ISLAMABAD, Aug 14: President Gen Pervez Musharraf has conferred civil awards on 154 citizens of Pakistan and 17 foreign nationals for excellence in various fields of activities.

The awards will be given to the recipients at an investiture ceremony on the Pakistan Day, on March 23, 2008.

Following are the names of the recipients of the awards.

HILAL-I-PAKISTAN: Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (services to Pakistan).

HILAL-I-SHUJA’AT: Late Malik Muhammad Saad (Gallantry), Inspector Hassan Khan (Gallantry).

HILAL-I-IMTIAZ: Prof Dr Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary (Chemistry), Justice Ameerul Mulk Mangel (Public Service), Lt-Gen Syed Shujaat Hussain (Public Service), Mrs Bilquis Edhi (Social Work), Prof Jawad Sajid Khan (Public Service-Medicine), Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan (Social Services).

HILAL-I-QUAID-I-AZAM: Prof Yu Xintian (Services to Pakistan), Mr Chen Haosu (Services to Pakistan), Sheila Jackson Lee (Services to Pakistan), Ambassador Karen P. Hughes (Services to Pakistan).

SITARA-I-PAKISTAN: Behroze Sethna (Social Service), Mr Rinat Akhmetov (Services to Pakistan).

SITARA-I-SHUJAAT: Late Khan Raziq Khan (Gallantry), Sher Akbar (Gallantry), Tariq Mahmood (Shaheed) (Gallantry), Late Muhammad Salim (Gallantry), Sharfuddin Memon (Gallantry), Late Abid Ali (Gallantry).

SITARA-I-IMTIAZ: Chaudhry Nazir Ahmad (Science), Riaz Ahmad (Engineering), Dr Khursheed Alam Butt (Science), Amjad Parvez Uppal (Engineering), Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan (Science), Prof Dr A.Q.K Rajput (Education), Prof Dr Fazal Ahmed Khalid (Engineering), Dr Mohammad Miyanoor Wala Amin (Medicine), Dr Matin Ahmed Khan (Education), Dr Naveed Akhtar Malik (Education), Ms Reshman (Art-Folk/Sufi Singer), Shoaib Mansoor (Art-Film/TV Producer), Hamid Ali Khan (Art-Singing), Late Dr Aftab Ahmed (Literature), Ejaz Rahim (Literature-English Poetry), Hashim Khan (Sports-Squash), Ijaz A. Khokhar (Public Service), Maj-Gen Mian Nadim Ejaz (Public Service), Late Abdul Raziq Bugti (Public Service), Azhar Mehmood (Public Service), S.M. Muneer (Public Service), Mian Zahid Hussain (Public Service), Liaquat H. Merchant (Public Service), Pirzada Syed Inquilab Matri (Public Service), Commander Feroz Shah (Public Service), Kh Iqbal Hassan (Public Service), Khalid Al-Maeena (Services to Pakistan), Gool Hamid Beegum (Services to Pakistan), Shun Imaizumi (Services to Pakistan).

PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE: Jamaluddin Ahmed (Engineering), Dr Liaquat Ali Khan (Nuclear Engineering), Ghulam Mohyuddin (Experimental Physics), Sohail Ahmed (Engineering), Syed Zia Hasnain (Nuclear Engineering), Ziafat Hussain (Science), Dr Muhammad Shahzad (Engineering), S Tauqeerul Islam (Engineering), Muhammad Arshad (Science), Dr Farhan Saif (Science), Dr Syed Abdul Mujeeb (Medicine), Dr Muhammad Saeed Khokhar (Meicine), Syeda Anese Fatima Majid Khan (Education), Allah Bukhsh (Art- Khussa Making), Akhtar Munir (Art-Wood Carving), Gopal Das (Art- Tie & Dye), Haji Mehr Ali and Haji Sher Ali (Art-Qawwali), Nahid Raza (Art-Visual Arts), Gul Bahar Bano (Art-Singing), Mujahid Hussain (Art-Composer), Late Rasheed Malik (Art-Music), Sultana Siddiqui (Art-TV Producer/Media Professional), Abdul Karim Balouch (Art-TV Producer/Drama Writer), Abdul Qadir Junejo (Art- Drama Acting), M. Hanif Raza (Art-Photography), Nasreen Askari (Art & Culture), Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan (Art-Singing), Mansoor Rahi (Art-Painting), Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan (Art-Classical Singing), Noorul Huda Shah (Literature-Playwright), Dr Saleem Akhtar (Literature), Late Dr Tanveer Abbasi (Literature-Poetry), Prof Muhammad Taha Khan (Literature-Poet), Lt-Cdr Zahid Rauf (Sport-Yachting), Nida Waseem (Sports-Tennis), Zubair Ahmed (Sports-Kabaddi), Shahid Rehman (Sports-Jockey).

SITARA-I-QUAID-I-AZAM: Dr Fang Jianying (Services to Pakistan), Zhu Changbing (Services to Pakistan), Sir Nicholas John Barrington (Services to Pakistan).

TAMGHA-I-SHUJA’AT: Late Muhammad Jamshed (Gallantry), Late Abdul Aleem (Gallantry), Nasreen Nasir (Gallantry), Late Bostan Gul (Gallantry), Qurban Ali (Gallantry), Late Muhammad Abdullah (Gallantry), Late Imtiazul Haque (Gallantry), Late Muhammad Naeem (Gallantry), Late Ahmed Noor (Gallantry), Late Naseer Ahmed (Gallantry), Late Fareed Khan (Gallantry), Late Jawaid Ahmed (Gallantry), Late Yasir Iqbal (Gallantry), Mubarak Hussain (Gallantry), Late Nazar Muhammad (Gallantry), Late Faizur Rehman (Gallantry), Muhammad Sadiq (Shaheed) (Gallantry), Sub Saidur Rahman (Shaheed) (Gallantry).

TAMGHA-I-IMTIAZ: Gul Nawaz (Engineering), Waheed Hussain (Engineering), Dr Zubair M Ahmed (Science), Dr Muhammad Sharif (Science), Prof Dr Muhammad Sarwar (Science), Dr Jamshed Hussain Zaidi (Science), Dr Mushtaq Ahmad (Science), Prof Dr Raheel Qamar (Science), Dr Ghulam Mustafa (Science), Muhammad Imran (Medicine), Prof Muhammad Yousuf Shaikh (Education), Dr Masood Hameed Khan (Education), Syed Azhar Husnain Abidi (Education) Madam Rahat Bano (Art-Singing), Muhammad Iqbal Bahoo (Art- Singing), Mehjabeen Qazilbash (Art-Singing), Shah Wali (Art- Dholak Player), Mashkoor Raza (Art-Calligraphy), Shabnam Majeed (Art-Singing), Atif Aslam (Art-Singing), Pappu Sain (Art-Music), Abdul Razzak Sabir (Literature), Ghulam Rasool Memon (Public Service), Shireen S. Walji (Public Service), Maureen P. Lines (Social Work), Hafiz Tahir Khalil (Public Service), Late Ednan Shahid (Public Service), Shakeel Sheikh (Public Service), Nargis Rashid (Public Service), Irshad Hassan Khan (Public Service), Muhammad Ramzan (Public Service), Raja Liaquat Ali (Public Service), Saeed Ahmad Awan (Public Service), Liaquat Ali Khan (Public Service), Dr Prof Emeritus Naseer Mahmood Akhtar (Public Service), Haji late Abdul Rasool Khoso (Public Service), Mushtaq Ahmad Gill (Public Service), Baba Mehr Din (Public Service), Mian Pervez Akhtar (Public Service), Zaheeruddin (Public Service), L/Hav. Nazir Hussain Shah (Public Service), Maj Muhammad Aslam (Public Service), N/Sub. Abdul Khaliq (Public Service).

TAMGHA-I-QUAID-I-AZAM: Chaoying Zhang (Services to Pakistan), Prof Leonid M Roshal (Services to Pakistan).

TAMGHA-I-KHIDMAT: Morozov Igor Nikolaevich (Services to Pakistan).



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