Chundrigar dies in London

September 27, 2010


LONDON Mr I.I. Chundrigar, a former prime minister of Pakistan, died in a London clinic late last night. He was taken to the clinic following a sudden haemorrhage last week. He arrived here last month after the conclusion of the International Law Conference in Hamburg. Upon his arrival, he had said he planned to have a medical check-up at the Royal Northern Hospital where he had earlier undergone an operation some time ago. He had the check-up and was discharged from the hospital only recently. The fatal haemorrhage he then had last week, therefore, surprised everyone here.

Mr Chundrigar became unconscious following the haemorrhage and he died at the London clinic in Harley Street last night. In Karachi, meanwhile, funeral arrangements are being made. The body is expected to be flown in from London tomorrow. The place and time of the burial will be decided after the arrival of the body.

One of Mr Chundrigar's sons, Mr Abu Bakr, who is in London studying law, was with his father at the time of his death. His elder son, Mr Abdullah Chundrigar, flew to London yesterday morning after hearing from family members that his father's condition had deteriorated.

The news of his death came as a painful shock to his many friends and admirers in Karachi. One of the trusted lieutenants of the Quaid-i-Azam, he was among Pakistan's top lawyers and was the president of the Pakistan Bar Association. Currently, he was holding two important posts as chairman of the Price Commission and the Company Law Commission.

As mentioned by Mohtarma Miss Fatima Jinnah, Mr Chundrigar throughout his political career was with the Muslim League in whose ranks he attained prominence even before the establishment of Pakistan.

Moscow promises surprise?

NEW YORK A Moscow Radio announcement that it will broadcast a programme called 'A Day in the World' next Tuesday has set the Western world buzzing with speculation that the Russians are planning to retrieve a man from space on that day. One theory was that Russia had already launched a manned space vehicle and was hoping to recover it on Tuesday or announce its recovery on the day in the world programme.