this is. Those people inside the mosque were not students they were terrorist to the core. Had they been not dealt with such a force, you would find a Lal masjid in every corner of the country. If our judicial system considers such idiots not be terrorists? they why are we fighting against taliban and all? These people had a motive that didnt fit with the ideology of Quaid-e-azam and future of pakistan. Hence they met their fate. I dont support any of the Pakistani leaders, since all of them have personal motives and greed. But I will definately support Musharaf on this one.
raja hindustani Apr 22, 2013 06:51pm
I hate Musharraf for his kargil adventure against India but for Lal masjid operation I salute him. He did right thing. no criminal should escape just because he is hiding inside any worship place.
N.P. Apr 21, 2013 01:36pm
Who's going to explain to me how the Armed Forces personals died????
Habib Rahman Apr 21, 2013 11:59pm
This country is suffering from judicial activism.Lal masjid can be compared to the miltary operation in Golden Temple ordered by MRS. INDRA GHANDI to flush out militants and ammunition deposited by the militants.It was a security risk for the nation.Damn if you do it , Damn if you do not.What bombs are doing in the place of worship?.Long live Musharraf.All the civilian govts should get to gether to defeat Musharraf or any miltary led govt in the achieving higher GDP growth for the nation and prosperity and corruption free govt.
Khalid Apr 21, 2013 03:47pm
I can not believe what I am hearing and reading. It is disgusting to hear that the Lal Masjid organisers (one of them was wearing a burka when running away from Lal Masjid) have been made heroes in Pakistan. These people are criminals and treated as such. Where did they accumulate all the firearms from?. Who gave them the finances to buy arms?. Who allowed them to build a mosque where it is?. Who allowed them to have a madrasa?. What qualifies these people (I understand these were two brothers) to have a school?. As my late father once said, if they are firing from the mosuqe, Musharaf should have the guts to bomb the mosque and clean the rubbish out. Wish Musharaf did exactly that.
Masood hussain Apr 21, 2013 03:30pm
Report is one sided and biased. Minister of religious affairs and minister of interior in th en govt should be taken to task for letting the situation grow to challenge the govt. writ.
sami Apr 21, 2013 05:47pm
would you still do so if it was your imam bargha
Tariq Apr 21, 2013 02:03am
Who is held responsible for the lives of eleven soldiers killed by terrorists in Lal Masjid
Catchapalooza Apr 21, 2013 02:10am
This is unbelievable. Who compiled this report? Maulana himself??? They are in a way saying that Lal Masjid operation was wrong? Even with all their arsenal and masked gunmen and baton bearing students? Give me a break.
MAlvi Apr 21, 2013 02:16am
The president, prime minister and cabinet are responsible for the action taken, but the action was right and responsible. What else could be done - let the anarchy continue? I again say, stop this nonsense and think of country's problems. Musharraf did not commit any crimes; just leave him alone, otherwise prepare for the consequences.
A H Nayyar Apr 21, 2013 02:24am
I am dying to see what the report has to say for the citizens who took law into their hands, desecrated a mosque by piling up sophisticated wweapons in it and by hosting in it dozens of warriors trained for waging war against the state, for being the centre of illegal vigilante actions against other citizens, for looting shops and making a bonfire of the property looted from the shops, for abducting citizens and policemen, for waging war against teh state by killing a number of soldiers and officers of Pakistan army. Those people were anti-state militants by any definition. How can such people be absolved of their crime against the state? Any person, be it a judge of a superior court, who does not condemn such militants, and only condemns action taken by the state against them, is clearly condoning the religious militancy. I am therefore dying to see the full report, if only to see how far have Taliban infiltrated into our society.
Haider Apr 21, 2013 02:29am
This is ridiculous. There were definitely terrorists in that mosque. So all the army men that were killed in that operation died of friendly fire? Also, they were not ordinary soldiers but SSG men. So for a group of people in a masjid to be able to confront trained commandoes is no laughing matter. The best thing would have been to demolish that structure called a masjid and turn it into a park or something of good for the community since that masjid was definitely not being used as a house of worship. Also, the state should have no business in giving plots and land for masjids/madrassas. That will automatically mean that the state is involved in promoting one view of Islam over the other. The Judiciary is responsible for the madness that is called Pakistan. Terrorists are running all over the place with impunity and if they are ever caught the judges let them go.
Muhammad Farooq ON, Canada Apr 21, 2013 02:32am
very well timed submission of the report (March 22, 2013) and now made public. Why it took years and years to submit this report is a big quetion mark regardless of guilt or innocence of the actors mentioned in the report. It forces us to think and re-think about our judicial system.
Naveed Apr 21, 2013 02:32am
No self-respecting government could have tolerated the incineration, contempt of law and disrespect to Islam that was in place at the time. This is what has been wrong with Pakistan for last five years, inability to deal with religious fanatics and terrorist with an iron fist. This report is nothing short of cuddling terrorists and anti-Pakistan elements..
siddiq karim Apr 21, 2013 02:34am
Illegal means illegal. It does not matter if it is Masjid or Church or Temple. I support Musharraf on that and not the Shariah Justice, period.
Unfortunate Pakistani Apr 21, 2013 02:47am
Biased and morally corrupt judges cannot be expected to give any other verdict.
Mustafa Apr 21, 2013 03:04am
Shame on judiciary. I wish I had million dollars so I can sue these judges and PML who are silent. These lal masjid snakes are responsible for murder of 35k Pakistani by Taliban minded enemy of Pakistan
shawn Apr 21, 2013 03:11am
Nonsense report. That was Lal Qila not a masjid. These mullahs were dreaming of capturing Islamabad.
MAlvi Apr 21, 2013 03:14am
Having seen what is going on in Pakistan, it gives the feeling that the same people are going to come back to form government, and peoples problems are going to continue. There will be scarcity of food, water, electricity and every thing else. One solution comes to mind: the military should declare martial law and make these thugs disappear from the scene. Pakistan needs a new constitution any way.
Syed Shah Apr 21, 2013 03:25am
As a head of State what else did you expect the President should have done? The only blame you can give is he delayed action trying to peacefully resolve the stand off. That was a mistake. He should have acted decisively much earlier which he was force to do in the end. A terrorist is a terrorist in any form or shape. If books, pencils, copies, erasers and teachers are found in a school is expected but what were the guns and jihadis doing there? The action had to take place one time or the other. And whenever that happened the same was going to be the result. The anchors like Shahid Masood, Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain and the like influenced by the religious and militant threats caved in and made out a case as if Musharraf was doing all bad. Their was a full government that was taking action. Any credit or discredit all share. The chief responsibility was on the Prime Minister of the time Shaukat Aziz. The world seems to have forgotten him and the cabinet and the parliament and is just running after Pervez Musharraf as it he is the cause of all problems. After he was gone you have had a full five year government but no and still the media keeps blaming Musharraf is height of mental bankruptcy.
Luqman. Apr 21, 2013 03:45am
So to sum up this article, I can only understand that the government of Pakistan, with all parties involved was responsible for the operation in the Lal Masjid incident. What part of that was unclear in the past 6 years that this report has brought to light? The notion that the government should "pay" the families of gun-toting terrorists or that those who attempted to act against terrorist be liable for the charge of murder is ridiculous. The report reaffirms that those with weapons and the ability to terrorize others will always be the protagonists in Pakistani society.
Shahzad Latif Apr 21, 2013 04:01am
today indeed is one of the darkest days in the history of Pakistan!
Zubair Malik Apr 21, 2013 04:06am
These were the very people who didn't have the guts to initiate such actions for the last five years..Now that everybody is inflicting the 69 year old retired general, the very same gang of bonanza are inflicting as many blows against the retired person to satisfy their egos and personal grudges....shame on all of the azad media and azad all deserve to be punished because judiciary and the judges, you are the reason behind the injustice prevailing in the whole country
DR.SOHAIB RANA Apr 21, 2013 04:08am
Justice must be done whatever the reality is...In fact If some girls occupy a public library is wrong but not so wrong to be punished Death.
Jalaluddin S. Hussain Apr 21, 2013 04:19am
This military dictator must be tried in a court of law for the multiple murders.
Sajid684 Apr 21, 2013 04:44am
I am surprised that now media, politicians and judiciary are all talking about Lal Masjid operation. If we rewind the time, all these interfaces were talking and broadcasting against Lal Masjid Mullas and students. Is a government not responsible to evict such elements from the capital of a country espacially when they weere given enough warning to surrender. I think the operation was justified and should have been dealt so.
Imran A. Apr 22, 2013 05:19pm
Yes, if you were holding weapons instead of Quran
fus Apr 21, 2013 05:53am
What a crap full of report and observation? should just asked the Lal Masjid maulvi to lead the commission. What is the hell happening in Pakistan? next you should hold ANP responsible for swat operation. Had we taken similar actions in the past, we could have saved ths country from the menace of extremism. This judiciary has become a joke. They appear to be part of religious extremism. The people in Lall Masjid were not angels, they were given ample time to disarm, almost six mulk ka allah hi hafiz hae, with such judiciary you dont need any enemy from outside....
Naved Apr 21, 2013 06:05am
This report is biased. It did not say anything about the presence of terrorist in Lal masjid before the operation. It did not say that how Lal masjid student took law in their hand and challenge writ of the the government. It seems, this report is made to target Musharraf.
iqbal Apr 21, 2013 06:11am
Atleast what Pervez Musharraf did with Lal Masjid was good for the people of Pakistan and for the country. He is the only man who has the guts to run that operation. Well Done Musharraf.
mani419 Apr 21, 2013 06:19am
Why there is no word on Abdul Rasheed Ghazi and his Brother Abdul Aziz? It means there were correct and challenging the writ of the government? Can we do this as well? Or since the investigating officer was himself a Judge of Federal Shariat court and like all other Maulvis try to avoid on such mindset? What is the motive behind this kind of report. I can understand the motive atleast, behind this news post, as the caption says it all. Why do we have to be so diplomat when it comes to point out mistakes in mullah party? When will we learn?
mohd Taj Apr 21, 2013 06:54am
Punish the good guy leave the crooks, no wonder the country going to hell. Justice what justic
Khayambeg Apr 21, 2013 07:30am
extreme people with their extreme behaviors.....
Common Caho Apr 21, 2013 08:34am
What about the statement of Mulana Abdul Aziz and his wife claiming that hundred and thousands innocent girls and womans were killed in the incidents
Mustafa Apr 21, 2013 10:15pm
Not my comments. Another Mustafa. But I agree with him.
faisal Apr 21, 2013 09:18am
hence it proves that our judicial system is hijacked by religious fanatics
asad Apr 21, 2013 09:19am
only terrorist were killed.. and criminal elements must be dealt the same way.. as were
Asad Kazmi Apr 21, 2013 09:22am
i back musharraf for 100 more such operations in the well being of nation..
A.Shah Apr 21, 2013 12:24pm
I agree with you, question is, Maulana in TV interview accepted that they had 14 to 16 guns and why government forces are using heavy weapons against. Same mosque as passed the "Fatwa that Pak Fauje wajib ul qatil hai". That maulana can come out in Burqa to save his skin but he never care about those children who were trusted in his custody to teach them islam not to make them shield and sacrifice them to protect some terrorist who are fighting against the existence of Pakistan. So please stop calling it Lal Masjid it was terrorist camp. Action taken against them was 100% appropriate, if the politicians of that time are Musharaf for that, then they should have resigned from the parliament and should have protested at that time against Musharaf.