Poor Rich Boy

June 22, 2012


Poor Rich Boy took off in 2008, when Danish Khawaja, Shehzad Noor Butt and Zain Ahsan began working on a song. After Khawaja’s exit, Noor and Ahsan played as a duo for the next two years, performing at restaurants and open mics. In 2010, Zain Moulvi joined them on bass and Raavail Sattar on drums. The latest member Poor Rich Boy, Umer Khan joined the band on vocals and guitars. Well-known among Lahore’s underground circuit, the band has surfaced with their brand of sincere music, with well thought out poetry, and intelligent songwriting executed with maturity. For a change, here is a band that exudes certain genuineness, with songs that have depth and layers that leave interpretation up to the listener.